Flowers to gift on Mother’s Day 

The most essential thing, of course, is that regardless of where you happen to live in the globe and regardless of when you may celebrate Mother’s Day, the most important thing is simply that we all do. It does not matter where you happen to live or when you celebrate Mother’s Day. Everyone loves their mother, and this is true across all societies and nations. There is no exception to this rule. They are the ones who bring us up, feed us, and always look out for us. Make sure to have a look at the area of our website dedicated to Mother’s Day flowers and plants, and we will do our best to put a smile on your mother’s face.

On Mother’s Day

It is appropriate to express gratitude to one’s mother for the most precious present of all, as well as for the many other lovely gifts that mothers have bestowed upon their children throughout the course of their lives. On Mother’s Day, it is not surprising to see individuals looking for wonderful presents to give to their mothers because of the sacrifices that they have made, and flower shops do receive their fair share of customers because of this. The timing of Mother’s Day is also on our side, and all of the typical suspects, including hyacinths, daffodils, anemones, and tulips, are available for us to pick from.

Flower Station has gone to great lengths to provide you with a diverse assortment from which to pick, and they have even included plants in their inventory for this year. Our seasoned florists have selected four different kinds of flowers that they believe would convey a heartfelt message to your great mother. In any case, we are here to assist you in the event that you come up with any additional one-of-a-kind ideas that you believe will be successful and that you would want us to build for you. Simply give one of our stores a call, and we will handle everything else from there.


Roses are often associated with love connections; nevertheless, they also make an excellent choice for a floral present to give to your mother. Roses are an excellent option for every celebration, no matter the event with mother’s day flowers delivery online and make everyone suprised. However, because Valentine’s Day and romance are associated with the colour red, it may be more appropriate to choose pink, white, or cream flowers instead. Roses come in a variety of colours, with different meanings for each. Pink roses signify thanks, while white roses indicate purity, and cream-colored roses signify kindness.


We might claim that the carnation is the flower associated with Mother’s Day. Carnations are recommended by our florists because they are long-lasting blossoms that will continue to bring beauty to your mother’s house for an extended period of time. Pick the pink carnations since they symbolise the love a mother has for her child. Carnations in white, which represent unrequited love, are still another beautiful option to consider.

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Due to the fact that Mother’s Day is celebrated in the spring, tulips make an excellent seasonal option. We have prepared a diverse assortment of exquisite tulips in a variety of colours and forms. There is certain to be something here that satisfies each individual’s preferences. Our beautiful bouquets of white tulips are sure to put a smile on your mother’s face and bring a ray of sunshine into her house. They exemplify the joy that is associated with the time of year. If you want to show your mother that you are sorry for the problems that you have caused her, the white tulips are an excellent choice with mother’s day flowers delivery of flower to give her. You are free to combine the tulips at any time. You may give your Mother’s Day flowers a more light-hearted air by using both pink and red tulips in the arrangement.


Lilies If you want to wish your mother the best of luck on Mother’s Day, you can consider giving her a online bouquet delivery to buy a bouquet of lilies as a gift. On Mother’s Day, these large blossoms will come as a pleasant and surprise. You will be able to choose the colour of lily that your mother will enjoy the best since we offer lilies in a range of hues. If you want to express adoration for your mother, we suggest getting the pink ones, and if you want to express pride in her accomplishments, we suggest getting the purple ones.


Those who are looking for a floral gift for Mother’s Day that can be enjoyed for many years to come should look no farther than our assortment of sophisticated orchids. Our potted orchids are a houseplant that requires little attention and are a favourite option for Mother’s Day gifts. On the other hand, you could send the orchids arranged in bouquets, and they would make just as much of an impression. Pink orchids, which are known to reflect sophistication and femininity, come highly recommended. 

Absorption Costing MCQs with Answers Explanation Engineering ECE

What Is Absorption Costing?

Absorption costing, also known as the all-encompassing, all-inclusive, or comprehensive costing method, is a sophisticated and perplexing managerial accounting framework that attempts to incorporate all expenses that are linked to the production of a particular product. This method is highly intricate and involves a copious amount of calculations and analyses to arrive at the total cost of production.

Every minuscule expense, whether direct or indirect, such as raw materials, labor, rent, utilities, depreciation, maintenance, insurance, and every other associated cost, is taken into account to determine the total cost of the product. The complexity of this method is staggering, and it requires extensive knowledge of accounting principles, an understanding of manufacturing processes, and advanced analytical skills to execute.

However, despite its complexity, absorption costing is still widely used in the industry due to its comprehensive approach to providing an accurate picture of the cost of production. Moreover, under the generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP) in the United States, absorption costing is an approved method for external reporting. In contrast, variable costing is prohibited, adding to the confusion and perplexity surrounding this topic.

Which of the following costs would NOT be included in the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing?

a) Direct materials
b) Direct labor
c) Variable manufacturing overhead
d) Fixed manufacturing overhead
Answer: c) Variable manufacturing overhead

Explanation: Under absorption costing, both fixed and variable manufacturing overhead costs are included in the cost of goods sold calculation. Direct materials and direct labor costs are also included.

When production exceeds sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) Higher net income than variable costing

Explanation: When production exceeds sales, there will be more fixed manufacturing overhead costs that are absorbed into the cost of goods sold calculation under absorption costing. This results in a higher net income compared to variable costing, which only includes variable manufacturing costs in the cost of goods sold calculation.

Which of the following statements is true about absorption costing?

a) It is used for external reporting purposes
b) It is used for internal decision-making purposes
c) It is the same as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: a) It is used for external reporting purposes

Explanation: Absorption costing is required for external financial reporting purposes, such as on the income statement and in financial statements. Variable costing, on the other hand, is often used for internal decision-making purposes.

In a period of increasing production and sales, absorption costing will result in:

a) Higher net income than variable costing
b) Lower net income than variable costing
c) The same net income as variable costing
d) None of the above
Answer: c) The same net income as variable costing

Explanation: When production and sales increase, absorption costing and variable costing will result in the same net income. This is because there will be fewer fixed manufacturing overhead costs per unit under absorption costing, but there will also be more units sold.