How Can You Get Free Website Designs for Your Small Business?

Opening a business is a hassle all by itself. Gaining public recognition to boost your sales is another trouble. But, the internet has brought forth fresh opportunities that new and budding entrepreneurs can use to benefit. Statistically, 51 percent of small business possesses a website. It’s observed that possessing a website is vital to approach a wider audience. Such websites help SMEs create a distinct identity from their rival competitors.

Therefore, acquiring a personal business website is essential to gain recognition, share up-to-date information, strengthen authenticity, and establish a unique identity. Rising entrepreneurs wondering – can someone write my essay for Standard Deviation Calculator? Read this blog and learn how a website can grow your business. But first, let’s learn the advantages of owning a website.  

Pros of Having a Personal Website

  1. Gather the customers– Research has indicated that small businesses can attract customers through their websites. The present community’s reliance on the internet to gather information can be a shining recognition platform for new startup firms.
  2. Create authenticity– A website can help a small business gain better branding, improved control, flexibility, and greater credibility. Acquiring a website can gain increased recognition over a firm that owns a social media presence. It’ll help them reach a broader scope of prospective buyers.  
  3. Expand your business– A small startup must expand and grab the market. The limitations of verbal recognition are substituted with an online presence. Owning an online e-commerce store can help you reach global customers from a different city to a buyer base from a foreign territory.
  4. Stay ahead of the competition– Acquiring a personal website can help you get the upper hand on your business operations. Every consumer wishes to be well-informed about the organization offering the product or service. Lacking an online presence can lose potential customers for your business. If you’re competing for a marketing website business, you might run at a loss. Let’s look at some free website design tools for startup businesses.  

Free Website Designs for Small Business

  1. HubSpot Drag-and-Drop Website Builder– If you cannot afford to pay for your website, you can create one of your own. What more! You don’t require any prior coding experience, either. The HubSpot Drag-and-Drop Website Builder comes with a secured CMS (content management system) and CDN (content delivery network), including security features, themes, and templates.
  2. Wix– Among the vast plethora of free website builders, Wix is a user-friendly hosted platform with improved features. It includes a simple drag-and-drop editor with a vast array of professionally-styled templates and different apps. In addition, the ADI (Artificial Design Intelligence) powered software Editor X can suggest designs for the website.
  3. com– Enables the user to download its open-source software to create and customize the website per the user’s requirements. But, some prerequisites of working with this design involve owning a domain name and hosting at a cost and training yourself to maintain and manage the website security with a plagiarism-free assignment.
  4. Elementor Website Builder– This drag-and-drop website builder doesn’t include a code and can help beginners assimilate and host their website live. You can choose several page templates optimized for your mobile device. This website builder facilitates live editing, and you can connect with several partners and add-ons to create templates.
  5. Webnode– This affordable and user-friendly website builder can support different multilingual websites. You can use 20 languages for different website specifications (personal, professional, or business). Webnode also offers webpages optimized for mobile phones with backup and restoration features.
  6. Jimdo– This A.I.-powered tool can help your business to stand apart in the crowd. Its built-in builder, Dolphin, will place questions for the user and provide designs that match the answers. The 500 MB available space can facilitate sufficient space to create the website. In addition, HTTPS or SSL encryption can also protect your visitor information and integrate your website with other social media accounts.
  7. Mozello– If you want to create a free multilingual website, Mozello can be the right option. It includes features like a template library, a drag-and-drop editor, and functional e-commerce. In addition, students asking – “Can someone write my essay for money?” can use Mozello to their advantage.
  8. Yola– This free website builder has helped people build their websites since 2007. Yola includes a drag-and-drop builder with multiple free, customizable mobile-optimized templates. Developers can create different websites like eCommerce sites.
  9. Weebly– This open-source SaaS (software-as-a-service) can help startup business register their domain, design their webpages, host their website, and facilitate different e-commerce activities. Weebly offers flexible compatibility across various devices and platforms. It has a coded HTML file, an integrated CMS solution, and drag-and-drop functionality. Weebly also includes features in SEO tools and Google Analytics.
  10. Webflow– Passionate and professional coders can use Webflow to sharpen their coding skills. In addition, it offers programming developers the freedom to design their websites. Despite being a complicated tool, Webflow strives to maintain simplicity with features like drag-and-drop, widgets, and third-party integrations to help you with your online business. It also includes references like a library, posts, forums, and a FAQ section to design better websites.
  11. Ucraft– Among the top website builders, Ucraft offers a wide selection of templates with a drag-and-drop editor and e-commerce facilities. U-craft’s free plan ensures hassle-free connectivity with the existing domain. In addition, students hoping to purchase books on essay homework can get help to meet their deadlines.
  12. GoDaddy– If you wish to jumpstart your new business, the SEO-featured and user-friendly designs of GoDaddy can help you set up your browser in less time. You can create a clean website within a short time. You answer a few questions to set up your website with the ADI functionality. GoDaddy encourages simple set-up procedures with user-friendly SEO and mobile optimization features.
  13. Weebly– Beginners who wish to learn the basics of creating a website can use Weebly. Its free eCommerce plan can meet your business requirements with several scalable features. Small commercial operators can use this platform with the drag-and-drop editor and user-friendly SEO tools. You can also sell on the Weebly website without paying any additional charges.
  14. SITE123– You can create a simple website with user-friendly set-up features with SITE123. However, it’ll limit your creative and exploratory potential for your website design. SITE123 is the perfect solution to create websites if you’re new to the field. You can also avail of its chat support to get constant guidance. Furthermore, SITE123 comes with different suggestions on the colour of your website, along with pre-paired fonts for your text.
  15. Strikingly– If you’re hoping to build your website, consider Strikingly as a viable option. It’ll help you to earn online recognition at an affordable rate in a short time. But, it hinders your creativity. Its built-in image gallery and editor tutorial can help you place better images for your website.


If you’re opening your business, owning a website can help you gain recognition among potential customers. Maintaining a proper layout and appearance is essential to gather customers for your business. This post will help you show how to avail free website designs that expand your commercial operations.

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