Hoverkart: features and review of the best seats for hoverboards

The hoverkart is an accessory made up of a go-kart frame, wheels, seat, and handles to be installed on the hoverboard. It is a means of transport that can be called a hoverboard kart because it transforms the classic hoverboard into a kind of go-kart on which to sit.

How to use the hoverkart

It is a safe and fun vehicle to drive, so much so that there are many technological models on the market equipped with innovative additional functions. It must have a robust and solid structure, usually in steel, and be made with quality materials in order to guarantee maximum safety.

If you have already driven a hoverboard, a vehicle that is driven while standing, you will not have particular difficulties in driving the hoverkart. Driving is even easier because it takes place while sitting comfortably.

Fix the hoverkart

The structure of the hoverkart must be fixed impeccably and securely to the hoverboard to avoid movement of the seat. For this reason, materials such as Velcro and straps are of considerable importance. They must be of excellent quality to avoid dangerous breakages and also for the safety of the driver.

How it should be driven

Driving a hoverkart is not particularly difficult. The handles must always be held because they manage the movement of the hoverkart. The left wheel steers the left wheel, the right wheel steers the right wheel. In the same way, pushing the two controls forward or backward indicates how to move.

Adjust the position

First of all, the seat must be anatomical and adjustable so that it is comfortable and safe for the well-being of the back. Same thing to the frame, which needs to be adjusted, starting with the footrest. This must be arranged so that the legs form a sort of triangle with the axis of the vehicle. In fact, they must not remain stretched out and the feet must be placed in an oblique position. Be careful that your heels do not touch the ground because in this case, the riding position is wrong.

Where you can drive

All hoverkarts can ride on smooth, flat surfaces and shouldn’t ride on wet surfaces. On the market, there are electric hoverkarts designed to travel on rough terrain. They are equipped with a central wheel with tread and shock absorbers.

We have not yet specified that the hoverkart is a vehicle that can be used by both adults and children. Clearly, the latter must be followed during the game, and must wear a protective helmet. Many models have a speed limiter, which allows children not to exceed certain limits.

The ideal place to move with the hoverkart is a private space, where you can’t have problems with anyone. You can also circulate in those places where pedestrians are not prohibited but you have to travel at a limited speed. For this, if present, it is better to set the speed limiter.

Where to learn to drive

If you’ve never driven a hoverkart before, the ideal place to take your first laps on a hoverkart is a large open space with a smooth bottom. You can move freely by becoming familiar with the vehicle. Then you can follow a course, created with curves, wide and narrow, basically a sort of slalom. By doing so you will see how much fun it is to drive the hoverkart.

The best hoverkarts

To choose the best hoverkart it is useful to observe the characteristics of each product. Below we see some of the many models that have received the best reviews on Amazon.

Smart Gyro Go Kart

This model is compatible with all hoverboards. It is a vehicle particularly suitable for children and teenagers, with a resistant frame and a good anatomical seat. Given the quality of the wheel, it is better to use it only on flat surfaces, otherwise, it will wear out quickly.

Hoverkart Two Dots GilyKart

Excellent value for money for this hoverkart that can be mounted on any type of hoverboard. Easy to install, it has a racing-style seat and the aluminum frame is extendable. Ideal for children, it is also very popular with adults. It is a safe and recommended vehicle that is controlled through the arms.

Go Hoverkart Monster Carbon Black

A durable product made with quality materials, this hoverkart transforms the hoverboard into an electric go-kart that is very pleasant to drive. The technical characteristics are excellent: adjustable arm and frame to modify them according to the driver and seat adaptable to different balance hoverboards. The intuitive assembly is simple and quick.

Yabbay Hover Go-Karts Attachment

Hoverkart is painted in fire and made with solid and resistant materials. Even the plastic parts, such as the support for the footrest and the knobs, are of excellent quality. The sending by the brand of a spare wheel and two sets of additional bands were much appreciated by buyers. Adjustable in length, it can be used by both children and adults. It can support up to 120kg of weight.

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