Are you afraid of the Boogeyman?


Do you love to watch horror movies?  But at the same time, you get horrified also. Moreover, horror movies give you some spark. Whenever a new film comes, you’re the first one to watch it. But after that, you can’t go to the bedroom alone. You need someone to discuss the horror scenes in the movie. If that is the case, you are a true fan of horror movies.

However, in this piece of writing, I ask you! Are you afraid of the Boogeyman? You must have heard the name of the Boogeyman. It’s one of the best movies to watch. If you are a true fan of horror movies, you must have watched this movie trailer. Plus, you will desperately wait for the film to become available in the cinemas.   

Furthermore, you don’t need to worry. Suppose you can’t control your excitement to know the whole movie story. Keep on reading. As in this blog, you will get a summary of the film. Here is a quick overview of the movie.

The True Storyline

Suppose we talk about the storyline of the movie. The Boogeyman holds the actual incidents. The film revolves around a man whose wife gets killed by a boogeyman. According to the sources, the story revolves around the real happenings of the man. However, some editions are made in the Plot of the Film. 

Furthermore, if we talk about the true story of the man, the man, and his wife living in a house with their kids. The kids and the man always complain to his wife. That some mystical events happen in this place. However, the wife denies that fact.

One fine day after spending an average day. The husband puts his kids in their bedroom to sleep. After some time, they hear some voices from their kid’s rooms. They run to their kid’s rooms and find out. That they get on the death bed while saying the name of the Boogeyman. 

Furthermore, the wife and the man go through a traumatic event. They lost their kids. Moreover, whenever the wife conceives. Something strange happens, and the child dies. The man and his wife leave the house and shift to their new hometown. They change to their new hometown to start their lives fresh.

After reading the story? Is it valid to ask? Are you afraid of the Boogeyman?

Film Plots

However, the film’s plot holds some additions to the actual story mentioned above, in the film’s plot. In the released trailers, the story revolves around the man and his kids. It shows the man’s wife dies by the Boogeyman and the man is left grieving.   

 Moreover, he was left grieving with his children. No one in his surroundings is ready to accept that the cause of his wife’s death is the Boogeyman. Additionally, everyone starts to think that he is gone after the tragic death of his wife. However, everyone asks him to visit a Psychiatrist.

Furthermore, he starts visiting psychiatrists. Tell doctors how he saw his wife dying by the Boogeyman. Plus how mystical events used to happen in their house. After reading the story, the man believes that the demon forces curse his family. You may think that I’m also getting afraid of the Boogeyman. Who knows? It happens in reality, and the man is not lying. So are you afraid of the Boogeyman?

When will the Boogeyman come out?

Now after reading the engaging story. You must be thinking about when the movie will be available to watch. So here is the answer to your curiosity.

  • The Boogeyman, initially slated for an exclusive release on Hulu, will now be hitting theaters on June 2, 2023, following successful test screenings. The trend of movies originally intended for streaming release now opting for theatrical distribution has risen, as evidenced by Smile and Evil Dead Rise.
  • Before its North American theatrical debut, The Boogeyman will be showcased at CinemaCon 2023 on April 26, 2023, at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.
  • Scott Beck and Bryan Woods expressed their enthusiasm for the film’s theatrical release in an interview with Steve Weintraub of Collider.

The Cast

Meet the fantastic cast of The Boogeyman. 

  • Night Shyamalan-produced film Devil has been cast as Will, the grieving father of Sadie and Sawyer in The Boogeyman. 
  • Messina has starred in other notable films and shows, including Birds of Prey, Sharp Objects, I Care A Lot, The Mindy Project, Argo, and Live By Night.
  • Sophie Thatcher (Yellowjackets) will play Sadie, while Vivien Lyra Blair (Bird Box) will play Sawyer. Both actresses have previously appeared in Disney’s Star Wars Universe, with Thatcher playing Drash in The Book of Boba Fett and Blair portraying a young Princess Leia in the Obi-Wan Kenobi series.
  • David Dastmalchian, known for his roles in Ant-Man, The Suicide Squad, Dune, and The Dark Knight, will take on the character of Lester, a patient of Will’s who the Boogeyman once tormented.
  • Marin Ireland (The Umbrella Academy) has been cast as Rita, and Madison Hu (Voyagers) will appear in an undisclosed role.
  • Finally, LisaGay Hamilton (The Sum of All Fears) has been confirmed to play Dr. Weller. However, whether her character will be a medical doctor similar to Dr. Harper from the original short story is unclear.

The Crux

The Boogeyman is one of the best upcoming horror movies as it holds the storyline of the events that happened in reality. At the same time, the movie has some additions. Moreover, you may also become afraid of the Boogeyman after watching the movie. Mark dates on your calendars to watch this scary movie.