How to Clear CA Exams 2023 on the First Attempt?

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is among India’s most in-demand professional courses, notable for its demanding curriculum and high professional standards. To clear the CA exams on the first attempt demands a great deal of dedication, hard work, and perseverance. As the CA examinations 2023 approach, aspiring candidates must begin preparations early to ensure success. In this post, VSI Jaipur brings strategies and methods that will assist you in passing the CA examinations 2023 on your first attempt. 

If you are an aspiring Chartered Accountant hoping to pass the CA examinations in 2023, continue reading to learn how to successfully prepare and increase your chances of success.

Why You Should Try to Clear CA Exams on the First Attempt?

Chartered Accountants grab amazing salary packages from big companies. But this is not true for everyone. If you cleared the CA exams on the first attempt, then your CA salary will be higher and you’ll get more offers. The CA salary in India for toppers is around Rs. 12-15 lakhs per annum.

And, if your start is great, then even with the same rate of increment, your package will increase.

How To Prepare For CA Exams?

It might be difficult to pass the CA exams on the first try. The curriculum and examinations of the Chartered Accountancy course are extremely difficult. Yet, it is achievable to clear the CA examinations on the first attempt with proper planning, commitment, and effort. Below are a few tips that will assist you in passing the CA examinations on your first attempt in 2023:

1. Creating a Study Plan

So the first step in clearing the CA examinations on the first try is having a practical study plan. You must ensure you can follow the study plan you are creating. 

Further, developing a thorough study plan that encompasses all topics and chapters on the course syllabus is crucial. The study strategy must include a regular schedule of at least 12 hours daily. Moreover, the plan should also include revision and practice sessions regularly.

2. Understand the Syllabus of the CA Exams

The CA course has a vast syllabus, and it is important to be well-versed in it. The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) offers the CA course syllabus, which must be thoroughly reviewed. Understanding the course outline will allow you to focus on your study plan and concentrate on the most important areas.

3. Understand the CA Exam Pattern 

Understanding the exam format is vital when preparing for the CA exams. The three levels of the CA examinations are Foundation, Intermediate, and Final. Each level has specific subjects, topics, question patterns, and marking schemes. Further, understanding the exam pattern will allow you to understand the mark distribution of CA exam total marks, the importance, and the weightage of each topic and prepare accordingly.

4. Join a Good Coaching

As mentioned earlier, the CA curriculum is vast, with many subjects. Hence, it is important to join proper coaching that can help you with concept clearance, completing the syllabus quickly, and putting you in the habit of regular studying. 

5. Take CA Mock Tests Series

Mock tests or test series are a great way to assess your CA exam preparation. Moreover, mock tests help you understand your preparedness level, learn time management, and help you identify your weak areas. Also, you can identify the silly mistakes you can avoid during the final exams. 

Coaching institutes and other online platforms frequently conduct mock exams. Hence, appear as many mock tests as possible to gain confidence and improve your chances of scoring better. 

6. Revision & Practice

Revision and practice are crucial to succeed in the CA exams. Moreover, Revising the topics regularly and practising solving problems is essential. Also, your study plan must include at least three revisions before the exams. 

7. Be Positive & Motivated for the Preparation of CA Exams

The CA course is extensive and rigorous. Therefore, it is essential that you stay optimistic and motivated throughout the CA exams. You should have confidence in your ability and strive diligently towards your goal. Positive thinking and motivation will support you in overcoming any problems and hurdles.

VSI Jaipur – The Best CA Coaching For CA Aspirants

VSI Jaipur is a well-known CA coaching facility. The institute has a proven track record of delivering CA exams with high scorers. Moreover, over the last ten years, seven students have scored AIR 1 and are continuing to secure AIRs. The coaching offers coaching for all three levels. 

Furthermore, VSI offers a staff of highly skilled and experienced faculty members that have a comprehensive grasp of the CA curriculum and examination format. Also, the batch sizes are limited and small since the institute focuses on better and high-quality education. 

Further, VSI Jaipur conducts regular mock tests and, based on their mock test performances, offers personalized guidance to students to help them perform better by helping them overcome their problems and challenges.

Also, VSI Jaipur offers online and offline classes so that students outside Jaipur can access high-quality learning.


Clearing the ca exams on the first attempt isn’t difficult. You can clear the exams with proper planning, preparation, guidance, and commitment. Good luck! 

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