Can I pick my seats on Skyscanner?

Since the platform is a third-party aggregator, any seat selection required for your Skyscanner UK direct flights or the rest of the destinations would be done through the OTA or airline. In this regard, the customer is also liable to any seat selection fees as imposed by the airline.

In order to make a seat selection, Skyscanner’s platform cannot be utilized. Rather complete your booking phase there and then go to the official website of the airline to select the seats of your choice by logging in to your account using your confirmed flight tickets/details.

Here’s how to pick the best airplane seats online.

Research the type of Aircraft

The first thing to do when selecting the right kind of seat for your air travel is to understand the type of aircraft you would be flying in. Since there are different types of aircraft being operated by different airlines on multiple routes, it’s significantly essential to research the type of aircraft to find the best possible seating area.

There are varying seat configurations and layouts for every airplane. Therefore, familiarize yourself with the different seat maps of the different aircraft (usually available online) and then identify the best eating arrangement for you. While also keeping in mind the options for seats that offer extra legroom and/or proximity to certain amenities in-flight.

Your Preference

The type of seat best suited for you also depends upon your personal preference. For instance, whether you prefer a window seat for a view or an aisle seat for easy access? Do you need instant access to the lavatories or won’t mind sitting a little far from them? Is extra legroom your concern or you can compromise on traveling on regular seats? In short, all such considerations should be made at this point.

Seat Selection Tools

Seat selection tools are offered by many renowned airlines either during the flight booking process and/or through their online check-in system as well. Customers can utilize such tools not only to view the seats available but also to make seat selections as per their preference along with the attributes like;

  • Extra legroom seats.
  • Proximity to exit seats.
  • Seat pitch, etc.  

Read reviews

There are many review sites like SeatGuru, etc. that not only provide detailed seat maps and reviews of different aircraft of various airlines but also offer live insights into specific seats i.e. highlighting their pros and cons based on factors like;

  • Seat width.
  • Reclining.
  • Proximity to lavatories or galleys, etc.

Early Seat Selection

If you want to specifically select seats in a particular region of the aircraft, pre-booking is the only option advised. Early seat selections let you choose your desired seats without any hassle but against an additional fee. Otherwise, seat selection while checking in is completely up to the availability of seats that may or may not suit your need.

Consider Seat Fees

As said earlier, selecting your seats in advance for your flight with any airline comes with an additional fee. Furthermore, if you are reserving seats that have extra legroom, or any other kind of special seats; you are required to pay more for them.

Check with the Airline

For any specific seating requirements or questions, you can always contact the airline’s representative online or by getting in touch with their customer support over the phone. They would guide you with a detailed and more comprehensive insight into what seat would be best suited for your travel needs.   So, it can be said that Skyscanner doesn’t let you choose seats for your flight with any airline on its platform. However, you can make the seat selection through OTA during the booking phase or by going to the airline’s official website.