Can you Hot Swap HyperX Alloy Origins Core Keyboard Switches?

Do you want to personalize your HyperX Alloy Origins Core? Is it hot-swappable? Mechanical keyboards are customizable and flexible, making them one of the best. Moreover, you do not have to deal with arduous tasks to enjoy this benefit. There is no need for soldering or desoldering to swap the switches. 

So, if you have the Alloy Origins Core keyboard, here is all the information regarding hot swapping.  

About Hot-Swappable Keyboards

Users can enjoy the freedom of replacing the switches of hot-swappable keyboards. For this purpose, they do not have to restart their desktop, desolder-installed switches, or disconnect cables. Instead, users can use a switch puller to hot-swap the keys. With this ease, users can effortlessly customize the old plugs or switches with the new ones. 

Unlike the soldered PCB and previous pre-built models, hot-swappable keyboards offer printed circuit boards comprising hot-swap sockets. As a result, you do not require any specific instruments to complete the task and allow gamers to invest their time in what they do best gaming. 

HyperX offers hot-swappable keyboards, enabling users to remove and add new keycaps. 

Is Hyperx Alloy Origins Core Keyboard Worth It?

The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is ideal for gaming and other usage. Offering a decent feel, they come with responsive keys and bright backlighting. The build is high in quality with multiple gaming features. The Kailh Silver Speed switch type ensures users do not have to apply too much force. Additionally, Alloy Origin is light in weight with smaller dimensions.  

Various HyperX Alloy Origins Core Switches 

Four switches are available with this keyboard, including black, brown, red, and blue. The black linear switch delivers a fast and quick response, while the brown tactile switch offers a gentle feel. The red one is linear, with each keystroke being smooth and fast. Finally, the blue is also tactile with a bouncy and clicky feel. 

The keyboard is perfect for gaming as it delivers an actuation force of 45g and tactile feedback with advanced precision. Hence, this keyboard will last forever with an 80 million keystroke capacity. 

Can HyperX Alloy Origins Core Keycaps be replaced?

The standard layout of the keyboard enables you to replace the keycaps. The brand also delivers multiple advantageous double-shot keycaps in black and white. Further, the advanced customization with HyperX NGENUITY offers the option to alter keyboard patterns, textures, and colors without hassle. In addition, HyperX NGENUITY enables you to create personalized layouts for keycaps. 

You may use a butter knife or fork if you do not have a keycap puller. Try to be as gentle as possible to avoid damaging your keyboard. However, it is best to have a puller for less damage. Remove the keycap quickly on a flat surface and clean it using a damp cloth. 

You may opt for the professional HyperX Alloy Origins keyboard, which is better than Core in terms of build quality and better mechanical switches. They offer tactile, clicky, and linear buttons with HyperX NGENUITY support. 


Hot-swappable keyboards offer users customization benefits by changing the keycaps and switches. The HyperX Alloy Origins Core is a great gaming keyboard with hot-swappable functionality. 

You can upgrade its switches to suit your gaming requirements without any hassle. With HyperX, you will receive double-shot keycaps and use HyperX NGENUITY to change keyboard patterns, textures, and colors.