A Comprehensive Guide To The Best Vape Tank 

Vape tanks are specifically used with vape pods. They are adaptable with pen-style vaping devices as they carry a resistance of 1 Ohm or more. 

We believe that selecting the right vape tank can make a difference in the way you vape. Owing to this reason in mind, we have presented you with a blog that will help you gain insightful information about vape. 

Whether the person is a novice vaper or a seasoned vaper, the person will get everything starting from sub-ohm to MTL tanks and even atomizers. Moreover, the person will also get tanks for dry herbs and wax. 

What Exactly Is A Vape Tank?

A vape tank works as a threaded attachment that enables a vaping device to vaporize e-liquid. It usually consists of glass or plastic enclosures and also consists of metal hardware. 

However, it also works as a semi-permanent piece of equipment. On another end, when the tank’s flavor quality isn’t acceptable any longer, then the person can remove and replace the atomizer coil even by continuing the use of the tank. 

This is the foremost reason why many vapers are told to prime their vape tank by taking the correct measures. 

In addition, a vape tank uses a cotton wick as it allows the e-liquid to flow efficiently through it.

What Are The Components Of A Vape Tank?

Drip Tip                                                                                                

Drip tips are also called mouthpiece which works as the first part of any vape tank. As they can be removed easily and can be cleaned with ease.

They are available in three different sizes: 8.5 mm standard 510, 10.5 mm 710, and 12.5 mm wide bore 810. 

Top Cap 

A top cap works in sealing off a vape tank and works as a home to the filling port. 

Any vaper can select from threaded caps which can be taken out with ease. Plus, it also consists of ring-style caps which get attached to the port of the side. 


O-rings are components derived from nitrile or neoprene which are utilized to stop any unwanted e-liquid leakage that may occur in other sections of a tank. 

They can get replaced once they get loose and many vapers do get O-rings attached to their coils to ensure a snug fit. 


It is built of cotton and metal wire that help in turning e-liquids into delectable vapor. It works as the heating element which assists in vaporizing the e-liquid. Further more, the supplied e-liquid is supported by the wick which gets integrated with the coil. 

Thus, whenever a vaper activates their vaping device, the cotton wick fixed in their vaping device will saturate e-liquid and further vaporizers it. 

Glass Tank 

It surrounds the coil in a vaping device and stores the e-liquid kept inside it. Plus, it keeps them safe and secure. 


Any coil inside the MTL vaping device is located within the base and the base consists of contact points.  

In addition, the exterior of a tank’s base consists of a 510 connection which works as a universal threading and allows a tank to get connected to the mod. 

Several vape tanks also consist of an airflow ring situated within the base which enables a vape to tailor the overall amount of air entering the tank and indicates the overall amount of vapor produced.

What Are The Different Types Of Vape Tanks?

  • Mouth To Lung Vape Tanks 

Mouth-to-lung (MTL) vape tanks remain suitable for devices that          mimic the sensation of cigarette smoking. Plus, any MTL tank allows the delectable vapor to directly enter the mouth before it gets inhaled into the lungs. It also helps to stimulate the sensation when a person feels while smoking. In addition, MTL vape tanks are also preferred more among novice vapers because of their capacity to generate small vapor clouds. 

  • Sub Ohm Vape Tanks 

Sub-ohm tanks are termed direct-to-lung vape tanks and remain the best choice for seasoned vapers who for enormous and impressive vapor clouds. They are not similar to MTL vape tanks and are classified as one part of DTL vape tanks reflecting how a shisha pipe is smoked and helps vapers inhale the smoke directly into their lungs.  

Moreover, there are many temperature-control vape tanks available in the market. 

These tanks consist of stainless steel, nickel coils, and titanium which enable the mod device to restrict the maximum temperature a coil can get while vaping. 

Rebuildable vape tanks are used by many advanced vapers. It allows users to build thrown coils as they are cost-effective and give vapers a chance to experiment and acquire more control over the performance of their vape device. 

They allow the e-liquid to soak into the wick, which then comes into contact with the coil. Once a user activates their device through either a firing button or inhalation, the coil will heat up and turn the vape juice in the wick into delicious vapor.

Vape tanks can be found on top of your device’s battery, which is the pen-like section on older designs, or the larger, box-shaped part on more contemporary devices. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors of vape tanks, but it’s important to understand that they all have the same fundamental role of housing your e-liquids and coil.

  • Disposable Vape Tanks 

Disposable vape tanks like clearomizers remain a popular option for those set of people who wish to vape before purchasing any type of vaping device. 

Moreover, these vape tanks consist of a built-in coil that remains non-replaceable and can be infused with e-liquid. 

Whenever the vape juice flavor starts to weaken, then this type of tank can be disposed of and replaced easily. Furthermore, some disposable vape tanks can also be recycled easily.

Final Read 

Last but not the least, it becomes quite important for you to know which specific vaping device will surely give you the best throat hits. 

So, it is advisable for you to not risk your health by vaping any device as it might harm your lungs especially when you are a beginner. 

Thus, we hope our provided blog turns out to be a helpful one.