Best Shampoos for Hair Growth for Men

We’re prepared to wager that your hair isn’t currently living its best life as a result of the stress of the last few years. Additionally, since you spend more time on video conversations staring at your own face, you’re more likely to notice if it’s not looking as, ahem, lustrous as you’d like.

Or maybe the shower drain is clogged with a few more strands than usual? There’s a cer 100 shampoo for it, which is good news.

While we can’t guarantee you’ll have Timothee Chalamet-style voluminous curls or enough hair to fill up a Thor-worthy man-bun, there are a few products that can reduce breakage and encourage growth, giving you not just more hair but also healthier lengths.

We put the top men’s hair-growth shampoos (and, if applicable, conditioners) to the test. To view the winners, scroll down.
Do Shampoos Really Promote Hair Growth?

Let’s get straight to the point: no shampoo will be able to restore the volume you had in your teen years, but it can help foster a healthy environment that will encourage strands to grow as strong as possible.

You need something more powerful than a thickening shampoo if you have genetic hair loss. Without a hair transplant, your only option, if you have male pattern baldness, is to hang onto any hair you still have. There, medications like finasteride and minoxidil have been proven to be beneficial, but they can mess with your testosterone levels and can irritate and dry out your skin. The shampoos we’ve tried here are for reversible and more common types of hair loss.

How We Test Shampoos for Hair Growth

Our panel of 700 testers, all of whom self-diagnosed mild to severe hair thinning or loss, tested a variety of shampoos for one to two months. The three main reasons for hair loss—breakage, thinning, and root or scalp problems—were all targeted by the products.

Throughout the trial time, participants reported any changes to the state and look of their hair as well as how their scalp felt.

Our specialists used hair switches treated with various anti-breakage shampoos in the lab to compare them to switches that hadn’t been treated. Breakages and fallout were less likely the easier it was to comb the treated switches.

Our lab team used a HairMetrix device to precisely measure the impact each shampoo had on hair thickness and density for shampoos that make claims to thicken and stimulate roots. In case any of these are deal-breakers, we have specified whether each shampoo on our list contains silicones, sulfates, or parabens.

It should be noted that these products are not intended to treat people who have inherited or medical problems like alopecia or male pattern baldness. Please get guidance from a medical professional.
Most of our testers agreed that this product gave ends an instant boost of volume, making hair appear thicker and fuller.

This was especially mild on people with sensitive scalps, according to our panel, and the outcome was shinier hair. The smell, an amalgam of vetiver and amber, is an extra treat.
Putting aside dirty innuendos, the ‘Stimulate Me’ shampoo from famous hairstylist Kevin Murphy’s line won for simultaneously moisturizing dehydrated hair and promoting growth.

By the end of the experiment, all of our test subjects reported experiencing reduced shedding and an improvement in their hair loss problems. In the lab, it increased thickness successfully as well.

After bathing, this shampoo left hair feeling smooth and shining, making styling easy. Additionally, it gave users’ scalps a delightful tingling feeling, which they claimed they liked.

While testers didn’t see any appreciable hair growth, there was a discernible change in the appearance of the hair’s fullness and less hair breakage.

This shampoo has a noticeable effect on accelerating hair growth, which is important if you want to address those sparse patches quickly.

Our testers raved about their greater fullness up top, and it also relieved irritated scalps, impressing our lab staff by increasing both hair density and thickness.
Lid seems more like Beckham than Boris. It’s time to locate a solution with potent smoothing capabilities.

This cer 100 shampoo made dry, untidy mops appear and feel much thicker, healthier, and more intelligent overall. So much so that we defy you to refrain from stroking it with your fingertips.
Go above and above and get this vegan shampoo for your shower since no dating profile is complete without an animal-loving photo.

For proud owners of man buns, it helped untangle knots, and many people felt that their hair appeared healthier and more moisturized after washing. Additionally, it completed the task fast, with one tester noting positive results right away.
If you’re not quite persuaded by the silver fox appearance, this anti-shedding shampoo guarantees to slow down the aging process of your hair.

Our panel appreciated its gel-like texture and smell, and it passed our lab test with flying colors for increasing thickness and density. The resulting hair felt and seemed stronger.