Draw Sonic Easy Drawings For 11 Years Olds

Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds Discover how to draw a fantastic rendition of Sonic with these simple, easy-to-follow drawing instructions and a video demonstration.

Sonic is the most famous video game character of all time and has the fastest blue hedgehog fur, spiked red and white sneakers, and an attitude to match. Easy Drawings For 11 Year Olds is also one of the most famous video game characters ever.

Best Sonic Drawing

The nimble and blue hedgehog made his debut as a supporting character in the Sega video game “Sonic the Hedgehog,” which was released in 1991.

Since then, he has gone on to star in over 20 games, television cartoon series, and even movies. He has also voiced characters in animated films. If you adore this teeny-tiny character as much as we do and have been itching to draw him, you have arrived at the appropriate location.

Sonic Drawing

You will quickly and easily be able to draw a classic Sonic if you follow along with this step-by-step drawing tutorial. Drawing is made easier with these straightforward steps, which are appropriate for use with younger students and novice artists.

To color the completed picture of Sonic, all you will need is a pencil, some paper, and maybe some crayons or markers. You will not require any specialized equipment or abilities to complete this activity. Easy Sonic Drawing: Reference Instructions That Are Straightforward and Laid Out Step by Step

Step By Step Sonic Drawing


  • Create the spikes that will be located on the back of Sonic’s head. To accomplish this, draw six curved lines, alternating between long and short lengths. It would look better if the lines were connected in sharp points.
  • To complete the head, draw a second, smaller oval that overlaps the first.
    Remove the lines that serve as guides from the oval.
  • Draw Sonic’s ears, using two curved lines for each. Allow the lines to meet in sharp points, forming a triangular shape.


  • Draw a small triangle within the near ear. The outline of Sonic’s head is now ready.
  • Draw two curved, parallel lines extending outwards from the body. Draw another curved line, doubling back on itself, overlapping the body.
  • Erase guide lines from the head and arm.
  • Draw the legs extending downwards from the body, using two curved lines for each.


  • Erase the guidelines from the body.
  • Draw an oval just beyond the end of each arm. Add two more spikes behind Sonic.
  • Draw the rest of the hand between the arm and each oval. The left hand will consist of two curved lines forming enclosed shapes. Note the “thumbs up” of the left hand. The right-hand consists of a small oval overlapping the larger oval, and a curved line enclosing a partial oval shape.


  • Erase the guidelines from the hands.
  • Draw the fingers using a series of connected, curved lines within the large ovals of the hands.
  • Erase the guidelines from around the fingers.
  • Draw socks at the bottoms of the legs. Begin by connecting the leg lines using a curved line. Then, use a series of three curved lines of various sizes to enclose the shape of the socks.


  • Extend a short, curved line downwards from the sock. Then, draw a long, curved line from the other side of the sock to the short line. Draw two more curved lines across the shoe.
  • Use two curved lines to form the left shoe, meeting at a point. Draw two more curved lines across the shoe.
  • Using a curved line, enclose an oval shape across the torso. Draw a curved line beginning at the side of the face, and extending to the shoulder. Using curved lines, draw two partial ovals above the previous curved line. Connect the partial ovals using a curved line.


  • Next, we’ll complete Sonic’s head and facial features.
  • Draw and shade a small oval within each of the partial ovals. Draw a curved line above each eye for eyebrows.
  • Draw and shade another oval to form the nose. Draw a curved line to form the mouth, with a smaller curved line at its upper end.
  • Draw two short, curved lines meeting in a point to form the tail.


  • Complete your Sonic drawing by erasing a small oval-shaped area inside each eye and nose.
  • That was easy to draw, wasn’t it?
  • Color your Sonic the Hedgehog drawing. Traditionally, he is shaded deep blue with a tan face, stomach, arms, and inner ear; red shoes; and white eyes, gloves, and socks.

You’ve finished drawing a Sonic!

  • We sincerely hope that utilizing this tutorial to learn how to draw Sonic was fun for you!
  • We intended to make drawing the blue blur simple and enjoyable for you so that once you’ve mastered it, you may keep painting him and perhaps alter his pose, emotion, and backdrop!
  • The possibilities are endless, so unleash your imagination! We’re excited to see the different drawing styles, colors, and drawing mediums you employ to accomplish your drawing.
  • Check out our page frequently to ensure that the fun of drawing never has to end because we constantly release many more excellent drawing guides like this one!