DocLinks Software – Connect People, Processes and Data

DocLinks Software is a cloud-based solution that helps companies connect people, processes and data. It allows businesses to store, search and send any document securely, reducing the need for paper while automating processes that improve organizational efficiency and reduce costs associated with human errors.

DocLinks EMR features a customizable workflow that automates data processes and helps managers retrieve information from any web browser, desktop or mobile device in real time. It also includes optical character recognition (OCR) capability.

Introduction to DocLinks Software

DocLinks Software is a powerful document management and process automation solution that helps businesses to improve visibility, productivity, and efficiency. It allows companies to go paperless and touchless, automate workflows, and streamline all vital document processes.

The system also includes a Smart Form Toolkit that lets users create customized forms to minimize data entry. This can be used to streamline processes like Expense Reporting, HR Onboarding, Credit Card Processing, and New Vendor Requests.

Documents can be stored in a single repository and retrieved instantly. They can also be sent to customers and vendors via their preferred delivery method.

In addition to storing documents, the system can automatically apply business rules for incoming documents that eliminate errors and increase accuracy. It can also schedule and deliver documents to the right people, which can help increase productivity and improve communication.

DocLinks is a cloud-based electronic health records (EHR) solution that is suitable for small to midsize medical practices. The product is offered as an all-in-one solution or integrates with third-party practice management solutions. Its features include Surescripts-certified e-prescribing, anticoagulation and chronic care monitoring modules, interoperability with lab, radiology and ancillary services and embedded medical speech software using Internet-based Dragon software.

Electronic Health Records EHR Features

DocLinks Software offers a comprehensive EHR solution for independent practices. It includes Surescripts-certified e-prescription, medication management tools, telemedicine, anticoagulation and chronic care monitoring modules. It also features embedded medical speech software using Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking dictation technology.

Despite the many benefits of electronic documentation, it is important to create safeguards for data integrity. These safeguards are built into system software design to ensure that all information entered into an EHR is accurate and complete.

Documentation integrity involves a number of areas including patient identification, authorship validation, amendments and record corrections and auditing for document validity when submitting reimbursement claims. These safeguards can be achieved through system software design that incorporates policies and procedures to ensure documentation integrity, while maintaining compliance with regulatory and payer requirements.

A facility can reduce its risk of falsification by requiring periodic training covering falsification, establishing a notification process consistent with language in the organization’s medical staff bylaws or rules and regulations when information is discovered to be incorrect, and defining individual responsibility and accountability for the accuracy of information entered into the EHR. In addition, the organization should monitor all activity and log entries to detect instances of unauthorized access or inappropriate use of EHR system resources.

Patient Portal and Telemedicine

DocLinks Software offers a variety of patient portal and telemedicine features that allow medical professionals to track patient data and manage appointments. The solution also allows practitioners to create, save and share medical notes, generate prescriptions and request lab tests.

The primary purpose of a patient portal is to enhance communication between patients and health care providers. This can help reduce errors in medical records, such as wrong diagnosis or incorrect prescription. It also promotes transparency, as all the information is available at one place.

Patients who use a patient portal report higher rates of satisfaction with their health care provider than those who do not. They also feel that they are more involved in their own care, which can improve their outcomes and quality of life.

Individuals who were encouraged by their health care provider to access their portal were more likely to use it than those who were not encouraged. These individuals were more likely to view clinical notes written by their provider, communicate with their health care provider through secure messages, and electronically share their health information through their portal.

Despite the benefits, many people are still reluctant to use patient portals. Nevertheless, there are many ways to encourage portal use and increase the number of users.

Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

The billing and revenue cycle management features offered by DocLinks Software are designed to support the daily workflow of healthcare providers. They streamline medical billing activities such as claim submission, remit posting, denial management and reporting. These features significantly increase efficiency by eliminating manual data entry.

To reduce the chances of claim denials, medical practices need to verify patient insurance and demographic details accurately. In addition, they need to follow up with patients who haven’t been paying on their claims. This requires front-desk staff, coders and billers, and clinical staff to be thorough in their work.

A good RCM system will provide a transparent glimpse into all payer-level and demographic details, which means that your staff can stay on top of what’s going on in your office. This will help them be more proactive in keeping patients happy and satisfied, which is essential to growing a healthcare business. CubHub EHR Software is another best software, You should check its features.

The document processing and workflow automation features of DocLinks Software make it easy to digitally transform your operations for increased visibility and productivity in any department – accounts payable, accounts receivable, sales order, HR, contracts and more. The scalable Sage- and Acumatica-endorsed solution is built to automate and streamline every vital document process in your organization.

Customizable Forms and Templates

Customizable forms and templates are a powerful tool for document management. They help businesses collect and organize essential paperwork and data for faster and more efficient operations.

DocLinks Software offers a variety of customizable form and template features. These tools make it easy to create forms that meet the needs of your business and comply with industry standards.

For example, you can use a form to request information from your employees or customers about their experiences. This can be a valuable way to build trust and promote customer-centricity.

When creating a template, you can start with a blank document or a pre-designed template that covers the type of form you want to create. Next, you can add content controls to the document or form to allow people to fill out information.

This can include check boxes, text fields, and date pickers. You can also insert forms that can be linked to data in your database.

DocLinks Software also offers a variety of workflow capabilities that allow businesses to manage the entire lifecycle of their documents. These include the ability to insert documents into specific workflows and track their status throughout the process.

Reporting and Analytics

DocLinks Software offers a host of reports and analytics features. These include the ability to generate documents with relevant data, charts and graphs. Additionally, the system includes a business intelligence (BI) tool that allows users to identify trends and make smarter decisions about their workflows.

Aside from reporting, DocLink also offers a number of other features and capabilities that may help you optimize your operations and reduce costs. These include document management, e-prescribing and telemedicine.

One of the most powerful features of DocLink is its ability to organize and automate the processing of all types of incoming documents. This allows you to eliminate inefficiencies, such as paper piles and data entry, while increasing your productivity and reducing errors.

The software has a wide range of capabilities, including an integrated e-prescribing solution and an EHR that integrates with third party practice management systems. It also supports mobile devices and provides remote access to information.

The best part is that DocLink can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud or a combination of the two. This makes it an ideal choice for companies that are looking for a robust and affordable solution. You can use Cuspera to compare DocLink to other Content Management Systems solutions and discover the best fit for your needs.


DocLinks Software helps you digitally transform your operations, enabling you to remove paper from all areas of your business and automate processes and transactions. It eliminates manual processes, helping you to increase efficiency and visibility across departments such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, human resources, sales order processing, and legal. It allows you to capture documents, manage document workflows, and automate the delivery of important information from anywhere, at anytime. It also works in tandem with your ERP system to provide limitless visibility and control over all your documents, data and processes. It’s an easy and cost-effective way to make your office more efficient and productive. Get started today! – Click here for a demo. Alternatively, you can contact us for more information or to request a quote.