Harvesting the Power of Customer Feedback With ReviewTrees

Online reviews can level the playing field for local businesses in a highly competitive environment. Reviews help build trust with consumers and improve brand image.

Displaying customer testimonials on your website, particularly keyword-rich ones, can seriously boost SEO. Here’s how to do it.

It’s critical to actively listen to dissatisfied feedback. But this doesn’t mean just listening and saying thank you, it means resolving issues that arise.

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Collecting Reviews

Customer reviews are the digital equivalent of word-of-mouth recommendations from a trusted source. Buyers look for reviews from other customers to determine whether your products and services meet their needs and fit within their budgets. Reviews also encourage new buyers to trust your business.

You can collect reviews by posting them on your website, adding them to product pages or including them in follow-up emails after the customer makes a purchase. Try to balance quantity with quality, and remember that a review doesn’t have to be long to make an impact.

Use ezyVet’s integration with ReviewTrees to automatically generate online reviews, referrals and recommendations from client feedback after each appointment. This saves staff time and enables practices to grow their good reputation, attract new clients and retain existing ones. Plus, if a negative review is published, it can be addressed immediately with a polite follow-up and a plan for improvements that will win back the client.

Resolving Dissatisfaction

It’s up to seven (7) times less expensive to retain an existing customer than to acquire a new one. That’s why businesses need to tap into positive sentiment & feedback proactively to prevent customers from leaving their business.

It is also important to know how to address dissatisfied customers in a way that builds loyalty and shows you care about their concerns. Proven tactics include apologizing, offering a solution, and following up with the customer.

Another strategy is making it easy for your customers to leave reviews. You can do this by asking for feedback via email, placing a link on your website, or including it in a follow-up customer survey. We recommend using an online review management platform like Starloop that automatically emails your clients with a quick, easy-to-fill-in rating and satisfaction survey. Plus, for every review your client leaves, Starloop will plant a tree! It’s a unique ethical incentive that makes people more likely to help you grow.

Retaining Customers

Close the feedback loop with customers by responding to their reviews and ratings. By thanking members for positive feedback, addressing negative concerns and incorporating feedback into product development, brands that make this effort are more likely to retain customers.

Often, customers who write negative reviews are not just looking to avoid future shopping with the brand, but also because they’ve reached out to the company before and have not been heard. By addressing their concerns in a public review and showing that the business cares, you can encourage customers to give your company another try.

In ecommerce, personalization is key to conversion and retention. By enabling shoppers to find reviews and ratings relevant to them based on their attributes and product searches, brands can help them feel like the products are tailored to their needs and expectations. This will foster customer loyalty and a sense of trust.

Boosting SEO

The reviews that your customers leave can have a huge impact on the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website. Search engines are looking for websites that engage with their users and reviewers provide the perfect opportunity to do this. This has been proven to lead to an improvement in website visibility and ranking, as well as increasing the conversion of visitors to the site.

In addition, online reviews can provide valuable keywords for your site that you cannot buy from an Adwords campaign. Depending on the platform, reviews can even earn you Rich Snippet stars that show up in Google search results!

Having the right tools for managing your online reviews is important. A tool that automatically notifies you of new reviews and lets you respond quickly and professionally is the best way to manage your customer feedback. In addition, a review management tool that gives your clients an incentive to participate is also essential. ReviewTree makes it easy to capture client feedback after every appointment with a simple survey link.