Best Tips How to Memorization of the Holy Book Quran

The Sacred and Inspired Text The Quran is the final revelation from God, revealed to Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Over 1400 years ago, He received this information. The Holy Quran has been preserved faithfully over the centuries because it is the revealed message of Allah. Allah is responsible for preserving and protecting the Quran, the Book of Heaven. The fifth pillar of Islam is the Hajj, and it is explained in detail in this book. Hajj is the culmination of the religious experience for Muslims. “Mini Hajj” is another name for Umrah. Most pilgrims use pre-arranged Umrah packages 2024 UK to facilitate the ritual.

The Quran is Allah’s greatest present to humanity on Earth. A Muslim learns the directives from Allah by being familiar with the Holy Quran. Discover the right way to live so that you might share in Allah’s bounties both now and in the hereafter. In the Holy Quran, Allah Declares,

“Undeniably, it is We who sent down the Holy Quran and certainly, We will be its protector.” (Quran, verse 15:9)

Most Effective Tips

Our first thought is naturally how to best memorise the Holy Quran. So let’s talk about these pointers,

• Sincerity

• Consistency

• Timings

• Familiarity

• Atmosphere

• Repetition

• Meanings

• Listening Recitation

• Find A Partner

• Recitation in Prayer

These methods are ideal for learning the Holy Quran by heart. The Prophet of Allah, Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH), is quoted as saying,

“Whosoever remembers the Holy Quran and practices on what is legal and refrains from what is forbidden, Allah will pass in him into Heaven and agree to take his intervention on behalf of ten such relations who have been fated to enter Jahannam.” Tirmidhi and Ibn Majah

“The best between you (Muslims) are those who learn the Holy Quran and teach it (to other Muslims).” (The Holy Book of Islam, Sahih Muslim)

“Read the Holy Book Quran, it will be the intermediary of its mates on the Day of Resurrection (The Final Day).” (The Holy Book of Islam, Sahih Muslim)

These are the guidelines and hadiths that demonstrate the significance of learning the Holy Quran by heart. On the Day of Judgement, Allah will reward you greatly.