Decades of Hard Work Will Pay Off at the Right Moment – The Story of Trans Global’s Founder, Mr. Amas Quek

As the founder of his own company, Amas recognizes the feeling of wanting to be independent, and achieving success through his own means. However, you will need to do so by putting in lots of hard work, and determination with no complaint.

Opening the Doors of Entrepreneurship

Decades of Hard Work Will Pay Off at the Right Moment – The Story of Trans Global's Founder, Mr. Amas Quek

While 2003 was his start line, it was not his opening gate to the freight forwarding industry. His family members, including his father and older brother, have been working in the industry since 1955. That had somehow helped him to understand the ropes of the trade when he worked alongside with them. However, Amas also said that much of his company success today, was largely attributed to his wife and fellow teammates.

The company, Trans Global, carries the meaning of “transport globally.” While the name seems to imply a big reach, Amas said it started off with a humble beginning alongside many challenges. Initially, he was a one-man-show company, dealing with the many aspects of the freight forwarding operations, such as dispatch agent, salesman, customer service representative, operation documentation staff, accounting manager, and many more. 

Amas had to work from 7am to 12am each day in the first six months non-stop and received no payment during that period. Though times were hard, he managed to conquer all the hurdles eventually.

Amas also revealed that he was actually quite a rebellious child during his younger times. Skipping school and fighting with friends were familiar occurrences throughout his childhood.

However, he also came from a poor family background, and that drove him to maturity earlier. At the age of 13, he started his first odd job to earn enough money to go to secondary school. He continued to work part-time until his junior college days. Looking back, he was determined not to go back to the poor life that his family had suffered from previously. He wanted to achieve something big one day so that he can fully support himself and his family.

Hence, the hardships he had went through since young, made him develop an attitude of perseverance and hope for the future. These are strong qualities of a successful entrepreneur.

“I told myself since I have stepped out of my comfort zone, there is no turning back. Only moving forward every day with a positive mindset.”

–Amas Quek, Founder of Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd


Emphasising on People’s Value

Decades of Hard Work Will Pay Off at the Right Moment – The Story of Trans Global's Founder, Mr. Amas Quek

Due to being a lean team, Amas believes that Trans Global has an excellent competitive advantage when being compared to other companies. One advantage is that the company owns and controls their assets. Hence, it is quicker than most companies, in providing a competitive price that will win over the customers. This competitive advantage also allows them to be more independent as they are not under the mercy of other companies (3rd party contractors).

Even after almost twenty years of growing the company, Amas knows that he needs emotional support to hold his back from time to time. His family and teammates are the main factors for his continued endeavour. They are the hands that support him and never let him fall to the bottomless pit of despair.

A committed team has always been a plus point of Trans Global that cannot be easily ignored. His team, whom Amas has been working with for the past 10 years, is likened to a pillar of the whole company. Their dedication to Trans Global shows that the team thinks of the company not as a place to work and earn money only, but as a place they own and cherish.

Just like how he treasures his family members, Amas also puts high value and trust in his teammates. He stated that to become part of his team, a potential employee needs to have loyalty, as well as the willingness to venture and commit to what the company believes in. Amas also thinks that by having a set of goals, they can achieve anything together as a team.

“Challenges are unavoidable. The key is to solve them through conscious, creative or innovative ways, and also by making the right decisions as a team.”

–Amas Quek, Founder of Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd


Creating a Bridge from Past Experiences

In the early years of building the company, Amas, who was not yet financially stable, met an unforgettable customer. 

This client was willing to pay him in advance. The client even offered him a loan even though his company’s foundation then, was not strong enough. The client’s belief in his company touched Amas greatly such that even today, he still feels very grateful towards that customer.

A positive experience is not the only thing Trans Global had went through. In 2019, Amas experienced a 1.3 million dollars claims against his company in the High Court. That left him, and his closest people traumatised. Imagine that the company could meet its end after building it for 16 years, was truly heart-breaking for Amas. However, Amas persevered and overcome this challenge eventually.

Taking his experiences as a guide, Amas wants to remind the would-be entrepreneurs today that perseverance and determination are very, very important. Facing problems in your business is expected. It will happen sooner or later. But please do not give up.

The journey of starting a business is also not a short quick trip but a long-term commitment to yourself and your team that has trust in you. It is essential to continue persevering and keep your determination intact even during the hard times.

However, while the past matters, thinking about the future makes a company stay relevant. When asked what Trans Global will do in the next five years, Amas answered without hesitation.

He plans to buy bigger premises with more space for his colleagues and a better environment to travel around for work. The love and appreciation Amas feel for his team definitely shows when he says that they deserved it after fighting alongside him for a very long time.

Also, Amas reckoned that Trans Global would have a 20% yearly increase, which they can project confidently with the assignments they have on hand, and the marketing tools they have invested in five years ago.

Though the future for his industry may look bright, Amas believes that as entrepreneurs we need to be always prepared for uncertainties as well. 

“Entrepreneurship is not only about building your empire. It is also about making fruitful friendships with your customers and fellow teammates for the next few decades.”

–Amas Quek, Founder of Trans Global (S) Pte Ltd

From Amas, we learn the importance of perseverance and determination an entrepreneur must have. Also, we must appreciate the value of people who fight alongside us with during the journey.

Amas also teaches us that hard work never lies and that, by putting your best effort into whatever you do, it will certainly pay off at the right moment.

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