Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Email Marketing continues to be one of the most effective ways of marketing in the digital industry.

While we’re too absorbed with other means to attract customers to our brands, email marketing is one slept-on approach that must be incorporated in the marketing strategies. Email marketing boasts an ROI of 4,400% ROI, which converts to $44 return for every dollar spent. 

In today’s competitive field, getting the audience to notice your brand in their overly flooded inbox, poses to be a huge step in itself. 

Email your way to success with some of the best email marketing practices! 

1.Build a Healthy Email List through Enticing Offers:

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

To kickstart an email marketing campaign, you will first need a strong customer database. 

One of the best practices to build a database is by getting your audience to subscribe to your website. 

Below are some of the ways to get them to subscribe to your website

  • Discounts and Freebies – Extending offers such as ‘subscribe to avail a 10% discount on your next purchase’ or ‘ Subscribe to get a free sample’ will get them to share their email IDs. 
  • Gamification– Upon entering your website, your audience can be met with an engaging pop-up game window of ‘spin-a-wheel’ or ‘lucky draws’ which will induce the visitor to leave their contact details (subscribe) to avail the benefits of offer

Strengthening your database through your website subscriptions can save you from resorting to practices like ‘purchasing’ email lists.

Often, emails sent to a ‘purchased’ database are left unread by the subscribers as they a marked as spam posing damage to your  brand reputation

2. Is Email Marketing Automation a Best Practice? 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

With the digital world constantly evolving and advancing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to lord over the marketing industry in many ways and therefore, automation is now the most convenient practice for conducting email marketing campaigns.

Automating your email marketing campaign allows you to take a ton of workload off your shoulders. Since automated e-marketing softwares like Swift Digital are AI-powered, they can accomplish an extensive amount of work in a short period of time.

Some of these include

  • Segregating and sending emails depending on the audience’s behaviour, demographics, and more
  • Crafting personalised email messages based on their most preferred content 
  • In-depth reporting of email marketing campaign performance
  • Testing out strategies and methods for improving future campaigns

3.Send Simple but Contextual Emails: 

On an average, people receive around 120 emails everyday and as a marketer, getting your email to be opened among the 119 others is the goal. 

To achieve this

  • Keep your emails simple and contextual
  • ‘incentivise’ your users into opening your emails. 
  • Track the customer behaviour to send them emails relevant to their interest. For example, if your client bought computer hardware from your store, they’ll want to see emails related to computer hardwares. 

Some email marketing tools like MoEngage help in segmenting your email lists enabling you to direct different emails to different audiences pertaining to their interests thereby allowing you to determine what emails each segment shall receive from you. Additionally, with its AI-enabled predictive segmentation, you can classify your audience based on purchase history or on how frequently they visit your website.

4.Personalise, Personalise, Personalise!! 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Personalisation is a ‘time-tested and proven’ practice to boost open rates for your email. 

But here’s a tip–personalisation doesn’t only involve addressing your prospects with their names. 

Personalisation goes beyond just addressing your prospects by their names in your emails. It also involves crafting your emails with other personal data that you have collected from your prospects like birthdates. 

For example: you can  extend a discount to your customer on their birthday. 

Use segmentation to improve your personalisation approach for future email marketing.

Some of the ways to do that are

  • Letting your prospects answer quizzes or surveys to reveal their interests
  • Studying their purchase history 
  • Analysing their additions
  • Examining their usage frequency. 

5.Aim for Better Mobile Conversions! 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

With most of your subscribers using their phones to read your emails, it’s important to optimise your messages for mobile access. 

This is true especially for the call-to-action part of your email.  Your CTA button must be visible and clickable enough for your subscribers to get the results you aim for. Additionally, It is best to keep your email texts simple and on-point. 

6.Combine your Email Marketing Campaigns with other Channels. 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Combining email marketing with other channels goes beyond that platform of social media. 

In today’s era, being ‘phygital’ will leverage your position in the industry.

‘Phygital’ means combining physical customer experiences with digital strategies. 

For example, sending geo-targeted emails or SMSes extending various offers and discounts to the customers that walk past your shop.

7.Check your Email’s Subject Lines: 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

A subject line holds the power to make or break your email marketing campaign. It’s the first piece of information that your subscribers are met with upon receiving your email. It should be impactful enough to lure your subscribers into clicking and opening your email. 

The first tip is to be authentic with your intent. As subject lines give a preview on what they will see if they open the email, it shall reveal what it offers. Don’t let them feel duped after opening your email because the subject line promised an offer for them that didn’t come out in the body. 

Some tips on how a subject line can boost your open rates: 

  • Be authentic with your intent – Subject lines give a preview of what they will see upon opening the email, therefore it should be a clear statement of what the email holds. Your email should reflect your subject line. This will avoid making them feel deceived. 

For example: If your subject line is about offering a discount, ensure that your email body is in sync with your subject. 

  • Leverage words that have been proven to boost email open rates.
  • Keep your subject lines short – Keep your email subject lines the right character length. Your subscribers may lose interest in your email if your subject line is too lengthy. Moreover, long subject lines also tend to get confusing.

Studies have shown that using  3-5 words in your subject line to boost your email open rates.

8.Improve Email Readability:

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Enhanced email readability enables focusing on the value and contents of your emails.

Employing better personalisation and contextual strategies on every email will avoid your email landing into their spam folder and moreover personalisation helps you get better responses from your subscribers 

Targeting your emails to the right audience base helps enhance your marketing campaign. 

For example: Your marketing campaign would gain a higher value when a particular email is sent to the person who is relevant for it as opposed to a person whose interest lies elsewhere. If the emails are continuously being sent to the wrong audience base, your emails might end up being flagged as spam, which in turn could harm your business reputation.

9.Inform your Subscribers of What they’re Subscribing to:

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Implementing the email ‘opt-in’ practices leverages your email marketing campaign. 

The ‘opt-in’ practice requires a user to perform an affirmative action before they can be sent any marketing emails. Alternatively, users that are signed up to receive marketing emails by default, the ‘opt-out’ consent model requires an action from the user to opt out of receiving such mails.

By incorporating the above exercise in your marketing campaigns ,you’re also prioritising the welfare and trust of your subscribers towards your brand. 

Additionally, It is advisable to inform your audience of what they can expect upon subscribing- For example Promotional Newsletters, Editorial News, Announcement letters, and furthermore. There on, ask for their consent to share some data with you for your future marketing campaigns. 

10.Track your Email Marketing Campaign’s Performance: 

Best Email Marketing Practices That Convert

Once your email marketing campaign is up and running, its necessary to keep a track of its performance to gauge its success. 

Some useful metrics that you can analyse

  • Deliverability rates
  • IP reputation
  • Subscriber health
  • Conversion rates
  • ROI. 

These statistics provide an extensive analysis on how successfully is your campaign performing and what areas need to be improvised or if your campaign needs a strategy restructure.

Email Marketing Campaigns Elevated

Email marketing campaigns are still the way to go in 2023, and these tips will surely help you construct a successful email marketing campaign to convert your prospects into customers!

If you need further assistance in building your next campaign, get in touch with Melbourne’s leading marketing agency to formulate advanced-level marketing campaigns to get you the success you deserve! –  Elephant in the Boardroom