Detail things about the wgb whatsapp

Whatsapp is owned by Facebook and it is one of the popular then it is one of the very popular applications. Due to its popularity, most app developers try to modify the clone and add additional features of whatsapp. The wgb whatsapp is some of the most popular whatsapp moded applications like the GB whatsapp, pink whatsapp, whatsapp plus and yo whatsapp come with great features that will attract you. 

But before using the clone or the modified whatsapp and you need to know about the safety and security of the particular of that the particular app. And you are on the right page to know everything about the GB whatsapp. Whatsapp is normally used to transfer videos, images, audio, files, contacts and more. But some people use GB whatsapp for some of the extra features. 

GBWhatsApp is a broadly changed variety of WhatsApp with a couple of extra features which can show improvement over the key type of the WhatsApp application. This application has additionally evolved features like assurance decisions, further created illuminating abilities, gettoplists Threatening to Blacklist, DND mode, etc. Also, the latest variation of GBWhatsapp is ensured as secure, safe, and quickly responsive. Since it keeps on making new functionalities every day, there are tremendous likely results ahead in customization decisions.

The modified version of the GB WhatsApp

GB WhatsApp is one of the alternatives and the modified version of the original or the official whatsapp. Developers customise the clone of the official whatsapp to add and get many of the existing features such as hiding the double ticks or the blue ticks, changing the themes, setting or hiding the online status and using whatsapp accounts, aeroplane modes, setting up the group names of the more characters and more and more. 

You can select the GB whatsapp with a complimentary cost and the additional privacy available, you cannot download the GB whatsapp from the google play store as it is a third-party app. And you can download it on the web. 

Advantages of the GB whatsapp

There are some more advantages of the GB whatsapp that are again given below. 

  • People can use the dual whatsapp on the same device
  • It has many the privacy options 
  • It has more with the chat alternatives
  • You can set the auto-reply the same as the whatsapp in the business accounts
  • And you can send messages automatically and read the deleted messages 
  • Free to change the theme and can download the story and the status efficiently.
  • This is one of the apps with the anti-ban feature
  • And can changes the font style 

 Is GB whatsapp better than the normal whatsapp 

Though GB whatsapp comes with more great features that don’t have in the normal whatsapp. In terms of security and privacy, whatsapp is more than reliable the wgb whatsapp as it is owned by Facebook.   

Highlights of GBWhatsApp

Security Highlights

GBWhatsApp offers a scope of security highlights not found in the first application. These incorporate concealing your web-based status, blue ticks, and twofold ticks. You can likewise conceal your composing and recording status, making it hard for others to know when you are dynamic.


One of the fundamental attractions of GBWhatsApp is the capacity to redo the application’s appearance. Clients can look over various topics and change the shade of the application’s point of interaction. This considers a customized informing experience custom-made to your inclinations.

Media Sharing

GBWhatsApp upgrades media sharing capacities by permitting clients to send bigger records and better pictures than the first application. Clients can likewise share longer video cuts and different pictures immediately with no misfortune in quality.

Talk Elements

This altered adaptation of WhatsApp incorporates talk highlights like message booking, which permits you to send messages at explicit times, and auto-answer, which sends pre-set reactions when you’re inaccessible. Furthermore, you can stick more talks to the highest point of your discussion rundown and, surprisingly, debilitate message erasure for your visits.

Step by step instructions to Introduce GBWhatsApp

Downloading APK

Since GBWhatsApp isn’t accessible on the authority application stores, you’ll have to download the APK record from a confided in outsider site. Make a point to download the most recent variant of the application to guarantee similarity and admittance to all elements.


Prior to introducing the APK, empower Obscure Sources in your gadget’s security settings to permit establishment from outsider sources. A short time later, find the downloaded APK document and introduce it on your gadget. When introduced, open GBWhatsApp and adhere to the on-screen guidelines to set up your record.

Features of the gbwhatsapp

  • Directly download the status on your phone 
  • Hide the double tick and the blue tick 
  • Hide the last seen for the specific contact 
  • Set up the group name for more than 35 characters 
  • And create a broadcast of upto 600 contacts instead of the 250 
  • Send the APK files also 
  • Send the 90 images at the time instead of the 10 images
  • Customise the app icon and the themes 

Is GB whatsapp is safe   

Modified applications like whatsapp, yo whatsapp, whatsapp plus and are not safe for the violate the rules of the original whatsapp. These are the apps that work on anonymous servers and which means anyone that can exploit them and interfere with your data which is not secure.