Blackmart APK Latest Version Free Download 2023

Do you want to play the paid games on the Google play store for free? If your answer is yes then we have the best solution for you. Blackmart APK is the best store for downloading and playing a wide variety of games for free. It’s an alternative to the google play store that can be used on Android smart devices.

Blackmart offers a long list of games and apps for free. One can find all these games and apps on the play store too but that will be costly. Black mart is free to download and free to operate.

You don’t have to give away your information to login into the apps. You can safely enjoy all your favourite games without giving away any personal information.

Pros of Blackmart

  • Free to Use
  • Requires no Personal Information
  • Quick to Launch

Gaming is not just a free-time hobby nowadays. The Esports industry is flourishing day by day and the enthusiast tend to spend all day long on their devices.

If you are a gaming lover you will have all the latest game versions available on your devices for free.

The apps and games on Blackmart are not trial versions or paid. Blackmart APK latest version offers you all the latest play store games for free.

This app is designed by developers for those who cannot afford the cost of the updated versions. The app has a simple process of installation and usage which helps everyone to use it without any hassle.

Here we are sharing the latest version of Blackmart with you so you can have a great alternative for your Google play store.

Download Blackmart APK for Free

Sometimes you might come across a copied version of the official Blackmart app, installing which can infect your device. Here we offer you the latest Blackmart APK version download link so you can install it easily.

  • To start downloading click the download button for the Blackmart app mentioned above.
  • Downloading will start shortly
  • Within seconds the app will be downloaded and will be saved on the device.
  • Built-in protection in android devices prevents installation of apps from any source other than the play store. Check your device configuration and turn that protection off so you can download this Blackmart updated APK version. After you are done with the installation you can turn on your protection again.
  • The APK file will be installed on your device in no time. Once it’s installed you can install all the apps from it.

Blackmart Features

Blackmart is the leading competitor of the google play store. It has become increasingly popular due to its useful features. This is the list of features you will be able to benefit from once this app is installed.

Free App Store

Blackmart is the perfect substitute for the Google play store. It offers you over 300000 latest games and apps for free. The app is updated periodically so new games and apps can be included in it too.

Blackmart is one of the largest free apps markets. You can download the can game from here for free within seconds.


This app is updated from time to time to include the latest games and apps. You will receive updates for all the apps you have downloaded using Blackmart. It notifies you when a new version of the games or apps is released.

Just like the Google play store your apps and games are updated from time to time for a better user experience. All the updated versions are also available for free on Blackmart.

App Management

Blackmart APK has an app manager that keeps the apps organised. With the inbuilt app organiser, you can easily uninstall or update your apps. You can see the storage inside the app. This makes it easier for you to manage all your apps at once.


The app store has different categories so it’s easy to search for the latest apps. It lists the apps in categories as music, games, productivity, and many more. You can choose any one category and then look at all the related options available.

Secure Connection

Blackmart is a safe application that’s very popular nowadays. This simple user interface application is used by millions of people around the globe. You can use this application without any worries.

You don’t need to give away any information to download apps from Blackmart.

Globally Used

All Android devices have a Google play store that helps you to download free or paid apps. In competition to this Blackmart is an app that won’t be on your device officially but you can download it to access all the applications you need for free.

This is a globally available app already downloaded by many. The popularity of this app is on the rise cause it offers a lot of amazing games for youngsters for free.

Super Fast Downloading

The app is super quick to use. All the games and apps can be downloaded within a few minutes. You don’t need to wait for long to play your favourite game.

Installing Banned Apps

if you want to use a certain app that is currently not available in your country or blocked you can try Blackmart. It helps you to download those apps free of cost.

Expensive Gaming Apps for Free

The high-end gaming apps have costly app purchases. Blackmart brings you a way to play all those games you love for free. The latest versions of all the popular games are available on this app store.

You can quickly install them on your android device and run them without any issues.

How to download Games and Apps from Blackmart?

This is a commonly asked question and might be the one bothering you too. Cause it’s a free app like many others you might be wondering too that it will consume lots of time but that’s surely not the case.

Downloading games using Blackmart is very simple. With our step-wise instructions, it will be more convenient for you to do this job.

  1. Download Blackmart APK on your device and start the application
  2. Starting Blackmart, the main screen will list up some of the most demanding apps and games
  3. Enter the name of the game you are looking for in the search bar
  4. Within moments, the app will appear on your screen
  5. Now select your favourite game and click on the install button
  6. Downloading will start right away and the game will be installed on your android device

Once downloaded you can play it normally like any other game on your device. The simple procedure allows anyone to use this app.

Blackmart for Android

Android devices are very popular and budget-friendly. Most of the Middle class opts for Android devices. Android devices are used by a wide number of the population making them one of the most famous operating systems.

The reason for Android being famous is not just the cost. The apps and games and the compatibility make Android a favourite for many.

Applications help to make your life easier. If you love reading you can install a book reader and enjoy reading where ever whenever. However, it can be sometimes difficult to find the app of your choice.

And sometimes the apps you love to use end up becoming paid and if you can’t afford to pay you will be not able to use them anymore.

Blackmart VS Google Playstore

Blackmart helps in all instances. It is a great alternative for the play store. You might be wondering what’s so special about this store that sets it apart from the play store. The list of features is long.

The highlight point would be that you can use the paid version of your favourite apps for free. Yes, that’s a piece of true news. You can use the paid version of apps that offer more features free of cost.

If you are a student or someone who wants to save money you must download Blackmart right away. With this app, you can play all the cool latest games with your friends without spending any money. You need this app on your android device for sure.

What is Blackmart App?

It is the greatest unofficial app store offering you a variety of apps for free. It was developed to provide the users free of cost apps.

BlackMart APK Latest Version

The application is updated from time to time to include the latest apps and games. For those involved in app development, this is a good platform cause they can upload their games here. You can showcase your talent free of cost.

The Blackmart app also helps you to manage all your games at once. You don’t need any other application for this. It’s an all-in-one tool.

Installing Blackmart on PC

Installing Blackmart on a pc is as easy as on an android device. By following the step-wise process we have shown next you will be able to install the app on your windows and use it easily.

  • Download an android emulator
  • Install the emulator on your windows
  • Download the Blackmart APK file now
  • Open the android emulator
  • Install all the APK files using the emulator
  • Once done now the Blackmart APK is ready for use on your pc.

Using Blackmart on iOS Devices

What about those who don’t have an android device? Do they need to buy one? Is the Blackmart app only for Android users? How can Apple users benefit from it? These are all very frequently listed questions.

Due to strong safety settings installing Blackmart on your iPhone might be a little more complex but it’s not impossible.

  • Install Cydia on your iOS device
  • Download Blackmart IPA version
  • Install it and then accept the security certificate from the settings

Blackmart FAQs

Is Blackmart illegal?

The answer is no Blackmart is not illegal at all. You won’t be in any trouble downloading this app. The developers have a license for all the apps they provide and thus you won’t be in any trouble for using this app.

Is Blackmart App Safe?

Yes, the Blackmart App is completely safe and free to use. It is just like the other alternatives available in the market for the Play Store. Blackmart app is one of the best alternative.

How many apps can I download from Blackmart for free?

Blackmart is an unofficial app store that contains numerous free games. You can download infinite apps from Blackmart for free. The app contains up to 300,000 apps giving you a wide range of options to choose from. the apps already downloaded can be updated using Blackmart.

What is the difference between Blackmart and Google play store?

To install apps from the Google play store you need to make an ID while you don’t need to disclose your personal information to download apps from the play store. Google play store has some paid apps and games while all the apps on Blackmart are free.

Blackmart APK is better than the Google Play store in the sense that it has a variety of free games some of which you might not even find on the Google play store. As it does not require any account for downloading the app so you can simply enter the store. Search for the app you want and download it within seconds.

Does it require root permission to install Blackmart App?

No, it does not require any such information. It can be downloaded on non rooted devices.