99Math Introduction

99Math is a knowledge based learning platform which is used for student’s learning. It is a problem solving game based math quiz. The teachers use it in their class for students learning. The questions included in it are selected by the teacher. It is a simple program and really easy to use for students. The students enjoy learning here by playing games on their device. The teachers conduct live classes. Here teacher conducts a live test and can have end to end remarks about student and can test their level of mentality.

Solving Problems  

As the questions are displayed on the screen there is an equation which is needed to be solved. After every level the student gets an award. There are many different modes in it which provides problems according to your class grade. The teacher can take a live test of all students of class and after three rounds teacher can check who was the most accurate and frequent. The teacher can also give questions to students by their own choice.

Modes of Game

There are a number of modes in it which make the game more interesting. The most popular game modes are:

  • Live Gaming:

This mode is very popular among the students as you can join your friend through a video call or in classroom competing with your friends.

  • Assign assignment

Teacher can assign these problems as homework to the students instead of collecting students together for a live class. It has another benefit that the students who are absent can do this later at their home.

There is a hold of teacher in both modes and the teacher can set duration of game for the students to play. The live game contains three rounds and each round has 30 seconds to be completed this is good for the student to increase their speed of thinking and building us their accuracy. Also by this the teacher can know the speed of thinking and accuracy of the student.

How 99Math Beneficial for Teachers?

 There are many teachers who use this software to help their students in math and also suggest to all parents to have this game in the study of student’s schedule. Another main reason of the teachers to use this game is that because it is quite interactive and interesting for the students to play. The students set their goals and set targets to achieve more points in the game than before. It has made the life of the math teacher more easy that the teacher don’t have to write the questions again and again only one command and all students are active on their device live to play. The teachers also say that now they don’t have to take tests on note books and to check them hardly by reading all questions on all notebooks and check several times, only to collect all the students live and take test with in the time limit and will be checked automatically by the software and the results will be displayed in seconds.

Understand all Math Topics

It provides a step by step list of problems from easy questions to hard ones. It is useful in numbers of ways in understanding your book topics. It has all exercises of your book topics and very easier to understand them. It also cover topics like fraction, radicals, matrices, linear equations, algebra, geometry, multiplication, substations, equations and many more.


The 99math is an application made for students and teachers. Through this the students can get commands in a really amazing way. It is guaranteed that the students will not get bored by using this.