Hoverboard safe for your child: here are some tips

Those of my generation (35 – 40 years old) would have expected that in 2019. This new hoverboard is a safer option for your children. With a hard and smooth surface, it is ideal for your children to play with. This hoverboard can reach up to 4.3 miles per hour and it comes with a 6-month warranty.

The Swagway is a Hoverboard that is a perfect gift for any child who loves to skate. This is because the Swagway has a remote and it comes with Bluetooth that lets the rider use their smartphone to control the Swagway. The Swagway also comes with a kickstand, so that the rider can easily stop and rest their feet. The Swagway has a capacity of 130 pounds, so it is perfect for any child.

 1. Always ensure that your child knows the importance of following the rules.

2. Hoverboards are not toys and should not be left unattended.

3. Take note of the size of your child and the weight limits for hoverboards.

4. Always use hoverboards in a safe area and not where there are pedestrians.

5. The batteries should always be kept in a safe place away from children.

6. Use the hoverboard in areas that have enough room for them to maneuver, as they may become stuck if they hit an obstacle or fall over a steep edge.

7. Purchase hoverboards with an LED light so you can see them better in the dark and dark areas.

8. Always keep the hoverboard close by so you can monitor the use of the device and make sure your child is safe.

Unfortunately, to my great regret, we know that this is not the case… even if there is something vaguely similar, and lately, it is gaining ground.

Let’s talk about the Hoverboard, which is the sort of two-wheeled scooter, equipped with an electric scooter, which we see more and more often in cities (especially overseas). It’s clearly a way like any other, for our kids, to have fun and move independently. Like a bicycle, skateboard or scooter.

What is the right age to use a hoverboard?

Hoverboards are means of locomotion in all respects, and although they do not travel at supersonic speeds, they can even reach 20 km/h, a respectable speed that could cause damage in the event of a fall.

The advice that is often given is not to buy or use this “advanced” skateboard before the age of 10, an age at which the skills of balance and reaction to unexpected events are already sufficiently developed.

Having said that, it is not illegal to use it even earlier, it is clear that it will be very important to find one with a reduced speed and ALWAYS use the elbow, knee and above all the helmet protections.

Technical characteristics for a SAFE choice.

1) The battery

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2) Wheels and Speed

The classic size for the wheels of a hoverboard is 6.5 or 7 inches in diameter, a size that gives the vehicle good stability, ensuring a correct proportion between the body of the hoverboard and the wheels.

These wheels are suitable for use on roads that are as smooth as possible, on the roughest points it is obviously important to pay attention and reduce speed. There are other wheels with a diameter of 8 or 10 inches that make the vehicle a little less compact but make it easier to handle on less level terrain (and consequently for more experienced users).Or there are also smaller 4.5 inch wheels for smaller kids.

Speed ​​is another very important point in order to guarantee the safe use of a hoverboard. As was stated at the beginning, these are vehicles that have a top speed of 20 km/h and can cause danger, serious harm, or even death when operated poorly or without the right safety precautions. Therefore it is essential to direct the purchase towards hoverboards that are not particularly fast.

As it isn’t a true mode of transportation, it is preferable to use it safely and enjoy yourself without taking any special risks. The ideal speed for comfortable and completely safe use is no faster than 15 km/h.

3) Weight

Of no less importance is the question of weight. The hoverboards can be easily transported with the special bags supplied with the purchase.

4) Legal aspects

In the UK, strange to say, there is still no legislation regulating the use of these devices. For this reason, the user would not be allowed on public roads, but only in private parts.

It goes without saying that it would be impossible to use it only in private contexts, so it is essential to use common sense when moving with a hoverboard outside your garden.

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