Continuum Make Room for Excellence

The Samsung Continuum is one of the better phones released in this age of technological advances. Not everyone is interested in purchasing an iPhone or an Android, which is why Galaxy S, the makers of the Samsung, have incorporated innovative measures for user capabilities to introduce this new phone into the market. Sometimes variety is best for the market. the continuum floor plan With an innovative approach to Smartphone technology, the Samsung Continuum is easily one of the best catches of the year.

The Samsung Continuum has two displays meant for a more efficient multitasking ability. The secondary ticker is what allows for the efficient usage of tasks on the Samsung phone. The initial screen is on the top. It’s a larger 3.4-inch Super Amoled touch screen. The smaller 1.8 inch display on the bottom provides an excellent addition to the excellent phone. As with other Galaxy S phones the Super Amoled delivers an excellent viewing experience. Its sharp quality, vibrant colors, and good outdoor visibility offer one of the best in the business.

The design itself is something that will appeal to many users. It’s slimmer, 2.3″ wide, 2.3″ tall, and it only weighs 4.4 ounces. This is something that will be great for users that prefer a sleeker phone. The edges are rounded, providing a nice design for grip and style. Also contributing to its style is the all-back, lacquer finish. It’s meant to give a smoother feel and better look to the metal finish, a complement to the sleek finish.

The smaller screen on the bottom constantly updates news feeds from your favorite social networks. It’s completely customizable, which means you’ll be able to pick and choose the social networking sites (among others) that you wish to receive updates from. There are features for weather, text messages, emails, and many more that will keep you consistently updated with the current events. It also allows for a second type of control panel. When using the larger screen, the small ticker on the bottom can be used to control volume, placement of the cursor, the continuum price and any other feature you can think of. It’s an excellent addition for use by the person who can’t stop texting or using application. The Samsung Continuum is an excellent phone for the multitasker. It’s sleek design and innovative technology that aims to please everyone, the Galaxy S series has really hit one of their highest marks for phones.