Haier keeps easing the lives of its customers by releasing the greatest, greenest, and most inventive goods. The summer season has arrived, and as a result of the climbing temperatures, demand for air conditioners is at an all-time high. Every year, Haier goes above and beyond to give customers a one-of-a-kind experience in addition to catering to their requirements and desires. The brand has established a new standard to give families nothing less than the best as one of the most well-known names in the business on a global scale. Haier keeps easing the lives of its customers by releasing the greatest, greenest, and most inventive goods.


It’s too hot in the summer; remain hydrated, take a bath, and keep cool using your Haier DC inverter AC. The cooling power of Haier air conditioners still could catch up to 100% to give users the best cooling experience at 46 C high-temperature thanks to their Full BTU optimised cooling system. Also, Haier DC inverter AC has an energy-saving feature that lowers energy use and power costs.

By releasing the best, greenest, and most creative products, Haier continues to make life easier for its customers.
In the summer, it gets too hot; Take a bath, drink plenty of water, and use your Haier DC inverter AC to keep cool. Due to their Full BTU optimized cooling system, Haier air conditioners’ cooling power could still reach 100% to provide users with the best cooling experience at 46 C high temperature. Additionally, the Haier DC inverter AC has an energy-saving feature that reduces power consumption and expenses.

Haier AC self-cleaning button

Do you think there is dust and a terrible odour? Have you ever had your AC cleaned? You might not be aware that AC can produce germs and mould inside, which can lead to weakness, sore throat, breathing problems, headaches, and headache-related symptoms. You may either completely clean the Haier DC inverter AC by hand or you can simply lie down and push the self-cleaning button. With the push of a single button, Haier has already been making it simple for its consumers to clean their air conditioners. You can therefore have a cool, healthy summer.

In addition, Haier has included exciting new capabilities to follow this new path. In hospitals and households, UV rays are frequently utilised for disinfection and sterilisation. The brand-new Haier DC Inverter AC has a UVC generator that effectively kills viruses while preventing the growth of bacteria.

5 in 1 Simple Convertible

You can change your air conditioner into five different settings at your convenience using the 5-in-1 Easy Convertible feature. The air conditioner may be converted to any tonnage dependent on your needs, allowing for greater energy savings based on your preferences throughout the year.


Extended Air Throw

The interior unit’s top-of-the-line engine, air duct, and improved fan allow the air conditioner to blast air up to 15–20 metres, which helps the room cool down more quickly. Also, this guarantees even cooling across space.

Warranty & Star Ratings

According to the Bureau of Energy Efficiency’s (BEE) standards, all Haier air conditioners are star rated. A variety of inverter ACs with ratings of 3, 4, and 5 stars are available. All of Haier’s DC inverter ACs have a 12-year compressor warranty and a 5-year comprehensive warranty.

Why should you buy a Haier DC inverter AC?

A wide variety of inverter air conditioners are available from Haier, all of which have distinctive characteristics created especially to improve the quality of life for customers. Customers interested in technology and looking to update their lifestyle should check out Haier’s selection of smart air conditioners, which have cutting-edge features like WIFI, voice control, and compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, among many others. The best-in-class Triple Inverter Plus technology found in Haier DC Inverter ACs offers extremely effective and ideal cooling at high temperatures. Customers who purchase Haier air conditioners over the summer will be eligible for enticing promotions including a 5-year comprehensive warranty with gas charge included* and a 12-year compressor warranty. Everything you need to battle the heat this summer is provided with Haier Inverter ACs.


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