How Do Emerald Cut Diamonds Differ From A Normal Ring?

Getting yourself emerald-cut diamonds is the best when looking for some unique jewellery pieces. Other than traditional round-cut diamonds, these emerald cuts are filled with sophistication and elegance. The very common question arises of how you can recognise an Emerald cut from the traditional ones. So, let us tell you that the rectangular step cut of emerald cut diamonds brings out a ‘hall of mirrors’ effect. If your D-day is nearing and you plan to propose to your partner, Emerald cut diamond engagement rings can be one of the best choices. Here are some details that will help you distinguish the emerald cut diamonds from round cuts. Take a look and decide which way to go.

Emerald cuts Reveal more Colour

This is a basic difference between emerald cuts and round ones. Emerald cuts have open facets that increase the showcase value as they reveal colours clearly. The reflection of white Colour that you get to see in traditional cut diamonds is more subtle in emerald cuts.

The Cutting Technique varies

Diamonds look prettier when the cut of the diamonds is perfectly done by the experts. It is a tough job. This is the reason why you need to choose a renowned store to buy diamonds. Only skilled professionals can help you get the perfect cut. The cutting technique of emerald cut diamonds is different from the round cuts. With parallel facets and stacked terraces, emerald cut diamonds showcase a hall of mirrors effect with light and dark patterns.

Clarity of the Emerald cut

Clarity matters when you are purchasing diamonds. Whether you are going to buy the lab grown diamond rings or mined ones, always go for the better clarity. The lesser number of blemishes and inclusions means better clarity for diamonds. The wide facet of emerald-cut diamonds makes the imperfections look more prominent. Despite emerald cuts’ sophistication, one imperfection looks like thousands of them.

The price of the Diamonds

The price of emerald-cut diamonds varies from $1,000 to $100,000. The price range of a diamond indeed depends on several factors like clarity, carat and colour. In terms of clarity, emerald ones may be a bit less expensive, but the price factor will depend on the quality of the diamond you are choosing. Emerald cut diamonds are mostly cost-effective when compared with regular round-cut diamonds.

The shapes of the Diamonds are different

Not only do they look sophisticated, but they are also different in shape. When dealing with Emerald cut diamond engagement rings, know that they come mostly in rectangular shapes. If you wish, you can also get square-shaped ones. For their vintage appearance, emerald cut diamonds were famous in the Art Deco Period. 
The length-to-width ratio of emerald-cut diamonds is around 1.25 to 1.55. If you are a buyer, it is better to select a ratio between 1.35 and 1.45 for good quality ones. 
Diamonds are meant to be the celebration of love forever. So, now consider your budget, plan your surprise, choose the ring and celebrate your love with your partner.