A Quick Guide on Dynamics 365 for Marketing: Features, Implementation, Pricing and Support

Are you finding ways to maximise your marketing outcomes but don’t know how to get started? From your queries about an ideal marketing solution to its pricing and benefits, this blog will have you covered. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing is a cloud-based innovative solution to build meaningful customer relationships and drive business success. It consolidates customer data, enables marketing automation and facilitates personalised campaigns to achieve business targets. 

The above information has given you a basic idea of why you need to root for Dynamics 365 Marketing as the perfect marketing solution for your business. Therefore, let’s explore the innovative marketing solution without wasting more time. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing Capabilities

The leading technology provider, Microsoft, has been continuously improving its solutions with enhanced features to address modern-day challenges. The advanced Dynamics 365 Marketing features help you optimise your marketing efforts to grow your business. Let us check how you can leverage its powerful capabilities to power your marketing: 

  • Real-time Customer Engagement: 

The real-time customer data enables you to create a personalised one-on-one experience with your customers. You can use AI-driven suggestions to connect with your customers on their preferred digital channels, including email, text, Whatsapp, etc. 

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: 

Dynamics 365 Customer Insights provides a 360-degree view of your customer journey to customise messages to attract customers. Co-pilot in Dynamics 365 Marketing allows you to create emails quickly and effectively with AI-generated content ideas.  

  • Effective Teams Collaboration: 

Built-in Microsoft Teams Collaboration organises chats throughout the customer journey. You can share a real-time view of customer information across all your Dynamics 365 applications and with your teammates to receive feedback or suggestions. The sales team can create sales activities for potential lead conversion based on the information. 

  • Foster Customer Loyalty: 

The Co-pilot allows you to target the right audience using simple conversational prompts in your natural language in the segment builder. Dynamics 365 Marketing enables you to send periodic newsletters, personalised notifications, and transactional emails to nurture your leads. 

The cutting-edge solution makes event and webinar planning easier. Microsoft Teams help to deliver best-in-class webinar experiences to improve customer engagement. All these marketing activities empower customer-centric teams to create compelling customer interactions. 

With Dynamics 365 Marking solution, you can utilise real-time key performance indicators and dashboards to monitor your company’s objectives, progress and the effectiveness of your content.

Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing and Licensing Model

You can only reap the benefits of this innovative solution when it complies with your company budget. One significant Dynamics 365 Marketing benefit is its flexible budget with a subscription-based licensing model. 

  • How to buy Dynamics 365 Marketing? 

Dynamics 365 Marketing is available with two licensing options, as discussed below. 

  1. Dynamics 365 Marketing Base License:  

The Base license provides core business functionalities. A standard Dynamics 365 Marketing base license is required if you do not have any qualifying Dynamics 365 applications. The qualifying Dynamics 365 applications are as follows 

  • Dynamics 365 Sales 
  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service 
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service 
  • Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management 
  • Dynamics 365 Finance 
  • Dynamics 365 Commerce 

  1. Dynamics 365 Marketing Attach License:  

If you want to purchase an additional application, you can access it at a discounted rate through a Attach license only after buying the Base license. You can add as many Attach licenses as you want to the Base license.  

  • Dynamics 365 Marketing Pricing Structure in Australia 

Microsoft adjusts the pricing of Dynamics 365 Marketing based on factors such as currency exchange rates, local taxes, etc., resulting in varying prices across regions. It ensures fair pricing for customers in different locations. 

The following is the Dynamics 365 Marketing price structure in Australia. 

Dynamics 365 Marketing License Price in Australia (per tenant/month) 
Dynamics 365 Marketing Base License $1647.60 
Dynamics 365 Marketing Attach License $1029.80 

Table 1: Dynamics 365 Marketing price structure in Australia 

Ref Link: https://dynamics.microsoft.com/en-au/marketing/pricing/

Note: Please verify the updated price. 

Need for a Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation and Support Partner

A Microsoft Dynamics 365 Partner is the need of the hour to understand the intricacies of the cutting-edge solution and give you a seamless Dynamics 365 Marketing Implementation experience. An ideal partner performs a thorough analysis of your business needs and comes with strategic planning for the implementation process to avoid technical mistakes. 

Throughout the journey of more than 11 years, Australia’s leading Microsoft Support Partner, Dynamics Square, has been providing technical support and guidance before and after the implementation process successfully. Our more than 150 certified experts provide 24*7 assistance to resolve your issue effectively and help you utilise best practices to maximise the solution’s benefits. 

To know more about Dynamics 365 for Marketing implementation, contact the expert team of Dynamics Square. 


Dynamics 365 Marketing is an easy-to-use solution that seamlessly works with other Dynamics 365 solutions to create a positive brand impact and helps you to increase customer engagement leading to the conversion of potential leads. The robust solution allows you to spend more time on creative and strategic efforts relieving you from mundane routine tasks to experience continuous growth.  

Reach out to Dynamics Square today to transform your marketing with Dynamics 365 Marketing. 

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