DrChrono EHR Vs. EpicCare EMR: A Side-by-Side look into Both.    

Both DrChrono EHR and EpicCae EMR are softwares made to serve medical practitioners and run their work a whole better. Your decision to go with either of the software is crucial, which is why we have curated this comparison for you so that you don’t have to be more confused doing all the research on your own. Let’s closely examine the features, demos, and pricing of both softwares. 

DrChrono EHR Software 

A cloud-based medical software called DrChrono EMR helps healthcare professionals manage patient care while maximizing workflow effectiveness and enhancing clinical outcomes. From small doctor’s offices to major hospitals and healthcare organizations, the application is ideal for various healthcare environments. In addition to other capabilities, it contains telehealth, scheduling, performance analytics, a patient portal, patient charting, customizable forms, and medical billing.

DrChrono EHR Features

Cloud-Based Approach

DrChrono’s cloud-based medical software provides a complete, integrated solution for managing different prescription orders. Doctors can promptly send prescriptions, including EPCS (Electronic Prescribing Controlled Substances), to a patient’s preferred pharmacy. The software also enables users to look for potential medicine interactions to ensure that patients are secure.

One-Stop Medical Billing Service

DrChrono EMR is an all-in-one medical billing solution that helps practices manage their finances by streamlining billing procedures, confirming patient insurance coverage at the point of care, reducing time-consuming data entry work, and obtaining prompt payments. The billing team for the clinic can save time and get payments more quickly by using pre-populated billing codes.

Online Care Sessions

There are numerous telemedicine features in this EMR. Examples include follow-ups, scheduling appointments, and video or voice remote care sessions. Patients can access virtual consultations by clicking on the URL given by medical professionals.

DrChrono EHR Pricing 

The price model for DrChrono EMR is based on the typical subscription-based idea. The vendor’s Prometheus plan has a $249.00 per provider monthly subscription charge. The supplier offers multiple adaptable subscription options that can be combined to meet more extensive needs. 

DrChrono EHR Demo

By scheduling a demo, you may see the DrChrono software in action. A full DrChrono EMR Demo will allow you to examine the product further and determine how it might benefit your company immediately.

DrChrono EHR Reviews

There are many happy clients of DrChrono. Most people believe that the software is simple to use and aids in improving the standard of care provided by doctors.

EpicCare EMR Software 

An EMR software created for significant healthcare systems. With the help of customized displays and dashboards, doctors from all over the world are now able to manage their daily activities, keep track of payments, and streamline workflow. Screens and workflow can be quickly and easily modified to meet the demands of the practice and the provider. 

EpicCare EMR Features

Mobile apps

Patients’ comfort and convenience have significantly risen thanks to its portable mobile application, which has also significantly increased overall revenue. Doctors can communicate with their patients anywhere, at any time, without sacrificing the standard of treatment.

Independent research

Additionally, EpicCare has assisted doctors in integrating their study findings into clinical settings. With the help of the Epic EMR system, they may more readily conduct independent research and find volunteers for their study.


The EpicCare EMR’s MyChart functionality essentially functions as a practical patient portal application. You may access all of your health-related information in one window, including appointments, bills, test results, and prescriptions.

EpicCare EMR Pricing 

Price plans for Epic EMR range from $200 to $500 per provider. When contacted, you can find out more about it.

EPIC EMR is a widely used electronic medical record (EMR) system in the United States. EPIC Systems Corporation, headquartered in Wisconsin, developed and maintains this EMR system. EPIC EMR is designed to support clinical workflows, patient data management, billing, and reporting for healthcare organizations, including hospitals, clinics, and medical practices.

EPIC EMR offers a comprehensive range of features, including patient registration, scheduling, electronic prescribing, medication administration, medical charting, lab and imaging results management, and more. The system is also integrated with revenue cycle management tools, enabling providers to manage billing and insurance claims efficiently.

One of the advantages of EPIC EMR is its interoperability with other healthcare systems. This enables healthcare providers to exchange patient information and collaborate with other providers across different organizations. EPIC EMR is also customizable, allowing organizations to tailor the system to their specific needs.

Overall, EPIC EMR is a robust and versatile EMR system that has gained widespread adoption in the healthcare industry.

EpicCare EMR Demo

If you get in touch with the vendor, you can ask for a free demo.

EpicCare EMR Reviews

Online reviews suggest that it is regarded as the greatest in the industry, and users really enjoy using it. Compared to many other EMRs, this software has excellent functionality and is quite simple to use. It has unique capabilities and can compile information from several sources.

DrChrono EHR Vs. EpicCare EMR Software—Final Thoughts 

Customers may easily handle medical billing and other administrative activities with the help of DrChrono EMR, a comprehensive medical software platform. This software is a great option for small, independent medical institutions wanting to increase their operational effectiveness while providing the finest treatment to their patients because it includes many features.

However, when we talk about EpicCare, time savings is a major way that it benefits your practice. Even in the testing phases, it offers many clever features that competitors have not yet implemented. The list of “smart phrases” is the best because it enables you to easily create a new template for patient treatment plans, progress notes, and so much more if one doesn’t already exist. 

We hope this article made things a bit easier for you. Good luck!