Cantilever Rack- Everything You Need To Know About

Here Is All You Need To Know About Cantilever Rack From Benefits To Factors To Consider Before Opting For Cantilever Rack, We’ve Got You Covered…!!

In today’s fast-paced world, every warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing unit and industrial building faces space-related issues. It is one of the most common challenges warehouse professionals face in various industries.

But the question is how to handle the space-related problem in warehouses. Choosing an ideal racking system customized to your unique requirement can help warehouse professionals properly organised goods in a systematic way.

A Cantilever Rack is a storage solution designed to store merchandise in multiple levels of horizontal rows. This storage method not only helps to maximize your warehouse space but also efficiently organised your goods.

An ideal racking system must be able to use every inch of your warehouse without hindering your picking processes. Every warehouse has its diverse storage requirement which leads to the huge demand for a wide range of racking systems. There is a number of industrial racking system for light, medium and heavy usage which are widely used across the warehouse of different industries according to their unique requirement.

Cantilever Rack is one of the popular storage solutions engineered to store weighty and bulky goods. Unlike other rack systems, these racks have no vertical obstructions which make it first and foremost for those looking to store their products with an industrial forklift and keep the space free of obstructions. “At

Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. we are one of the most prominent Cantilever Rack Manufacturers in India renowned for premium quality and custom-made racking systems. We also specialise in wide a variety of industrial racking system that meets every unique requirement. From design and installation services to rack safety inspections, and rack maintenance, we offer end-to-end services in the domain of pallet and industrial racking systems”. In this blog, we are going to consider Cantilever Racks and their types, benefits and much more. So let’s consider…!!

What is Cantilever Rack?

Cantilever Rack is an innovative storage method for a wide variety of bulky, weighty and long goods such as heavy bar stock, pipes, timbers, aluminium steel sheets and so on. From different building materials of all different shapes and sizes to housing loads, cantilever racks provide a high-performance and cost-efficient storage solution for goods that have no uniform size or shape.

This racking system is an efficient way to boost your storage capacity while increasing warehouse efficiency and helping professionals to operate the warehouse easily.

The cantilever rack has many fascinating benefits that make them one of the top-notch storage solutions, unlike other traditional racking systems.

Benefits Of Installing Cantilever Rack in Warehouse

Cantilever Rack not only maximize your storage capacity but helps boost your warehouse safety and productivity. The benefits of opting for a cantilever rack for weighty racks are many.

  • Meets High Capacity Storage Needs

One of the first and foremost benefits of installing a cantilever racking system is wide-ranging heavy goods loading capacity. This rack helps you to improve the layout of your warehouse by storing weight goods and awkward loads and freeing up floor space for other storage requirements.

Unlike Pallet Racks, cantilever rack can handle bulky and weighty goods more efficiently. Flexibility and extra space at the warehouse help to store a wide range of products in a systematic so pallet racks are not the only option.

  • Maximise Vertical Storage Space

For those looking to maximize their storage space and make use of every inch of their current storage, the warehouse racking system is the first and foremost solution. These racks help to make use of vertical space in your warehouse, offering the use of multiple storage levels.

An ideal warehouse racking system like cantilever racks can help you to increase the use of vertical space to store merchandise and pallets especially when you have adequate building height.

  • Customisable

One of the best things about Cantilever racking systems is they can be built according to your unique requirement. Every warehouse professional requires a unique racking system for their bulky goods storage and custom-made cantilever racks can meet any diverse storage need of warehouse professionals.

They come in a wide range of custom designs with adjustable shelves customised to unique sizes, shapes and strengths that best fit your storage solution need.

  • Increase Productivity

Choosing the right warehouse racking system can help you organise your inventory in an efficient way. An ideal heavy-duty racking system like cantilever racking offers excellent product accessibility.

This makes it easier for employees to configure and locate specific items and product lines. In addition to this, the open front of cantilever racking systems provides easy access to products using an industrial forklift.

Improving product visibility and easy product accessibility can be time-saving and thereby increase warehouse productivity.

  • Cost-efficient

The cantilever racking system is high-performance and more cost-effective for bulky goods than other storage solutions. Their Heavy-gauge steel and robust structure makes them highly affordable as compared to pallet racking system.

If you handle heavy loads, and weighty and bulky items, a cantilever racking system can provide the safest and most efficient storage racking system.

“At Mex Storage System Pvt. Ltd. we offer a wide array of industrial storage racking systems within budget. Counted among the best-rated Cantilever Rack Manufacturers in Delhi and India, we provide our clients with fully customization and economical storage solutions throughout India.

If you are looking to boost your warehouse efficiency and storage capacity, visit us and personally discuss your requirement with our team right away”.

How To Choose an Ideal Cantilever Rack Manufacturer?

Every warehouse has its own unique needs. The right warehouse rack must increase warehouse storage space without hampering warehouse processes and operations. A cantilever racking system is an efficient storage system appropriate for warehousing bulky and heavy-duty goods.

To know which Cantilever Rack Manufacturer in India is right for you, below are a few factors to consider:-

Budget – Everyone has their own budget before making a purchase of any storage need. Consider these factors before opting for cantilever racking systems, when the racks meet all your storage requirements.

Durability – Another essential factor is to look out for the robustness and material of cantilever racks. This will help you figure out the durability of your racking system.

Maximise Storage Utilisation – Look out for the space you can utilise in the cantilever racking system for storing heavy merchandise. The amount of storage space you require will depend on the strength, size, weight and quantity of your cargo.

Floor Storage Utilisation – An ideal cantilever racking system can help to increase the use of warehouse floor space. Must consider this factor before investing in a cantilever racking system.

Custom-made:- Custom-made cantilever racking system can fit every diverse requirement. An ideal Cantilever racking system offers fully customisable racks in different strengths, styles and sizes.

Versatile – The versatility of cantilever racking systems can allow to storage a wide range of merchandise and goods. Ask your cantilever rack manufacturer about the versatility of racks for easy and hassle-free warehousing.

In a nutshell, opting for a cantilever racking system for your warehousing is more than worth the cost of purchasing them. If optimised efficiently, cantilever racks can take your warehouse storage capacity to another level.

Looking to increase your warehouse storage capacity with an efficient Cantilever racking system? High Performance and quality Cantilever Racking System Manufacturer in India like Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. is what you have been looking for!

High Performance & Cost-efficient Cantilever Racks Manufacturer In India – Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.

We Offer A Comprehensive Range Of Quality-Made And Customisable Racking Systems At The Best Prices.

Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd. offers high-performance and cost-efficient industrial storage racking systems throughout India. Being counted among the top Cantilever Rack Manufacturers in India, we specialise in custom-made and highly durable cantilever racking systems without sacrificing quality design and standard.

In the domain of pallet rack and industrial racking systems, we provide our clients with end-to-end services from design to installation, we are your team of experts.

Our complete range of services includes design and manufacturing racks, rack maintenance, racking safety inspection, installation of racking system and assistance to find an ideal racking system.

Whether you need Slotted Angle Racks, heavy-duty racks, Shelving Racks or mezzanine floors, we offer a broad range of racking systems under one roof.

Here is why opt for Mex Storage Systems Pvt. Ltd.

  • A comprehensive range of industrial racks
  • High-quality and durable racks
  • Made using 100% durable material
  • On-time delivery
  • End-to-end services
  • Versatile and cost-efficient racking system

Got some questions about cantilever racks or looking for any range of industrial racking systems? Request us a query and get in touch with us.

We will provide you with the most suitable storage solution customized to your unique needs. For further information, visit us and speak to one of our experts now. We will be happy to assist you.

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