A quick guide to choose the best international school in japan

What is meant by an international school?

An international school is such an educational institution where the primary language spoken is not the local or national language of a particular region or country in which the particular school is situated, but the language of studying medium usually is set in English, intended mainly for a more diverse aim of delivering education. The curriculum is also designed based on a global level or a certain country where that school is originally from or based, making it quite different from regular schools of that native region. The main aim of these international schools is nurturing young talents to shape them into confident global citizens of today’s fast-paced world and its ever-expanding social as well as career culture.

What makes it important to search for an international school in Japan?

Moving to Japan with family and kids can become extremely difficult, especially because of the language barrier. This can even turn out to be a rather big hindrance when it comes to the child’s education.  In that context, international schools are the best option because they offer classes and curricula in either English or other languages, depending on the country of origin of the teaching and learning process. So, there lies the effectiveness of an international school if you are moving to Japan with your family for your job or any other purpose.

Even if you are not planning to stay there for a longer period, in that case too, to avoid your kids being stressed out regarding their education path and learning a whole new language for just a short period, this option of letting them attend an international school would be in everyone’s interest.

What is the importance of Scholarships for International Students in Japan?

Generally, all international schools are private-run, turning out to be relatively expensive, which would give rise to the need of availing scholarships while studying in an international school in Japan.

Receiving financial aid can anytime help students establish themselves in the field of education more prominently without any unnecessary worries. Thus, a strong scholarship can encourage as well as support international students who have moved to Japan and started studying in a foreign environment to adjust in a better, tension-free way. This will in turn assist them to strive continuously towards achieving comparatively better academic standards, overall establishing a comfortable nurturing educational environment for them.

All the deserving and aspirational students taking admission to international schools in Japan are thus encouraged to research a bit regarding available scholarship programs and actively apply for the same.

What are the types of scholarships available for international students in Japan?

Scholarships for International Students in Japan include both global level and local, governmental, and private scholarship schemes, all of which require specific eligibility criteria to be fulfilled, though applying for them is mostly open to all. The notable scholarship programs for international students in Japan are as follows-

·   Japanese Government MEXT Scholarship: The Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (Monbukagakusho: MEXT), Japan provides financial aid to international students, for which applications must be submitted through Japanese embassies of other countries or the international schools of Japan. This particular scholarship is regarded as a globally prestigious scholarship scheme.

·         Global Citizen Scholarship – Japan: This particular scholarship scheme gives international students a chance to experience student life in Japan to its fullest and finish their two-year high school diploma in Tokyo through fully-paid financial aid.

·         Global FUTURE-READY Merit Scholarship: This Merit Scholarship for deserving and distinguished international students paves a smooth pathway for the chosen international students to study in Japan without any kind of financial hindrance.

·         Hideki Yukawa Global Skills Scholarship: This particular technology skill-centred scholarship recognizes young international talents in the field of the digital world & its application, provides them with scholarships, and thus encourages them to shine as well as succeed in their quest for further innovation while being tech-savvy global citizens.


Joining an international school aids greatly in efficiently nurturing an international mental set up which is becoming more and more crucial for a successful future for a child day by day. A perfect international school prepares a student while shaping all the potential in him or her to a maximum level while encouraging them to be the best leaders of the world, living a confident life of an independent citizen.

 A reputable international school in Japan is no different from this overall general motto while staying dedicated to providing high-quality education, training, and guidance under the expert supervision of experienced and professional teachers as well as administrative staff. In place of emphasising just academic achievement, an international school in japan

focuses on the total growth of a student while side-by-side working diligently to build strong values and virtues in each of its students for better coordination skills essential to thrive brilliantly for a bright future.