Bakersfield’s Best Breweries and Wineries: A Tasting Tour

Are you a beer enthusiast? Looking to live your wine-tasting fantasy?

Go no further if you’re seeking a small-town yet enchanting wine-tasting experience close to Bakersfield. Wineries in the Santa Maria Valley provide the ideal blend of charming hosts and robust beverages. You may get the complete Santa Maria Valley experience by combining your taste with some delectable, award-winning Santa Maria Style Barbeque. Apart from Santa Maria Valley, the Best Hotel In Bakersfield California offers wines to its guests.

Not only wine, but Bakersfield also has plenty of breweries. You will genuinely like the beer in Bakersfield and will want to share it with your friends.

So, let’s take a look at the breweries collection in Bakersfield!

You can find your preferred beer location with ease using our list of the best beers in Bakersfield!

Best Breweries in Bakersfield

Crusader Brewing

Discover the enthusiasm and a love for classic brews at Crusader’s Brewery. The brewing technique pays respect to the west coast while adding a Californian vibe that gives it incredible beauty.

Something that reflects the beauty of culture’s many facets and captures its essence. Try the Blood Red Rye-Irish Red or the Mexican-style amber lager. You might become fixated on Hefe-Weissbier (everyday bread) or experiment with Helles Lager (Ghost Rider).

2nd Phase Brewing

Enjoy a good time at a microbrewery. The opportunity to receive the tap changes at the second phase of brewing. They offer a variety of unusual beverages that can liven up your time and unleash your inner self. There, you can have an amazing experience while drinking your Irish Red Ale or Golden Ale.

Dionysus Brewing

You might find yourself loving the Hazy Mazzy IPA, Scattered Thoughts, Beer Pop, or Super Funkadelic from a popular lineup of new brews. Pop Sticks to Beer Slushies are just a few of the unusual flavors that The Dionysus Brewery offers. You can obtain your faves and enjoy your mouthwatering favorites in all their delicious magnificence.

If you are in the mood for coffee then you can approach the best hotel in Bakersfield.

Beer Billy’s Brewery

The Beer Billy’s Brewery has been looking for the best techniques to brew beer. They have produced tonnes of beer using unique formulas and tests. Here, a passion was turned into a business, and in 2019, Beer Billy’s Brewery was born with all of its strong mixtures.

Many people enjoy craft beer, and you may also purchase it! The offering includes seasoned artisan beer and a love of travel. Beer Billy’s Brewery is quickly rising to the top brewer’s thanks to its unmatched quality.

Temblor Brewing Company

Join Temblor Brewing Company to toast beer hour. In 2015, the Temblor Brewing Company was founded. This brewery company produces 600 gallons of various beers each year. It includes IPAs, traditional beers that lean more towards the Belgian style, and barrel-aged stouts. Thus, we are certain that you may find it there, whatever your style may be!

With the pub-style restaurant, you can sate your hunger in addition to drinking beer. Get your hands on the burgers, sandwiches, and salads that the restaurant offers to go with its craft beer. Together with many other events, you can find art, live music, creativity, stand-up comedy, and more. It would be worthwhile to travel there.

These were some of the best breweries you can visit in Bakersfield.

As we have discussed above, Bakersfield is just not known for the best breweries but it is also a hub of wineries.

Before discussing wineries let’s understand ‘what is wine tasting tour’.

Wine Tasting Tour

A typical winery trip lasts 60 to 90 minutes and includes a walking tour of the vines, caves, and up-close encounters with the winemakers. Your host will go over the many steps involved in creating wine. This includes tastings that take place during or after such a special visit.

Santa Maria Valley- the Perfect Spot for Wine Tasting

Santa Maria Valley, just two hours southwest of Bakersfield, offers a wide selection of wines and a gorgeous setting to go along with your tasting experience.

You’ll encounter more than just delicious food and expensive wine here! Enjoy a leisurely stroll around Oso Flaco Lake, explore the largest sand dunes in the world, and sip back and unwind in Santa Maria Valley while you take in the fresh Pacific air.

Best Wineries in Bakersfield

Casa Barranca Organic Winery

The greatest Old World traditions are combined with the right modern technologies and processes at the organic boutique winery Casa Barranca to produce exquisite wine. They support sustainable, natural, and organic activities. They keep trying to find the best possible balance when making wine.

ASV Wines

Starting with a skillful selection of soil profiles, climatic conditions, rootstocks, and clonal varietals, they create a great harvest of wine grapes. ASV Wines is in a position to provide its consumers with a diverse selection of wines because of its substantial vineyard holdings spread throughout numerous California. ASV Wines also has the freedom to enter into agreements with other wine-grape producers to satisfy any special client requirements.

Ojai Vineyard

On the Central Coast of California, the Ojai Vineyard collaborates closely with a dozen other vineyards to create wines from syrah, grenache, Mourvedre, pinot noir, chardonnay, sauvignon blanc, and viognier. Each year, 15 different bottlings totaling about 6000 cases are made, the majority of which are vineyard-specific wines.

The attention given to growing the grapes is the secret to producing unique wine. When it comes to grapes, there is an inverse link between quantity and quality.

Wrapping Up

Bakersfield is home to a large number of the top vineyards and breweries. Apart from breweries and wine companies, the best hotel in Bakersfield also provides qualitative wines and beers to its guests.