Fashion Basics: A Guide for Women Who Want to Improve Their Style (Beginners Edition)

Putting together a fashionable outfit is a lot less difficult than most people think.

I have spent the last eight years as a personal shopper, and in that time, I have witnessed hundreds, if not thousands, of women improve their shopping, appearance, and fashion sense.

Because of this, I’m going to give you some of my best advice on how to unstick your style so that you may feel even more like the strong, beautiful, and self-assured woman you already are.

Fashion Tips for Beginners:

You don’t need to spend a lot of time looking stylish for any occasion. Once you learn a few simple tricks, you’ll be good to go. People think they can look stylish if they spend a lot of money on their clothes. Typically, this is not the case. With promo codes and vouchers, you can get any kind of clothing you want. Each brand offers discount codes to its customers.

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  1. Get Your Fashion Mojo On:

Consider this the next time you find yourself admiring someone’s appearance: why do I like her? If I could bottle her energy, I would.

  • Is it the casual athleticism of streetwear?
  • She is stunning, right?
  • What makes her so appealing to you?
  • Is it the casual elegance with which she always manages to present herself?
  • Do you find yourself drawn to her imposing presence?

Being an anthropologist is a great way to mimic your favorite fashion choices. To take on the characteristics of another person, it is better to observe than to criticize.

Because you’re not just admiring one piece or one aspect, but also capturing the mood of an overall aesthetic, this adds to the difficulty of putting together full ensembles.

So, let’s say you’d like to exude more self-assurance and sophistication. You admire the many women you see who can convey that message through their clothing choices.

These ladies grab your attention because they are so genuine. It’s an emotion they’re trying to convey through their clothes. That aspect of themselves is reflected in the way they dress.

  • Understand your Motivations for Fashion:

Those with impeccable taste are in sync with their preferences and can seamlessly incorporate them into their attire.

From there, they piece together an appropriate wardrobe.

You’ll have an easier time selecting the parts that make you feel put together if you have a clearer idea of why you enjoy each one.

Think about why you enjoy (or don’t like) a piece of clothing the next time you encounter one (yours, a coworker’s, in a store, etc.).

There are specifics that either pique your interest or turn you off of a product. It’s on you to figure out what about it—the color, the pleats, the fabric, the way it moves—makes you feel ambivalent.

Paying closer attention to your tastes will help you identify recurring tendencies. You can learn a lot about how to dress smarter from these patterns. Understanding the factors that contribute to our attraction to something helps us bring more of it into our life.

  • Use Every Item in Your Closet at Least Once:

Let’s be honest: you have a ton of useless clothes that you refuse to donate.

Just ignore Marie Kondo (at least for your closet). Use my Wear It Once method to purge your closet without breaking the bank or wasting time and energy on new clothes.

Every article of clothing can either offer you renewed enthusiasm for it or the distinct impression that it is time to let it go after just one wear.

When in doubt about whether to keep an item, reuse it. By the day’s end, you’ll know with absolute certainty whether or not you want to keep it.

  • Arm Oneself with Knowledge:

To transgress the rules creatively, one must first master them like a pro.

Piqued by Pablo Picasso.

Learning to cook is a lot like learning to dress well; both require a healthy dose of imagination and skill. Learning how to properly yield a knife is a prerequisite for any serious chef. This can happen organically at times, but more typically it is the result of years of practice and self-expression. Sharpen your edges, and you’ll have more room to move creatively.

  • Do as the experts do and learn from them. Read on for some additional advice.
  • Learn much as you can about the science behind fashion and use what you learn.
  • When your competence grows, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions, I assure you.

You’ll gain confidence and freedom to broaden your horizons and express your unique perspective.

  • Accept and Learn to Work with Your Body Type:

Your body is the ultimate fashion item, and you are the artist painting yourself. Confidence can take a hit and fears might come to the forefront when we don’t know how to dress for our body types.

The knowledge of your body type is not:

  • The issue of getting it wrong.
  • Critiquing others to boost one’s image.
  • Attempting to conform to other people’s standards of beauty.

Acquiring an awareness of your body type is:

  • The importance of getting your proportions right
  • Knowing how to dress your body type appropriately.
  • Crucial in ending tedious shopping trips and making more informed selections.

Your physical form is already set, and it will evolve as you become older. One of your best assets is the ability to make the most of and enjoy the things you already have. Ladies that are in tune with their bodies know how to best highlight their assets.

  • Do your Hair More Often:

When we neglect our appearance, it dilutes the impression of ourselves we’re trying to project.

Imagine a famous person walking the red carpet with exercise hair or the facial hair of a well-dressed man who forgot to shave or brush his teeth before a date. They are still amazing, but this is a distorted, untrue version of who they are.

Don’t feel like you have to look like a supermodel all the time, but take it from the British royal family: a ponytail can be either an “I just woke up disaster” or a “sleek and sophisticated” style.

The only distinction is how much extra work we put into making one over the other.

  • Insert a Fresh Neutral:

Most people think of neutral colors as black, white, gray, and navy.

If bolder hues scare you or you’re just tired of your current look, try mixing in some new neutrals. In addition to black, white, gray, and navy, neutrals also include browns, burgundies, greens, creams, blushes, and camels.

  • Accessorize with Bold Hues:

Those who have only worn neutrals may find it difficult to incorporate color into their wardrobe.

It’s easy to wear more color when you experiment with brights in your accessories. Any item of colorful clothing or jewelry will do the trick. It might be a hair clip or a scarf. The reason this works is that it’s nearly impossible to mess up matching a bright hue with a neutral one.

  • Make an Effort:

Continue until you can’t muster any more effort.

I didn’t start life as a trendy person. I’ve always enjoyed fine art and design, but I never knew how to dress or make myself seem my best until recently. I studied, I read, and I tried to improve myself. Through time and effort, I was able to make my physical look match my ideal. As for me, I feel much better.

Bottom Line:

To look stylish for any occasion, you do not need to put a lot of time into it. Get a hold of some basic tricks, and you will be good to go. People think they can look stylish if they spend a lot of money on their outfits. This is usually not the case. You can get all sorts of clothing pieces you want promo codes and vouchers. Each brand has discount codes for its customers. 

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