How To Prevent Paradoxical Effect After Laser Hair Treatment

Concerns raise when intend for laser hair removal to perform on the face due to the expertise esp. from best Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi. It is common for the so-called paradoxical effect or the development of spots on the face to be the cause of the effectiveness. And both of which can occur throughout the course of the procedure. In UAE, for Dermatologist in Abu Dhabi we provide the most effective dermatological products and treatments available.

The contradictory result is not real, according to our laser hair removal specialists.

Spots May Appear on The Skin

In the next piece, members of our team of specialists will discuss why spots may appear on the skin after undergoing laser hair removal. As well as how to avoid these spots and deny the existence of a paradoxical consequence.

Facial Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal can produce long-lasting results in as little as a few sessions, even in persons whose facial hair is dense and black. The procedure is completely risk-free. Personalized therapies, on the other hand, are producing desirable outcomes for those with lighter hair types.

The use of laser hair removal on the face produces noticeable results while leaving the skin unharmed.

May conduct Laser hair removal on the face in a variety of locations, including the upper lip, ears, cheeks, chin, and sideburns, as well as in the space in between the eyebrows.

Laser treatment to remove facial hair and spots on the skin of the face.

Risk-Free Hair Removal Procedures

Permanently removing unwanted hair with a laser is an approach that is both straightforward and painless. Because it has very few adverse effects. Laser hair removal procedures are extremely risk-free.

The outcomes of laser hair removal are pleasant and come with a high level of safety.

Dark Spots on The Skin

After years of unprotected exposure to the sun, can produce dark spots on the skin by aging of the skin, hormonal issues, or the effect of the sun itself on the skin.

After having laser hair removal done, it is important to make sure that you shield your face from the sun in order to avoid getting sun spots.

Highly advise it that you wear facial sun protection creams during the entirety of your facial laser hair removal treatment in order to reduce the risk of developing spots on your face. The emergence of sun spots, caused by the sun. Then can prevent it in this manner.

The Paradoxical Effect in Facial Laser Hair Removal

The seemingly contradictory result of laser hair removal for the face.

There have been instances in which the facial hair returned between laser hair removal sessions looking thicker and darker than before. The name given to this kind of phenomena was the paradoxical effect.

The paradoxical effect manifests itself very immediately after the administration of drugs during the initial face laser hair removal treatments.

Due To Changes in Hormone Levels

On the other hand, it has been feasible to demonstrate that brings this impact about by the use of drugs or by changes in hormone levels.

May undo the paradoxical impact, and it manifests itself in very particular circumstances.

In addition, the paradoxical impact may be undone. Since it happens only in extreme circumstances during the initial sessions of laser hair removal treatment. This allows to reverse the effect.

If you start taking medication, you should let the laser hair removal specialists know so that they can adjust and customize your treatment.

To Prevent the Paradoxical Impact

In order to prevent the paradoxical impact. It is imperative that the professionals who do laser hair removal conduct a comprehensive analysis of each individual case. A tolerance test, and carry out the sessions in accordance with the timing defined by the professionals.

It is important to avoid skin spots and the paradoxical impact when undergoing laser session.

Trained Professionals Administer Treatments

At the laser hair removal facilities run by us. We are trained professionals who are adept at administering laser hair removal treatments while keeping your ease and satisfaction in mind.

In order to accomplish our goals in the most efficient manner, we make use of the most up-to-date technology.

To Remove the Paradoxical Impact

Because of this, we exclusively use High-Powered equipment in our job. To eliminate the possibility of future growth of facial hair. It demonstrates utilizing the most Cutting-Edge technology helps to remove the paradoxical impact to a significant degree.


We are committed to providing individualized therapies in order to obtain the greatest possible outcomes.

In order to prevent heat radiation from stimulating hair growth in the skin region and the surrounding area, our method involves chilling the peripheral areas.

After laser hair treatment organic rich foods and keeping away from heat radiation is what your skin needs to get to know it. Because the before and after results will be impressive.

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