How About a Multi-purpose Peeler?

The stainless steel blades of the multifunctional peeler are strong and durable, and each blade can be used independently, which can scrape both soft and hard skins, and can also be directly grated, even saving a kitchen knife.

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How to Make a Homemade Peeler

  1. Remove the lid of the can with pliers to avoid cutting your hands with sharp gears.
  2. Then, use a utility knife to cut a slit in the body of the can.
  3. Use a screwdriver to lift the upper part of the cut opening outwards, and press the lower part down.
  4. Finally, use a utility knife to polish the cut part and it’s done.

How to use the peeler

  1. The peeler in my hand has three blades for peeling hard skin, soft skin can also be shredded, just turn the conversion blade to use it, and there is a small ear next to it, which is used to clean small pits when potatoes are small. The leather is the most easy to use Robert Dyas Discount Code NHS.
  2. In life, we often need to use peelers when cooking, but the peelers used in the market often make the peeled skins fly around, and it is troublesome to clean. In fact, we can use common items in our life to make a peeler by ourselves, which not only saves the money to buy a peeler, but also does not have to clean up the skins everywhere after peeling, killing two birds with one stone. Come and learn together.


  • A clean empty tin can
  • a pair of pliers
  • a utility knife
  • a screwdriver


  1. Prepare a clean empty tin can and remove the lid of the tin can with pliers
  2. In the middle of the tin can, use a utility knife to make a slit
  3. At the opening position, use a screwdriver to lift one side of the tin can, and press the other side down, and then use a utility knife to polish the opening position again
  4. After the production is completed, use a peeler to not only peel the skin quickly, but also store the skin in a jar, which saves the steps of cleaning, isn’t it convenient and fast

How to do the magic of the peeler

A peeler is an essential tool in every kitchen. This time, I will introduce to you how to make the wonderful use of the peeler, come and see Buy Prestige products in Pakistan.


  1. A peeler is used to peel celery stalks to tenderize the celery.
  2. The cheese is scraped with a peeler, and the cheese slices are a nice visual impact on top of the vegetables.
  3. A peeler scrapes the chocolate and scrapes the chocolate into crumbs for decoration.
  4. A peeler can be used to sharpen pencils.

How to choose an electric peeler, easy to use

  1. The electric peeler can also peel yams, and it will stop automatically after peeling. The height can be adjusted arbitrarily, and it can be peeled no matter how long or short it is.
  2. The automatic peeler can peel all yams, and it will stop automatically after peeling. The height is adjustable, no matter big or small, long or short, most of them are suitable, and you can peel whatever you want.

This peeler peels pears and potatoes in one go

With this peeler, pears and potatoes can be peeled in one go

Homemade peeler, simple, convenient and practical

Homemade peeler with simple materials. The following editor will share with you the production method. If you like it, you can follow the editor to make it together.

  • beverage can
  • utility knife
  • Needle nose pliers
  • hammer


  1. Start by removing a metal beverage can.
  2. Then cut off the top with a utility knife.
  3. Then use needle-nose pliers to cut off the pull ring and the outer part.
  4. Then trim the outside edges with needle-nose pliers to prevent scratching your hands.
  5. Then tap the tip flat with a hammer. The peeler is ready.
  6. Take out the potatoes and try it, it’s very easy to use.

Can a pineapple peeler also be used to cut watermelon? it’s so convenient

Can a pineapple peeler also be used to cut watermelon? It’s just so convenient. If you are also interested in this craft, let’s have a look at the experience together. i believe you will like it 

  1. First prepare a big watermelon
  2. Then cut off the top of the watermelon with a paring knife.
  3. Get out the pineapple peeler.
  4. Twist the pineapple peeler into the watermelon.
  5. When the peeler is turned all the way, take the peeler out
  6. Then remove the peeler and place the watermelon on a serving plate.

Homemade peeler made from local materials, convenient and practical

It is convenient and practical to use local materials to make a peeler. The following editor shares the specific production method. Let’s take a look together

  • metal hanger
  • tool pliers

Handling Tips for Vegetables

  1. When we are going to cook, we all need to deal with vegetables, such as peeling or washing, so how can we deal with them quickly? The following are the specific operation steps.
  2. We hold the cabbage with both hands, with the bottom of the cabbage facing down, and then tap hard on the loading plate to easily remove the stalks.
  3. Hold the pepper stem with your thumb and press it in, you can easily remove the pepper stem, Procook NHS Discount Code 
  4. Use a fork to pick up the tomatoes, and then put them on the fire for a while, and peel the skins of the tomatoes easily.
  5. Just insert a chopstick on the yam, and then use a peeler to peel the skin.