8 Most Common Mix-ups About Customized Mailer Boxes

Mailer boxes help to encase and protect various items during shipping. They are available in all sizes. Their shapes may also be according to the products to be packaged inside. They may also come in various colors. Their relevant graphical content and textual details may describe the product. Their production materials are cardboard, kraft, and cardstock. They may have a variable thickness. It is according to the requirements and needs of brands. They may also come with increased thickness to hold heavyweight items. They are strong and sturdy to withstand bumps and jerks during shipping. Their luxurious finishing can also enhance their value.

We know that businesses have to send their products to distant retail locations. Their manufactured objects go from warehouses to retail shopping centers. Mailer boxes are highly critical during shipping. They must be strong to ensure that the products are safe. Any flaw in the quality of products may lead to serious consequences. Here we will see the most common mix-ups about this packaging. 

Irrelevant Size and Empty Space in the Mailer Boxes

Empty space in the box is an element that could harm your product inside. It leaves empty space inside when you make a box that is not appropriate for the size of your product. The custom boxes may collapse if there is too much empty space. During delivery, it can also rip the box apart. Many jolts and bumps can also degrade the quality of a box during transportation. You should also take into account whether the size of the box and the item’s sizes are appropriate. The size of the box and the item should be identical. It won’t leave any void behind. It is important for the safety of the packaged product.

Improper and Careless Handling

Your cargo has to travel through many hands along the supply chain. It passes through various stages before it can be delivered to your customers. Even though you have “fragile items” written on your package, people don’t handle them with care. This is poor handling of your product boxes. It can also result in the breakage of fragile items. It can also do a lot of damage to your products. Your shipment boxes’ durability can suffer greatly from careless and inappropriate handling. You must print the necessary instructions about how to handle the box. It will ensure the secure delivery of items to buyers. 

Absence of Cushioning Material

Damages may result if there is no cushioning material inside mailer boxes wholesale. The absence of the cushioning material may also potentially impact their durability. These materials can absorb shock during shipping. They can also guard against their tearing and breaking. Use cushioning materials inside this packaging when sending your delicate products to customers. During traveling, they will protect them from all kinds of external jerks. Hence, your products will reach the hands of consumers without any incident.

Damage Due to Humidity and Water

Exposure to moisture or water is a significant issue. It can also affect the durability of mailer boxes bulk during shipping. Water may get into the box. It may also cause the cardboard layers to bulge. Swelled layers lose their strength and collapse. They may also have an impact on product quality. Water and humidity can pose serious risks to their security. There are many circumstances, like rain, snowfall, and others. They can expose them to water. You must add waterproof lamination. It will avoid risks due to exposure to water or moisture.

Vehicle Vibration  

Automobiles vibrate when they are moving from one place to another. Vehicle vibrations may have an impact on items that are vibration-sensitive. “Resonant damage” is the term for this type of harm. Air conditioner condenser tubes are susceptible to damage from these vibrations. Vibration from the car could cause them to crack. You must first conduct a lab test using the ASTM D4169 standard on the custom mailer boxes. It will let you know if they are protective against “resonant damage” or not. 

Poor-Quality Production Materials

The primary determinant of the longevity of a box is its production material. High-tech materials that are more durable can endure larger weights and pressure. You must buy stronger custom mailer boxes wholesale with the use of thicker materials. You may also use cardboard, paper, kraft, and other materials. They can tolerate dangers, including greater temperatures, moisture exposure, and humidity. They can also improve the box’s durability. Materials of poor quality cannot support the weight of larger objects. They can also fall apart and cause significant harm. Hence, you should always choose high-quality materials.

Low-Quality Printing  

Choosing low-quality printing can be a severe mistake. It may also harm the reputation of your business. The caliber of your printing reflects the value of your company. You cannot afford to pick a low-quality printing choice. Custom mailer boxes wholesale must contain printed information. It should describe the brand and the item. Customers must be able to see the printed images and written descriptions. The brand logo and other elements should be visible. Any flaw in the quality of printing may spoil the impression of your brand. You should always prefer modern printing methods. They can also produce excellent outcomes to impress your customers.

Wrong Color Combinations

Your packaging solutions should consider color combinations. You must comprehend how color combinations affect consumers’ perceptions. They may have a variety of psychological effects. You should choose the colors for your custom mailer boxes cheap carefully. Don’t choose them without taking your target market into account. Always choose colors based on the demographics and psychographics of the target audience. It is the best strategy to increase sales and draw in new clients. Additionally, the particular color scheme could come to represent your brand.


We have described various risk factors that can affect the longevity of a box. They can also influence the attractiveness of your mailer boxes. They include improper handling, exposure to water or chemicals, and others. You have to avoid these mix-ups to avoid any harm to your brand. You must consider various preventive tactics. It will help you produce high-quality shipping boxes.