A Complete Guide to Buying the Best Travel Insurance in India 2024

Travelling abroad has a lot to offer, from exciting adventures to relaxing on a serene beach. With almost all travel restrictions being lifted, now is a great time to travel around the world. There are several things on the to-do checklist; however, one thing one should not forget when travelling is to get travel insurance. 

This is because while travelling has a lot to offer, it also brings several risks that can negatively impact your travel experience. Let us get into the details and explore all you need to know about buying the right insurance for your needs. 

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance and international travel insurance is the financial protection offered to travellers, safeguarding them from risks associated with travelling. While several of these risks exist domestically as well, it is exacerbated when travelling abroad as at home, people have support systems and know how to do things, which might not be possible abroad. 

These risks arise from unexpected circumstances, from losing checked-in baggage to missing a connecting flight or medical emergency to third-party liability. Having insurance while travelling can protect you from these and many other risks lurking in the background.

What is the benefit of having insurance while travelling?

While the primary benefit of having insurance while travelling is to offer financial protection, there are also additional benefits that need to be considered. These include ensuring the availability of quality care, the ability to avail several services otherwise restricted, entry into more than 30 countries that mandate health insurance, and most importantly, peace of mind when travelling with loved ones. 

Other than these, there are also tangible benefits in the form of coverages offered to the traveller. These coverages vary in terms of the degree of coverage, the exclusions, special conditions to avail them, etc. However, one can opt for a few common coverage benefits when purchasing insurance. 

  1. Loss Of Checked-In Baggage
  2. Medical Emergency
  3. Missing A Connecting Flight
  4. Personal Accident
  5. Trip Delay, Cancellation, Or Interruption
  6. Loss Of Passport Or Other Essential Documents
  7. Personal Liability
  8. Maternity Coverage
  9. Loss Of Business Equipment
  10. Dental Treatment

Where can you get the best travel insurance?

In my experience of travelling to more than a dozen countries, I have seen that the travel experience can vary greatly depending on whether you have a traveller’s policy and are confident about the protection. One might or might not be hit by the effects of these risks while travelling, but being adequately protected through insurance can provide much-needed peace of mind. 

To that end, Niva Bupa offers one of the best travel insurance India. They provide more than 40 coverages in carefully curated plans for all kinds of requirements, whether you are a tourist, student, business traveller, or otherwise. Furthermore, they also have one of the country’s fastest and best claim settlement ratios. 

Steps to buy insurance for travellers online

Purchasing insurance for travelling in 2024 is quite easy. There are dozens of insurance providers to choose from, but once you have decided on one, you can go ahead and purchase it online. 

Here are the steps I followed to purchase insurance from Niva Bupa online:

  1. Visit the website of Niva Bupa and click on Travel Insurance in the header.
  2. Once on that page, input your destination countries, departure and return dates, and phone number, and click on next. 
  3. You will then be asked to enter the traveller’s details and press next. 
  4. On the next page, you will be shown three curated plans and the ability to choose the sum insured and see the preview of the premium price. 
  5. Once you have reviewed the plans and chosen what best fits your needs, you can fill in all the necessary details, purchase it directly, or request a callback if you still need to decide.


Travelling abroad has a lot to offer in terms of both experiences and learning. Armed with the knowledge of how to buy travel insurance, you can follow these steps to ensure the well-being of your loved ones while travelling. Thus, travelling with peace of mind and focus on enjoying your trip instead of worrying about the risks associated with travelling.