Enhance Your Cannabis Experience with these Creative Ideas

Cannabis legalization has opened the doors to the creative enhancement of the cannabis experience. Gone are the days when you could enjoy cannabis in only a few limited ways. Now, you can add value to your entire cannabis experience with some wholesome and fun ways that are not just limited to its consumption. If you are someone who doesn’t want to miss out on the full length of cannabis experience and possibilities, then you have landed at the right place.


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Try Different Cannabis Products and Strains

How many cannabis products can you name? If your brain stops at just the basic three to four options, you need to dig deeper and explore! There are multiple cannabis products available today that can uplift your canna game. There are also a variety of cannabis strains that are coming up in the market.

Get on the cannabis exploration streak with different products like cannabis flowers, cannabis oils, cannabis chewable, cannabis concentrate, and more! If you are someone with a creative bone, you would have already thought of multiple ways to experiment with these products in different strains. Go ahead, mix them up, and give them a try to join the party!

Mango + Marijuana Combo, a Match Made in Heaven

Mac and cheese, bacon and eggs, rice and beans, PB & J…. We are just reminiscing about some of the perfect food combinations to exist! Another awesome, heavenly match is the mango-marijuana combo. Apart from the intense tropical kick, this combination is a natural epicurean that offers a sedate and mellow sensation.

Eating a mango about an hour before your cannabis session lets the body absorb THC more quickly and keeps the high for longer. There is also a science-backed rationale behind this. Mangoes contain myrcene that interacts with THC and allows it to make an impact more quickly. What are you waiting for? Give your cannabis a kick with myrcene-rich mangoes!

Experiment with Delicious Recipes

Stimulate your culinary side and experiment with cannabis cuisine. You need not be a master chef to try some creativity in the kitchen. With multiple cannabis products available, along with its various strains, it is just a matter of some dedicated passion. You can also get into the kitchen and get your hands dirty with the help of canna-cookbooks. Whatever your preferred way, try out delicious cannabis recipes today!

Pre and Post Workout Cannabis Regime

Did you know about the therapeutic attributes of cannabis? Fitness enthusiasts are now taking cannabis to recover from hard workouts. Products like cannabis-infused smoothies improve recovery, enhance enjoyment and boost motivation. While you are at it with cannabis experimentation around workouts, it is important to go low and slow with the dosage.


We are feeling extra creative today so here we bring you another astounding way to make your cannabis experience better. Amazing new strains of cannabis keep showing up every now and then. If you are into journaling, it is a great way to keep a record of all the products and strains that you have tried. Moreover, keeping a written record of each new strain is a great way to keep track of everything you’ve tried, liked, and felt. You can be as creative with it as you wish to document each strain and product based on the aroma, taste, effect, flavors, and more!

Self-Care with Cannabis

New cannabis product categories keep coming up and thank God for them! One such category that we personally love a li’l bit more than others is cannabis for self-care. Cannabis is now a popular ingredient in skincare products and spas. Treat yourself after a rough day with CBD-infused body scrubs, bath bombs, bath salts, moisturizers, and more. For creatives who love DIY and crafts, you can also make canna-spa products like lotions and emulsions.

Embrace the Future of Cannabis-Infused Products

Cannabis use is no more restricted to just a few products. With the ways of cannabis consumption being ever-so-diverse, you can now avail a multitude of products to creatively experiment with. Cannabis-infused foods, drinks, and cosmetics are in the boom; you can boost your creativity with diverse ways to make your cannabis experience better. Which above-suggested way of creative cannabis consumption did you find the most fun and innovative?

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Sara H

Sara was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii.  She joined the Aloha Green team in 2017 and has helped to open the first medical cannabis dispensary on the island of Oahu in Hawai’i.  As a person born and raised in Oahu, it has been her honor to help the people of Hawaii educate and learn about the healing benefits of medical cannabis.  Today she works with the marketing and outreach team at Aloha Green Cannabis Collection to provide knowledge to the people of Oahu and give back to her community.  In 5 years, the Aloha Green Cannabis Collection team has expanded to 3 dispensaries and 3 CBD lifestyle stores.