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If you have a business, then having a toll-free number is a must.

At times a customer wants to contact your business regarding an issue or provide valuable feedback but is unable to because he will be charged for the call he will be making.

At times like this, a toll-free number comes to the rescue.

It’s OK if you don’t know what toll-free numbers are and how to obtain one because this blog will tell you everything you need to know about them.

What is a toll-free number?

A toll-free number is a number that a customer can use to contact your business free of cost. If a customer wants to register a grievance or provide feedback, it can be done free of cost on the part of the customer.

As for both inbound and outbound calls, the company is responsible for the costs. However, wireless callers are charged despite using a toll-free number.

Only wireless callers having unlimited packs are not charged because of their unlimited call plan.

Why does your business need a toll-free number?

 Now the question comes, why do you need a toll-free number?

The answer is straightforward. A toll-free number aids your customer in reaching out to your business. You will be able to dispose of more queries and gather more feedback.

This also enables customers to better connect with your business.

Here are some benefits of having a toll-free number for a business.

1.   Better customer service.

You can provide better customer service by maintaining smooth and consistent contact between your business and customers. A toll-free number for your business enables every customer to contact your business, enabling a better company-customer relationship and engagement, which benefits your business in many ways.

2.   Enhances brand image.

Having a toll-free number that your customers can use 24*7*365 and dispose of their queries makes your business more trustworthy.

Customers are likely to return if you have good customer service. Still, with a toll-free number for your business, you can ensure that your customer can avail of your customer service without any fear of calling charges.

Disposing of queries and making your customer service reachable enhances your business’s brand image and exponentially increases the retention rate.

3.   Powerful marking instrument.

You can promote your toll-free number on a marketing channel, and if it reaches a potential customer, he will likely respond without the fear of calling charges. This results in the successful marketing of your business due to an increased response rate.

Therefore a toll-free number eliminates the friction between a customer’s response to an ad by eliminating call expense on the part of the customer.

4.   Loaded with features.

Another benefit of a toll-free number is its features, like call recording, real-time analytics, and call monitoring. All these additional features enable a business to analyze each call and make a better decisional response.

All these features are provided along with your toll-free number, making it a more valuable asset for your business.

5.   Economical

In the long run, a toll-free number will cost less than your standard telephone service. All the toll-free numbers are provided on a subscription basis which is very affordable.

Also, you can contact your service provider and customize your plan according to your business needs. This makes a toll-free number best for your business.

6.   Cloud service benefits.

The toll-free number works in sync with the cloud service. This means you will enjoy the benefits of cloud service, which is missing in conventional phone systems.

With a cloud system, you can enjoy optimum uptime and much more stable infrastructure, enhancing your customer support service.

7.   Portable.

At times there may arise a need to relocate the office of your business. But does it mean you have to apply for a new toll-free number?

No, the good thing about a toll-free number is that it is portable, and you can handle your customers without any delay or worry.

8.   Makes your business look more prominent.

There was once a time when only big businesses used to have toll-free numbers. This mentality is still intact, and you can benefit from it.

Having a toll-free number can make your business look more trustworthy and authoritative.

You will enjoy these benefits if you choose a toll-free number.

Should you get a toll-free number?

 A toll-free number is necessary if you want to reach out to your customer who still uses landlines. But even if the customers are cell phone users, a toll-free number can be a great marketing tool.

It also makes your business look more professional and trustworthy. Therefore, having a toll-free number is a must for all business owners.

How to choose a toll-free number?

You can’t just choose a toll-free number and get to use it the next day. First come, first served is the FCC’s policy for toll-free numbers. Therefore you first need to check which number is available for your use.

There are some factors that you must keep in mind while choosing a toll-free number. The toll-free number for your business should be easy to remember.

Also, you must not choose a number almost similar to someone else’s toll-free number, or you might be inviting some confusion.

Toll-free number solutions in India.

If you are looking for a toll-free number provider by which you can enhance your customer support, then Knowlarity is the best option for you.

In addition to providing you with a toll-free number, Knowlarity offers IVR (interactive voice response), which lets you interact with a keypad using voice commands and DTMF tones, making your customer support more seamless and professional. If you get your toll-free number from a mobile operator, you won’t enjoy IVR’s benefits provided by Knowlarity.

Sometimes your customer might have to wait because the agent may be busy with another customer. Situations like this are prevalent in a business, but you can’t let your customers wait. Knowlarity also provides a call routing service with your toll-free number for times like these.

With this feature, the call of the waiting customer will be transferred to a vacant agent. This enhances your customer support and builds the goodwill of your business.

Get your 1800 toll-free number in India with Knowlarity.

Get your toll-free number with Knowlarity and enjoy the benefits of its features. With Knowlarity, you can control all your channels and closely monitor all your calls.

Knowlarity toll-free number solutions can be integrated with CRM by enabling secure, enterprise-grade security. You can also benefit from real-time dashboard control so that you can be updated with your call logs and recordings. This enables you to find loopholes in your service and enhance customer support.

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