Love is a very beautiful emotion, actually a complicated emotion which requires a lot of understanding. When love is healthy, you feel happy and safe and however, when that love is toxic, you feel painful and stressed. And so it can be tough and painful to get over the person you love and so you might wonder, can you ever stop loving someone?. Well, there are actually many reasons to wish to stop loving someone such as-

  1. The person is not good enough for you.
  2. The distance.
  3. You don’t have the same love for them anymore.
  4. They do not share the same feelings or love as you do.

And so now, as you read below, you will find out what its answer is. 

Can you ever stop loving someone?

So the answer to the above written question is ‘Yes’. Of course it can be difficult, but it is not impossible to get over someone and move on. So if you are also going through a messy heartbreak or breakup and you feel like that it’s just the end of the world, you need to know that things slowly change for sure. And so to help you out to overcome a little faster, as you scroll down, you will find out some tips on how to stop or unlove someone. So keep reading to find out all the details about it.

How to stop loving someone?

Whether a person is in a long or short term relationship or one-sided love, it is definitely tough to overcome such a loss as there is a deep attachment with the other person and that’s why people often wonder, can you ever stop loving someone?. Well, love is a nuanced emotion in any situation and so it of course takes time to stop loving someone and move and that’s completely ok if you are taking time to figure it out as it is not at all easy to turn off your feelings. And so you actually have to put some personal work to overcome this situation and here are some ways that can help you to unlove someone-

  1. Identify the Relationship Needs and Deal Breakers- So what matters most is for you to understand yourself better, so start by doing it. As you understand yourself, it actually helps you to put you and your needs above in the future relationships because when you know what you don’t want and what exactly you want, it becomes a lot easier to define a relationship. You should also focus on your communication style with your partner and you both need to have a mutual understanding. Try to understand your likes and dislikes and the space that you both want from each other. Communication is the main key to a healthy relationship. So when you understand whether someone meets your needs or not, it is quite easier to accept our emotions and move on from it.
  2. Prioritise other Relationships- It is another way to overcome when we have this question, can you ever stop loving someone and how to deal with it and come out of it?. Well, it’s a general tendency of us that we often tend to ignore and neglect other relationships when we are in a relationship, which is very wrong. We also sometimes forget about other people in our life, whether our friends or family members, when we are going through a heartbreak. But actually they are the ones who will help us to deal with this situation, they offer us the support that we need to get through our emotions of heartbreak. Sometimes, when we listen to someone’s past experiences, we also learn from it. So our loved ones will always bring us to a better place and give us the right guidance and strength to overcome any problem. So if you are someone who has just got a heartbreak or came out of a toxic relationship, then lean on your friends and family and if you feel better with them, then you know you can trust them with your personal problems. 
  3. Accept Things for What They Actually Are- It’s always better to be positive and optimistic about things in life. Sometimes, this is even a sign of strength to have hope in hopeless situations. But when it’s about relationships, we need to see things for what they are and how they are and accept the situation that way and that’s why we said yes above to the question, can you ever stop loving someone?. You should always come to terms with your present time instead of thinking about what the future was supposed to be. Love doesn’t mean a few good moments with a ton of toxic and good ones. Even you both should feel content about each other and so this is the reason why giving up on a relationship is not about failure but it means that you know your boundaries and respect them and you know that this is not what you want. It definitely takes courage and strength to recognise the red flags in a relationship and stand against them. So taking a step forward for yourself and for your self-growth is a great move. Although, this might not make your love feelings go away in a night, it is still a good step forward which will work out slowly.

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As you know now, the answer to can you ever stop loving someone? is Yes, and what are the ways or the tips to stop loving someone, it’s up to now how you perceive these things. But all the tips that are mentioned above aim to tell one thing and that is, “ Always keep yourself above anyone else”. So if you are in a bad space or just got out of a toxic relationship, try to work on things that are listed above and you will surely see the difference and feel better. Afterall, it’s only ‘You’ who matters the most.