Alleviate your Business with CRM and Cloud Telephony Integration

In the digital world, customers expect a seamless experience on every communication channel. To fit-in this competitive environment, organizations must be competent enough to provide customers with every latest communication option such as instant messaging, phone and email services, and other social media platforms. Therefore, integration of CRM and cloud telephony solution facilities on various communication channels, assist businesses to have detailed customer information that enable them to respond to customers queries efficiently. With efficient CRM phone system integration, businesses can retain around 89 percent of their customers.

In this article we would be understanding more on how an integration of CRM and cloud telephony solution for your business can improve your revenue.

Let’s get started……

What is Cloud Telephony?

Basically, a cloud telephony solution means operating all business phone needs from the cloud or a hosted server. Contrasting to the traditional PBX, cloud telephony services are both web-based applications that enable the users to make the calls straight away from any computer or mobile with an internet connection without the fuss of extended cords or wiring extensions, etc. Cloud telephony solutions are enriched with features like virtual numbers, toll-free numbers, and interactive voice response (IVR Solution) that benefit business prospects.

What is a CRM Software?

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is an effective platform that supports the company in keeping track of all the sales, increases lead generation, improves customer retention rate and makes integrations of other helpful tools at much faster and easier rate . The CRM software also helps combine the sales, marketing, and customer relations into a single and sophisticated dashboard that centralizes the customer data, resolves communication breakdowns, and saves a significant amount of time and money.

Now that we understand these tools, it is essential to know why they are crucial.The integration of CRM and cloud telephony can be cathartic for business strategies. Here are just a few of the many benefits of integration.

Improves Automation & Efficiency 

The integration of CRM and cloud telephony solutions provides an efficient information management system and minimization of human intervention also leads to automation. The agents handling customer relations do not need to switch between the phone system and the CRM to get customer data or interact. With every call, detailed customer records pop up automatically, helping them save the time and effort of the agent.

Also, a centralized database is created that is automatically updated every time whenever new information needs to be added for customers. CRM and cloud telephony integrations provide features like auto dialers and click to call. The agents do not need to waste time sorting out the list of customers to call and manually dialing them.

Enhanced Data & Call Tracking System 

The cloud telephony features like IVR solutions have made it a quite easy process to monitor and keep track of the incoming and outbound calls and update information regarding the particular calls. There is no need for remembering manually when to call the customers. Automated calls can be arranged according to the customer’s choice making the tracking process much simpler. The intelligent technology behind autodialers helps in determining voicemails, busy tones, which in the long run offers customized customer details, reduction in agent work, and decreased overall business costs.

Scope for Customized Service 

The most pivotal role of any business is providing excellent customer service to have a positive impression and a strong branding. The integration of CRM and cloud telephony solutions help build ubiquitous customer support that stretches over calls, social media, chats, etc. The customer need not face any problem reaching the agents, which eventually offers to generate new leads and higher trust from existing customers. A centralized database assists businesses to get customer data within seconds while the customer’s call is being connected to the agent, which saves time and makes the customer feel privileged.

Personalized Customer Care

Reaching each customer one-on-one, through personalized greetings, call management support, detailed understanding of their preferences and so on, businesses  can definitely boost up their high quality customer service.With cloud based telephony integration in your CRM software, businesses can have an omnichannel support for their customers, providing customer support over social media, email, chat, and telephone services . Also, with this integration system, businesses  can achieve the seamless flow of information where all communications from the customer can be accessed through one account and provide a more customer centric experience.


Cloud telephony solutions allow businesses to think from the perspective of their customer and treat each call like it were the only one .It also provides them with the best customer services to improve their business deal and boost their business proposals. Cloud phone solutions improves business’s efficiency by offering  more flexibility to rapidly change business phone setup without being tied to outdated hardware or software. Cloud telephony solutions enable businesses to create a scalable, profitable, and adaptable customer experience.