Discover Summer Carpet Models with Imperial Rooms Carpet!

Due to the intense effect of hot weather in summer, thick, woollen, warm carpet models are not preferred. You can find thin summer carpet models that will not slip under your feet in Selvi Halı’s rich carpet collection. Our brand includes different models and helps you find the most suitable model for your living space.

Carpets, one of the indispensable parts of home decoration, meet Selvi’s industry experience. Rug-like thin carpets are preferred in hot weather. Summer carpets can be cleaned more quickly because they are thin.

Some of these products, which you will clean according to the carpet model, can be washed by throwing them in the machine. These models, which are more easily evaluated with their thin, non-slip texture, are primarily preferred in summer houses. By choosing the model that suits the texture of your home, you can bring your living space to a colourful position.

To get rid of the intense effect of hot weather in the summer, we all leave our windows and garden open. When this is the case, it is inevitable for the carpets to become dirty and dusty. Thanks to the thin models, you can choose a more practical cleaning method by sweeping the dust on the carpet. Thin carpets are easier to clean than thick and woollen carpets, which are preferred in winter.

What is a Summer Carpet?

Seasonal carpet models vary according to climate. The carpet type preferred in winter is not preferred in summer. To eliminate the strong effect of cold weather, thicker, warmer carpet models are preferred in winter, while excellent, thin models are used in summer.

Thin carpet models that bring summer energy to your home meet with Selvi Halı’s extensive collection. Different carpet models colour your living space on hot summer days.

Summer carpets, preferred in summer, are preferred thin in terms of being suitable for the seasonal structure. The models presented under this category are primarily rug-like carpets. Rugs, which only take up a little space in the area where they are located, are among the indispensable choices for summer.


  • It differs from hand-woven grey shaggy rugs and machine-woven rugs.
  • You can use this type of carpet anywhere in your living space.
  • There are exemplary hand-woven wool rug models.
  • Rugs; There are different models, such as plain, patterned, retro, patchwork and vintage.

Rug models offered in different styles are among the models you will evaluate in the summer. You can examine Selvi’s models with their ease of use, fine texture and rich product variety.

Classic kilim models add a retro atmosphere to your home as they have an antique look. You can add a nostalgic atmosphere to your living space by choosing classic rug models from this period when the past breezes are integrated with a modern interpretation. You should pay attention to some topics n to when choosing a carpet. Before choosing, you should determine the alternatives suitable for your place. Since you will prefer for summer, you should prefer thinner models instead of carpets covering the floor.

Vintage Carpet

Vintage carpets, designed by giving the Anatolian carpets the look of being worn, are among the preferred carpet models in summer due to their delicate texture.

  1. Vintage carpets with a fine texture like a kilim;
  2. The pile surface is shaved,
  3. ·100% wool
  4. Hand-weaved,

Reflecting the traces of the past with its ageing look, you can use it for a long time.

It is a short pile, thinly produced carpet model.

Vintage carpets stand out as they do not contain synthetic materials. Among the most preferred models, these carpets are organic and more personalized.

Carpe You should use plain carpets selection;

If you have a crowd of items and plain carpets.

The carpet model you choose should be compatible with the general decoration of your home.

If your environment is bright and getting more light, you should turn to cooler colours.

When choosing a carpet colour, the colour should be suitable for the environment you live in.

Kilim-style thin carpets are among the indispensable choices for the summer months.

Summer Carpet Prices

We help you choose a carpet that fits your budget. You can get information from our sales consultants by visiting our stores or examining our products on our website. We help you choose the most suitable carpet for your living space with our product range with the model and structure you want.

Summer carpets are more affordable because they have a finer texture. You can colour your living space with suitable carpet options that will not shake your budget.

How Should You Choose a Summer Carpet?

When choosing a summer carpet, you should pay attention to certain things—carpet preferences, one of the complementary parts of the decoration, and change according to the seasons. You can evaluate our product categories with different models according to the features you are looking for. Our different product groups will enable you to make the most suitable choice for your location.

You can put your home in the desired atmosphere according to your criteria. When choosing a carpet, you should pay attention to the season you are in.

  1. Besides these;
  2. ·Which colour and pattern is most suitable for the place you are in,
  3. What kind of carpet models do you like,
  4. ·Do you have a pet?
  5. ·Are you in a house with many children or a minimal environment?

Do you have any allergies? You should select your carpet by paying attention to these types of titles.

Choosing the right carpet will help you relax and lead a comfortable life. We help you with summer carpet models that will help you eliminate the summer heat and keep your feet cool. Thin carpets offer a quality living space among the indispensable preferences of the summer months. The carpet industry offered by the carpet industry for every place, season and need is designed to meet customer expectations. Summer carpet models are also developed to meet the demands of the consumer. By researching, you can find the most suitable choice of summer carpets, which are among the popular choices of recent times. One of the alternative ways to have a spacious environment is to choose carpets and visit Imperial Rooms.