Charcoal Facial Cleanser: Advantages and Disadvantages.

Activated carbon now becomes a popular beauty ingredient in the beauty world owing to its immense benefits. When you walk through your local supermarket you would notice numerous products of charcoal on the beauty or skincare shelf. Nowadays, various beauty products are available in the market containing charcoal such as charcoal facial cleansers, charcoal face scrubs, and charcoal shampoos. According to experts, charcoal is tremendously beneficial in giving a glowing look to the face.

Charcoal made a stir in the skincare world with its amazing property of absorbing toxins and pollution from your skin. It makes your face younger and gives a clear look to your skin. No doubt all the products containing charcoal are incredible but a charcoal face cleanser is used as a natural remedy for all skin issues. As a charcoal cleanser made up of skin-healing substances, it can do wonders for your damaged skin. This blog would discuss all the aspects of a charcoal facial cleanser that would help you to get a better understanding.

Charcoal facial cleanser

What Is A Charcoal Facial Cleanser?

The main ingredient of charcoal facial cleansers is activated carbon. When a regular carbon goes through the heating process then the end product that we get is activated carbon which is safe for use. The activated carbon in facial cleansers traps dirt, toxins and chemicals. Activated carbon is also beneficial for skin exfoliation and removes the dirt particles that stick on our faces. Moreover, when this activated charcoal removes the dirt and oil particles from our pores they become smaller inevitably.

Benefits of Charcoal Facial Cleanser For The Face:

The benefits of activated charcoal facial cleanser on your face are research-proven. Although activated carbon is advantageous for all types of skin for oily skin type it is at the upper hand. Let’s read more about the benefits of charcoal facial cleanser for the face.

  • Say goodbye to acne: Acne is created generally when bacteria, dirt and oil particles accumulated in skin pores. And in reaction to this accumulation, swelling, redness, irritation and eventually, acne is born. You can get rid of this acne by adding charcoal facial cleanser into your skincare routine as activated charcoal has antibacterial properties that draw the bacteria from your skin pores successfully. Moreover, the excellent absorbent property of activated carbon makes it a popular beauty ingredient as this removes all pollutant particles from pores.
  • Unclogs the skin pores: The amazing property of charcoal to absorb all the toxins and impurities from your skin pores makes your pores less visible and gives your skin a smooth look. By minimizing the skin pores there is less chance of susceptible dirt re-entering pores that further may cause other skin problems. It is also crucial to clean your pores as open and large pores may lead toward the formation of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • A great exfoliator: As the activated carbon removes the excess oil particles from pores so it is an unbelievable exfoliator that helps you in getting glowing and brighter skin. Charcoal facial cleanser is also beneficial in fading hyperpigmentation. With daily use of this cleanser, you can get rid of dull, dry and tanned skin. Moreover, with charcoal facial cleanser you can easily eliminate the dead skin cells that help you in getting a radiant face.
  • Do wonders for all skin types: Charcoal face cleanser is suitable for all types of skin. For instance, activated carbon removes the excess oil from oily skin. It also gives moisture to dry skin and keeps dull skin nourish. Furthermore, this face cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin. In addition to this, activated carbon is hugely beneficial in tackling skin allergies.
  • Best deep cleanser: For getting healthy skin it is crucial to give skin deep cleansing twice a week. The charcoal facial cleanser removes all the excess oil, and dirt particles, and gives you a clear and oil-free face. In contrast to charcoal cleanser, other cleansers only remove the oil particles from the skin while charcoal cleanser not only removes oil particles from the skin’s pores but also minimizes the size of the pores that prevent further accumulation.
Charcoal facial cleanser

Disadvantages of Charcoal Facial Cleanser:

Although the use of activated carbon is considered safe for the face some people may feel some side effects of it.

  • If the activated carbon powder in a charcoal cleanser is not present in a fine powder form then you can go through rough skin exfoliation.
  • It is a matter of fact that activated carbon in its natural powder form is greatly beneficial but when some brands combine this powder with their product formula then it may not give the expected results.
  • Our eyes are highly sensitive to charcoal facial cleanser so if, God forbid, this cleanser goes into your eye then you may get a severe eye infection.
  • The charcoal face cleanser is indeed suitable for all types of skin but sometimes it can cause swelling, redness, or itching on some people’s skin.


There are numerous benefits of charcoal face cleanser for the skin. This charcoal cleanser is made with activated carbon that cleans your skin thoroughly and removes all dirt, pollutant, and oil particles from the skin’s pores. It not only removes these particles but also minimizes the large pores that prevent further pores clogging. It also gives your skin a clear, glowing, and fresh look. In the market there are various charcoal soaps and cleansers at different prices are available. Although, the charcoal cleanser is safe for all skin types, however, some people may experience its side effects. So before using it consult with a doctor.