Dissertation Sections: Why Is It Hard to Write and How to Overcome?

Being a final year student of a UK university, you must be dealing with various dissertations. Everyone knows a dissertation is an elongated paper with different parts that students find hard to write. However, its length is not the only concern, there are various challenges students face because of which they need dissertation help. Taking this help provides them with some relief, but what is the reason that makes dissertation writing hard for them? The answer to this question can vary with different students. Some of them may include not having a good command of the language, having poor writing skills, and not understanding the subject. For different students, there are various problems. As a dissertation has several sections and has some specific requirements, students face problems with that. So this article is related to the difficulties students face in each section. Therefore you can read it to the end.

How to Deal with Problems You Face While Writing Dissertation Sections

Whenever you start writing any paper, you must have a clear plan and know how you will execute it. The dissertation is one such important paper that needs a solid strategy. Everyone knows that being a student, sometimes it is hard to write an elongated document. So for this, you can refer to dissertation examples available online. There you will find various options that you can read to understand better. Till then, try this strategy if you are stuck in dissertation sections. 


In every write-up, one has to create a title that tells readers about the content. But being a newbie, it is difficult for them to make a title that is catchy, concise, and can hold readers’ attention. Also, while searching on the internet, there are various options available online; which is one of the reasons students get confused.

How to overcome it: A dissertation is an important paper, so writing its catchy title is even more essential. So to choose a good one, understand the dissertation well and what it expects from you. Keep it short and use simple words. It is how you can write an attractive title.

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An abstract starts at the beginning of the dissertation and provides readers with brief information about the content. It is original content that is written in the writer’s words. Moreover, it includes what they know about the topic and what they understand while doing research. All they have to do is put that into their words, but due to a lack of knowledge and experience, students find this complex.

How to overcome it: If readers do not know the problem, they will not find your content appealing, so you must let them know the issues. A writer must present an essential point and target a broad audience. Then they can write their ideas and opinions on what they have found.


It is a process by which a writer thanks everyone who helped them during the dissertation. It is the best way to give credit to the writers, websites, books, and individuals whose ideas and works you have used. When a student uses the words of other writers and does not mention their names, it amounts to plagiarism. Therefore, it is good to introduce their name so that even your reader can refer to them if they have any doubts. But students do not pay attention to this, as they do not find it necessary.

How to overcome it: In a dissertation, an acknowledgement section is not more than one page. So there is a correct format and style that the university asks students to use. You can choose that style and write accordingly. It hardly takes much time, so you should include it in the dissertation. 

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An introduction is the first paragraph a reader sees, so one has to create a good impression. Its chapter must motivate audiences to read the rest of the dissertation. Due to poor writing skills and understanding of the subject, students fail to write a good introduction.  

How to overcome it: As you read above, due to poor skills, students do not write good introductions. In this case, they can practise and work on improving their skills. Also, they can use simple language that is easy to understand and write it simply.


A conclusion is the last part that sums up the main elements of the dissertation topic. It gives readers a brief idea about the main things they are going to read in the content. Also, one needs to ensure that they do not add new information in this section. This mistake is made by various students while writing their dissertations. They add some unknown points to the conclusion, which confuses the audience.

How to overcome it: The prime purpose of writing a conclusion is summarising the key elements. It is a crucial part that students find hard to write. So to make it easy, make pointers of the essential information you will write in the document. It will make your work easy, and you will not forget any points in the conclusion.


This section includes all the methods used by the writers during the dissertation. A methodology used by you should justify all the research processes made by you. For example, how you have collected all the data, analysis of data etc. It is obviously a time-consuming process, which is why students hate it. 

How to overcome it: If you are only avoiding writing methodology because you don’t have the skill, stop doing this. Start writing it; no matter how skilled you are or not, it will get better. By practising you will know how you should write it and abstract the correct format. Let readers know how you have conducted research; it will also be helpful for them.

Table of Content: 

This page helps readers know on which page they will find what. The table of contents works like a roadmap for readers and is easy for everyone. However, it is written in a specific style, so students find it difficult and avoid writing it. 

How to overcome it: If you hate writing a table of contents for any reason, do not avoid writing this, as it is an essential page of the dissertation and is helpful for readers. Instead, to write it, understand the style you have to use and keep that in mind. Then it will become easy for you. 

These are a few points students find complex to write in a dissertation, but it can become easy if you follow the above methods. If you pay little effort you will be able to write all these sections, but for any reason, you want to avoid it, then the choice is yours. In this case, you can choose dissertation helpwhich is available online. Many students use this, and it makes things easy for them. Therefore, do not take the stress and choose what is correct for you.