Add Me To Search: How To Create Your Google People Card

To create your Google People Card and add me to Search in Google, follow these steps:

1.) Open a web browser and go to the Google Search homepage (

2.) Sign in to your Google account. If you don’t have one, you’ll need to create an account first.

3.) In the search bar, type “add me to search” and press Enter.

4.) Look for the section titled “Add yourself to Google Search.” You should see a prompt that says, “Get started with your public profile.”

5.) Click on the prompt to begin creating your Google People Card.

6.) Fill in the requested information. You can include details such as your name, occupation, location, education, work history, skills, and a brief bio. Provide accurate and relevant information to make your profile informative and trustworthy.

7.) Add a profile picture. Choose a clear and professional-looking image of yourself that represents your personal brand or identity.

8.) Customize your public profile. You may have the option to add additional details, such as links to your social media profiles or websites.

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9.) Review your information and make sure everything is accurate and up to date.

10.) Once you’re satisfied with your profile, click on the “Preview” button to see how your Google People Card will appear in search results.

11.) If everything looks good, click on the “Save” button to publish your profile and make it accessible on Google Search.

12.) It’s important to note that the availability and visibility of Google People Cards may vary depending on your location and other factors. Additionally, Google has specific guidelines and policies for creating and maintaining public profiles, so make sure to adhere to their terms of service.

Creating a Google People Card can help you establish an online presence and make it easier for others to find information about you.