Do you need a drain for garbage disposal?

Most of the garbage disposals will require a new drain flange. A new sink drain flange can be purchased through the home improvement store. Before you install a new sink drain flange, you should make sure that it fits perfectly.

A new flange will not fit over your existing one. You can check whether the existing one fits over your sink drain by taking the old one off. Then, you should remove the faucet from the sink and use pliers to twist the old drain flange back into place over the sink.

Once you have installed the new flange, turn the disposal drain plug on and let it run. Look for water to come out from under the flange. You should have water coming out from the hole in the new flange. If the flange is not leaking, tighten the nuts on the top of the flange until the water starts coming out.

Now you can remove the old drain pipe and put in a new one. You should use the new one, and then test the flange again to make sure it is still tight. A new sink flange is necessary to drain any new sink or to repair a leaky sink. If you have a problem with the sink drain, you can contact a plumbing service to fix it for you.