Do You Know What PCOS Treatment Pakistan Is?

This is certainly not the first time you’ve heard this expression! But do you know exactly what it means to have PCOS Treatment Pakistan? If the answer is no, don’t worry because there is a lot of confusion regarding this term. Initially, it seems to indicate the presence of multiple cysts in the ovary. But it’s not like that. Instead, doctors use it when they detect many follicles in the ovaries. But the follicles are not cysts but structures that contain eggs that have not yet matured.

PCOS Specialist in Lahore

This fact is common in young women and, in principle, should not be a cause for concern. But you have to be careful since a polycystic-looking ovary can also be a symptom indicative of ovarian dysfunction known by the name of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). This syndrome requires medical attention since it can affect reproductive capacity and favor the development of metabolic disorders, such as diabetes or obesity.

What exactly does PCOS consist of, and how many women does it affect?

It is an ovarian dysfunction that can cause changes in the hormonal and metabolic levels. The exact one cause is not known, although it is believed that there may be a few genetic predisposition. It is estimated that it affects few of the female population. But most of the women who have it does not know about it.

Because it is a health problem that is underdiagnosed, how it can manifest itself is very varied, and it is sometimes difficult to diagnose early. This is what happens with teenagers. It is considered that during the first eight years from the start of your period, there may be some irregularities in your menstruation, and it is common to have acne, so you have to give yourself a certain amount of time before you start putting ‘labels.’

What symptoms can it cause?

They vary greatly from one woman to another. The most frequent are acne, lack of or irregular rules, and hirsutism. It is also characterized by a high body mass index, a tendency to gain weight, and polycystic-appearing ovaries. But having polycystic-looking ovaries does not mean that the cause is PCOS; it may simply mean that they have a good ovarian reserve. Therefore, doctors should use this expression cautiously since it can create confusion.

What kind of problems?

PCOS is associated with insulin resistance to favor the development of diabetes and obesity. That is why this syndrome’s control and medical follow-up must be carried out from a multidisciplinary point of view, including experts in gynecology, endocrinology, and nutrition. It is also associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular health disorders and, in some cases, can lead to fertility problems, so intervention by a reproductive medicine expert may be necessary.

How much percentage of women with PCOS have fertilization problems?

From my experience, I can say that 50% of the patients I see have a problem that could be related to this pathology of these; approximately half are patients who cannot get pregnant.

And what solution is there in these cases?

Each case must be studied. If it is a problem of anovulation and there are no other sterility factors (tubal failure or a male factor), hormonal treatment to induce ovulation may be indicated. And depending on the results, decide whether or not it is necessary to resort to in vitro fertilization.

More globally, what treatments are there for the disease?

IVF Treatment Pakistan must always be individualized. The first option is to try to control the syndrome by introducing a series of lifestyle guidelines. Many times, these measures and regular medical control follow-ups are enough. However, drug treatment may be indicated if it does not improve.

PCOS Treatment Pakistan

Do you mean taking contraceptives…?

Depends. In some cases, contraceptives can help reduce or eliminate acne and hirsutism. However, they do not cure the syndrome, and they can mask it since some women realize they have it when they stop taking the contraceptives because they want to get pregnant and find that their period does not come or they start to have acne or hair. In any case, taking contraceptives can have a beneficial effect since the lack of rules caused by PCOS Specialist in Lahore can favor the development of endometrial cancer in the long term, and by taking contraceptives, that risk decreases.