Want to explore electronic cigarettes but don’t know where to begin? Our vaping manual will fill you in on everything you need to know.

The terms “mods,” “tanks,” “e-cigs,” and “e-liquids” are confusing. If you’ve been curious about vaping but have been confused by the lingo, this article should help clear things up.

It’s crucial to be prepared for this new and exciting world of vaping because your first few puffs on an e-cigarette will shape your long-term opinion of vaping. In this post, we’ll define e-liquids, talk about the many types of devices, and explain how they work. Please get in contact with any inquiries, and we shall do our best to respond promptly.

Equipment for electronic cigarette use – E-cigarettes

Explain to me what it is that people call “e-cigarettes.”

To administer nicotine and flavourings, an e-cigarette heats e-liquid, which is then vaporised. Millions of individuals all over the world have been able to kick the habit of smoking with the help of electronic cigarettes because of this.

Your preferred method of smoking will determine which e-cigarette is best for you. You should look for a vaping device with a lengthy battery life and reliable nicotine delivery if you are a heavy smoker. Many vapes are designed to simulate the sensation of smoking cigarettes by providing a restricted airflow pull and high vapour heat, both of which are best suited to e-liquids with a higher nicotine concentration, which are typically recommended for beginner vapers. These vapes often employ less power, making them more like traditional cigarettes in terms of the sensation they impart.

By heating the e-liquid to produce vapour, vaping makes it possible to inhale nicotine. This not only satisfies the cravings for nicotine, but it also simulates the “throat hit” that many smokers are used to.

The E-Cigarette Equipment

At Dispergo, we provide four distinct types of electronic cigarette hardware:

  • MTL and Starter Kits (Mouth to Lung)
  • Mod Kits
  • complete sets
  • Disposables

Kits for New Users & MTL

For those interested in giving vaping a try for the first time, a starting kit is available that includes all the essential components. A battery, a coil, a tank, and a mouthpiece are all included with your vape (which are the four main parts of any vaping device). We only sell mouth-to-lung (MTL) starter kits. Those just starting out with vaping often gravitate towards the mouth-to-lung (MTL) method, which is most similar to traditional cigarette smoking by drawing the vapour from the e-cigarette into the mouth and then into the lungs. They are inexpensive and one of the most portable forms of electronic cigarettes available, making them a good choice for first-time users.

Hardware Modification Sets

The term “mod” is commonly used in the vaping community to refer to a “modified” vaping equipment. You’ll need a separate battery or charger, and the e-little cigarette’s tank (where the e-liquid is stored) and coil (which heats the e-liquid) are both changeable if they break or wear out. Even while mods are easy to learn and operate, experienced vapers tend to choose them because of the flexibility they offer in customising the vaping experience.

Total Packages

A full kit, as the name implies, has all of the necessary components. Batteries, tanks, drip tips, and coils of varying resistances are all part of Dispergo’s complete vape kits. We also offer a complimentary bottle of e-liquid of your choosing with every order. Also, vape starter kits are inexpensive and a great choice for anyone who want to learn the basics of vaping. As a result, you won’t feel as overwhelmed by the possibilities as you may with vape mods, which is wonderful.


Similar to traditional electronic cigarettes, disposable vape pens are meant to be used only once before being thrown away. There’s a coil, a tank of liquid already, and an internal battery. They can’t be refilled or charged like the other gear types. The devices are disposable and cannot be used again once the e-liquid has been depleted. Therefore, unlike with larger starter kits, new vapers won’t have to be quite as “engaged” in the habit. Because of their small size, they are convenient to bring along on trips, and once you’ve used them up, you won’t have to worry about bringing them back with you.

Equipment for electronic cigarette use – E-Liquids

An e-liquid is defined as follows:

There are only three or four components in e-liquid, also known as vape juice. PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerine), flavouring, and (optionally) nicotine. Each component of the liquid you add to your vape kit and heat to create vapour is critical to the quality of the vapour you inhale. If you want to customise the effect of your e-liquid, you can usually select the concentration of each element.

Both the flavour and the PG/VG ratio of your chosen e-liquid will significantly impact how much you enjoy it. In order to help you out, let me explain what PG, or propylene glycol, is.

Propylene glycerol is a versatile chemical that has several applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. PG is more watery than Vegetable Glycerine and gives you that “hit in the throat” feeling. To increase flavour, increase the PG content, but know that the resulting clouds will be thinner.

Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is a common ingredient in many foods.

Vegetable glycerine is a sugary liquid derived from vegetables. As VG is thicker than Propylene Glycol, it is used to generate the heavier vapour that is used to imitate smoking. More VG means a more refined vaping experience. More vapour clouds are produced at the expense of flavour when VG is increased.