Everything You Should Know Before Hiring A Certified Shopify Expert


Establishing a new business is never an easy task. There are so many things to be taken care of like building the inventory, accounting, creating the store, marketing the products, advertising, creating content, estimating profits, working out strategies etc. This is so much to be handled by one person.

Although Shopify has a lot of inbuilt features that help you start your online store, which comes as a great relief; but still, you need the expertise to make the optimum use of these services. Since you can’t be a Jack of all trades, it is best to hire the services of experts.

Why Hire Shopify Expert

The power of Expertise cannot be denied in any field. Just like no one knows your product or brand better than you, similarly Shopify experts know how to best use the Shopify features for your products and enhance your business. 

Here are a few reasons why you should hire Shopify Expert:

  • Provide Quality Services:  Since these experts have experience working for different businesses on Shopify they will ensure to provide high-quality services to your customers.

You will not end up looking like a beginner on the Shopify platform but an experienced business selling quality services and products that can be easily accessed by the target audience. 

  • Enhance Overall Growth: Since you now have someone to take care of one sector of your business, you can be stress-free about it and focus on other things. This will help in time management and effectively manage different parts of your business.

Delegating different sections to their experts always leaves you with some time to take care of the more crucial and critical things and distribute your time properly.

  • Meet Your Personalised Needs: Just like your website, you would want your Shopify store to have certain personalised features like a specific theme, content, speed etc. You might be wanting to deliver a certain message to your customers and add certain connecting chat/messaging features for them.

A Shopify Expert is sitting next to you to help you customize your Shopify store at every step. You can add or delete whatever feature you wish, for giving your customers a special experience.

Qualities of A Good Certified Shopify Expert

Since now you are convinced that Experts are meant to better handle their jobs, we can move on to the next step. Shopify is the most popular platform for starting your starting e-commerce store. It has wonderful features, tools, and plugins which if utilized to the maximum can give good results.

A lot of agencies and freelancers are available online as well as offline that can serve as Shopify Experts but you have to select the one that is best for your business. Here are a few qualities you should definitely look for:

  • Budget-Friendly: Before you go out in search of that one perfect candidate who can meet the needs of your business decide on a budget. Work out the amount you are ready to spend on hiring a freelancer or an agency that can provide you with expert Shopify services.

There are multiple platforms including Shopify itself where you will find experts that can be hired, their location, pricing, their area of expertise, their previous work etc. Compare their pricing and see which one best fits your needs as well as your budget. 

  • Communication Is The Key: This is the quality that is a must in hiring a Marking Expert whether it is traditional marketing or Digital Marketing. Once you approach a candidate, see how quickly they respond to you. 

Set up a meeting in person. Ask your question in detail. Explain what you wish to achieve through your project. Let them explain what they will do and how they plan to achieve their goal. 

After the meeting, keep a connection through the mail, ask questions and see if they are available to resolve your doubts and problems or not. This will explain how responsible they will be post-completion of the project.

  • Prior Experience In Your Field: There are plenty of experts out there. Check out the details, look specifically for the ones who have prior experience working in your line of products or services.

Of course, all Shopify experts are equally qualified and have experience but the ones who have worked in your line of business will be able to contribute more compared to the others.

  • Proven Track Record: Now of course you want to be sure that the agency or the person you hire is real and has actually worked with other businesses and helped them grow on the Shopify platform. For this, you will have to do some research on your own.

Grow through the Shopify Experts Directory, also scroll through their website in detail. See which businesses they have helped before. This will help decide the reliability and authenticity of the Shopify Expert you are planning to hire.

  • Testimonial: Just like any other product or service testimonials of previous users matter in this field too. Go through their reviews and testimonial. Speak to the business or Marketing Heads of the Business projects they handled. 

You will get to understand the capabilities, professionalism, and honesty with which they have been handling their previous roles and how they can be trusted for future projects.


Shopify is an amazing e-commerce platform to sell services and products online. With the right kind of expertise, you can make the best out of it this platform and take your business to the next level. All you need to do is hire a Shopify Expert who can understand your needs and design customised solutions for your business.

WillShall Consulting is an agency that has been providing expert guidance to run your online store on the Shopify platform. 

Expert Guidance can totally change the dynamics of your business. A Certified Shopify Expert can help you scale new heights. So hire the experts and run your business like never before.