Games Like Forspoken – 10 Best Alternatives

Here are some games that give you a similar experience to Forspoken if you want to play more open world isekai.

Forspoken is another AAA game that got mixed reviews when it came out. People didn’t like the writing, the game loops, or the setting and story as a whole. But the game does have some critics who like it because it is a unique isekai, has an open world, and has a magical setting.

Even if you don’t like Forspoken, you can see how those things draw people in and keep them interested. And for those who want to see these things done better or just want more of what they already like, here are 10 options that can satisfy every desire.

Fallout: New Vegas

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Some players have said that open-world games can feel empty these days, with mostly empty worlds with a lot of busywork and not much life. If you’re tired of playing games, Fallout: New Vegas has everything you want. Fallout New Vegas is an open-world role-playing game where you wander the Mojave Wasteland looking for the person who shot you and deciding what will happen to Nevada.

Even though Fallout: New Vegas still has some problems with how it plays and especially how it runs, it does a great job of giving you a fascinating world to explore. There is something interesting to find and see in every part of the Mojave. The factions and side quests have a lot of depth and each offer interesting choices that make the world feel real and alive and make you feel like you are a part of it.

Dark Souls

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Games are becoming more and more interested in dark fantasy, and the old classic whimsy is being replaced by grit and darkness. The original Dark Souls is probably to blame for this trend. Dark Souls is a classic action role-playing game in which you explore a broken and dying fantasy world in search of power and fire and decide what will happen to the world.

Dark Souls creates a world that is deep and full, but it doesn’t tell the player about it. Instead, the environment and item descriptions tell the story of each boss and location. And it’s a dark world full of only death and decay, where the last embers of fire are still burning. This is made clear by the harsh and slow gameplay, which makes you die a lot in this land. It was the first game with this tone and style, and it’s still one of the best.


Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Even though magic is used in a lot of games, it is rarely used in a way that makes it as interesting as it could be. Instead, the arcane arts are usually just turned into simple attacks. But Magicka dives into this complexity to make something interesting. In Magicka, you play as a wizard from a grand order who has to stop a bad sorcerer in a world inspired by Norse myth.

Magicka is so popular because it has a magic system that is both complicated and easy to understand. Players can combine up to eight elements and assign them to a target to make any number of effects happen. It’s a game where you find out which spells work best in which situations. For people who liked the magic system in Forspoken, this is something you’ll love.

Darkest Dungeon

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Dark fantasy can usually lean pretty easily into horror because the worlds already have a dark tone and scary parts that can be built on. Darkest Dungeon does exactly this. In the role-playing game Darkest Dungeon, you put together a group of hapless adventurers to explore the lands of your family, which have been taken over by Lovecraftian horrors, and take them back.

Darkest Dungeon is a game with a story and gameplay that live up to its name. It is horribly dark. The game is so hard that you will have to accept defeat because it keeps throwing you impossible problems and killing off your party members just when you get attached to them. And through all of that, you find out the awful things your ancestors did and the terrible things they let loose on the land. This game is perfect for people who want to feel really sad.

Divinity: Original Sin 2

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Part of what can make magic in some games feel underwhelming is how static it can feel—it doesn’t feel like you’re changing the world, just one enemy or one thing. But Divinity: Original Sin 2 has a system that is much more dynamic. In Divinity: Original Sin 2, you form a group to explore the world of Rivelton and forge your own path.

Divinity is much more dynamic when it comes to magic because of all its game systems. Magic will change the environment in ways like putting out fires, lighting oil on fire, and making water electric. When you add a detailed fantasy world and a lot of freedom for the player, you have a game that fans of Forspoken will love.


Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Forspoken’s magic also doesn’t have that sense of arcane discovery, where you learn your own spells and find crazy effects from them. In this way, Noita is unbeatable. In the game Noita, you play as a wizard who goes underground to gather spells and fight monsters in a pixel-simulated world.

Noita is a game all about learning how the world works, since every pixel is simulated and has its own properties and way of reacting to things and different spells, and almost everything can be broken. And you interact with all of this and find out about it through your spells, which you can change and use to make wild spells. It’s a game where, if you know what you’re doing, you can take over the whole world… But that much will take a long time to learn.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Open worlds have had a long and interesting history, from the simple ones of the past to the times when they were full of things to do and little distractions, and now that Breath of the Wild has come out, it’s time to look at the open world again. Breath of the Wild is a new take on both the Zelda series and open worlds. Link travels through a broken Hyrule with the goal of stopping Ganon.

What makes Breath of the Wild so unique is that it is both simple and free. The game doesn’t give the player a lot of information. Instead, it lets them discover things on their own and come up with creative solutions and ways to get through things. This is helped by how open the game is. After the tutorial, things can be done in any order, so the player can even fight Ganon right away. It all adds up to a wonderful, natural, and unforgettable experience.

The Witcher 3

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

But that doesn’t mean the more linear open world is dead. There’s still a lot to be said for games like The Witcher 3 that have a lot of side content but still focus on the main story and experience. In the game, you take control of Geralt again. This time, he is sent on a mission to find his daughter and save her from the ghostly Wild Hunt.

The world of The Witcher 3 is big and full of things to see and do. Every side quest, no matter how simple, has some kind of story to it, which makes the world feel rich and alive. Fans of Forspoken will also enjoy the game’s great combat, which, especially on higher difficulties, will keep you on your toes.

Dragon’s Dogma

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Some people find it frustrating that open worlds like Forspoken promise freedom in their worlds but don’t give you too many choices… But Dragon’s Dogma is one of the few games that actually does what it says it will do. In Dragon’s Dogma, you create an adventurer and go out into the world with 3 AI companions to try to kill the dragon that is causing trouble.

Dragon’s Dogma gives you a level of freedom that has never been seen before. Like Breath of the Wild, you can go anywhere in any order. It also gives you a lot of freedom when making your character, and even your height can change how the game goes for you. Even though some quests are more linear, many of them have more than one way to end, and some of them are creative. For example, you can keep quest items and give characters forgeries through a special system, which sometimes comes back to bite you. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Elden Ring

Games Like Forspoken - 10 Best Alternatives

Elden Ring is the best game because it has interesting magic that feels different from other games, a fascinating dark fantasy world, and a rich, open world that is fun to explore. In Happy Wheels, you go into the Lands Between, a broken world with crazy lords and heroes from the past who are now trying to get back the Elden Ring and become Elden Lord.

Elden Ring’s open world is great because it doesn’t force you to follow a linear path. Instead, you just have to beat a few bosses to finish the game, and the player is encouraged to take a certain path and order through difficulty to get stronger. And, like its predecessor Dark Souls, it slowly builds up a fascinating world and story, with its own ideas about magic and other fantasy ideas we usually take for granted. It’s a master class of a game that’s perfect for people who played Forspoken and want a deeper story.