Custom Pie Boxes for Effective Marketing?

Your bakery products are known for their top quality, delicious flavor & aesthetic appeal. But, it is difficult to think that how your baked goods can be displayed and marketed using traditional packaging methods. In today’s competitive market, many bakers, pastry makers and suppliers are using customized bakery boxes printing as a cost-effective yet attractive packaging option. These customized boxes printing service providers supply elegant, tasteful, sturdy & durable packaging solutions for all types of baked goods including pastries, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, candies, confections and much more.

Thinking of starting a bakery product line

If you own a bakery or if you’re thinking of starting a bakery product line, you know the importance of marketing & branding your products using innovative packaging strategies. Your bakery sells favorite flavors of apple, peach, pecan, citrus & blueberry pie in attractive containers. But, how do you think your baked goods will stand out among competitors if you’re going to use plain and ordinary boxed pie dough in boring cardboard containers? To have distinctness among competitors & being always superior one in the eyes of food lovers, you ought to go for customized, brand-customized pie boxes printing with luscious graphic, catchy logos & thematic design. These creative graphic labels give your baked goods a prominent presence at trade shows, fairs & exhibits.

small-scale manufacturers and bake shops

One of the biggest concerns of most small-scale manufacturers and bake shops are how to achieve quick and proper marketing & branding of their products. Most often, the traditional, simple packaging boxes of rectangular shape with closed lids are used because of its long-lasting and simple appearance. Customizing these packaging boxes with colorful, unique graphic labels can increase your chances of impressing your customers instantly, and that’s what most small-scale manufacturers aim for. With customized boxes & custom graphic labels, your customers will not only see your baked goods beautifully presented in attractive packaging, they’ll also be able to easily recognize your brand as the very source of that specific product.

embossed customized boxes 

If you want to take this opportunity to advertise and market your products, then you must make sure that every aspect of packaging design, including your custom pie boxes can effectively reflect your corporate image & symbolize your business name, message & emblem. You can produce colorful lidded, laminated or embossed customized boxes that can be printed with logos of your choice. Lidded, laminated and embossed boxes are great giveaway gifts during special occasions like holidays, birthdays, weddings and anniversary. You can personalize these printed boxes with attractive graphics, images & texts. In addition, it gives a professional look to your bakery while representing your business at all events.

standard rectangle and square boxes

In terms of shapes, standard rectangle and square boxes remain to be the most popular worldwide. However, if you would like to introduce new designs and shapes into the range of wholesale pie boxes available to you, then you can create customized shapes using different materials like cardboard, wood or vinyl. In terms of materials used for customized shapes, you can choose from a variety of pre-designed shapes with textured surface. Also, there are special shapes like those with magnetic tape that add an additional touch of class.

Custom printed pie boxes is to add your own designs.

Another way to customize your own custom printed pie boxes is to add your own designs. This option allows you to personalize your products to suit your unique requirements and preferences. You can use your own designs or those that are suggested by your creative team. Text and graphics can be added to customize the exterior design of the boxes using your computer and printer. However, it’s not recommended for printing bakery products in bulk because the designs would become too detailed for a regular bakery product. To enhance the look and feel of the boxes, interior printing and designing are highly recommended.

modern-day marketplace

Apart from adding design to the packaging, you can also consider additional elements that can make your custom printed pie boxes more appealing. A simple and plain looking box may not work well for a modern-day marketplace. The market demands creative and attractive packaging for all types of products. Therefore, to turn around time on your packaging design and printing project, you need to add finishing touches to the finished product. Professional printing company with excellent graphic printing capabilities will be able to provide you with attractive and high quality graphic packaging that will help you meet your targeted customer base.


Apart from producing delicious pies and other food products, custom printed pie boxes are great marketing and sales tools for your bakery business. Use boxes with attractive graphic packaging to promote your products in various ways. With the right graphic designing, attractive boxes are capable of attracting customers from every walk of life and offering your products excellent value for money.