Crown Packages USA Limited Edition For Custom Boxes

At Crown Packages USA, we strive to provide you with quality and healthy products that don’t break the bank. This is why every year, we try hard to give you a new box as qualitative and obtainable as anyone else. Each box has a theme and the products offered correspond to it. Cosmetics, waste products, food: we want to offer you a variety of products to satisfy each of you. 

About Procedure Of Custom Boxes:

About Crown Packages USA, more about the bookcase and other custom boxes. Users not only can discover our systems that how crown packages works better in the marketplace. But also the reason for this idea in ​​the custom boxes field.

Green Pattern And Custom Box: 

The principle is simple: Crown Packages USA offer you the best product for a special price. On average, our box has 10 products and does not exceed the price of 60 euros to make everyone benefit from them as they should. About every quarter, Crown Packages USA launches a new box with new themes and new products. After a long month of work, we are happy to deliver our new boxes and rediscover your passion for them every time. In fact, by buying one of our boxes you benefit from a price 3 times cheaper than if you buy products individually display boxes.

Real Wealth: 

Boxes are also a great way to try out a product to see if it’s right for you. And if you fall for one of them, some of the products offered in our box can be found directly in our e-shop. 

How To Choose Products For Boxes? 

Our priority is to provide you with quality products that respect our planet and your skin. Therefore, Crown Packages USA chooses products made in USA or more in Europe, which are in line with our values ​​and which accept environmental ethics. In addition, like any box with a theme, the products are selected according to it. Crown Packages USA also try to provide you with life-like products so that you can try them and enjoy them to the fullest. 

Box on Paper: 

Some of our boxes are still available in our e-shop. Please note, stocks are limited and there will be no returns! 4 round, 4 different boxes, round forty products, 4 different containers: which one will you fall for?  Our Printemps custom boxes contain 9 products for a total value of more than 220$ and is sold at 60$ in our e-shop. Equipped with a sage green corduroy pouch, this set will be perfect for creating a beauty routine. The pouch is great for storing your products while on the go or for putting your oracle/tarot or even your lanyard.

Speciality Our Custom boxes: 

A powerful anti-pollution mist from the Aiam Maia brand: made in USA, this mist hydrates, protects and lifts the skin in an eye-catching way.