Brunswick Pool Tables – Worth the Price?

Brunswick pool tables have been a status symbol for over a century yet are they worth the greater rate? Brunswick pool tables vary from around $2,000 to as high as $24,000 per table!

As you can see that’s quite an array! Brunswick breaks down their tables into 3 groups: House Tables, Competition Tables and also Contender Tables. As the names define, the House Tables are mainly for residence usage, the Competitors Tables are a lot more for the expert and also the Challenger Tables are much more for your starter swimming pool table.

The Contender collection is where you will locate swimming pool tables at a lower rate. The tables can be purchased from less than $2,000 to around the max for this collection at $3,500.

The Home and also Competitors series is where you will find most of Brunswick pool tables in addition to the higher rates. The typical price in these collection runs around $6,000.

Are you getting scammed if you purchase a Brunswick swimming pool table?

Although the rates over are pricey, you get your cash’s worth! We have all listened to the expression, “you get what you pay for”. There is no shortage of significance of the declaration to the price of a Brunswick pool table. When you acquire a Brunswick you are spending for top quality.

Brunswick tables have actually been recognized considering that 1845 when the J.M. Brunswick Company created its very first billiard table. Over the last 163 years the globe has alter a great deal yet the workmanship and also high quality of a Brunswick pool games table has actually remained the same.

This top quality is backed by a Brunswick Lifetime Warranty as well as the very best dealer network in business.

On any type of Brunswick table their are 12 hidden distinctions. These distinction array from the high performance Nut Plates and also Washers to the Hard Wood that is kiln dried, discolored and also sealed to maintain wetness out. All 12 differences provide enhanced play and efficiency that can not be found in several various other billiard suppliers.

Although, you pay more for a Brunswick pool table you additionally obtain a whole lot! With the 163 years of standard top quality, the Lifetime Warranty and 12 surprise distinction many would certainly claim that Brunswick can charge extra for their tables.