How Often Should You Visit a Dental Hygienist for Check-up?

Do you think visiting the dentist in every six months really important? Well, this will help you to improve and maintain good oral health. The time needed between seeing the dentist for a checkup should be specific for each patient. If you are suffering from an ongoing dental health concern, then your dentist might suggest frequent visits.

Why you should see the dentist for a checkup

Dental checkups are important and you should not postpone them. During the visit, your dentist will evaluate teeth condition, check for any diseases and detect whether monitoring or treatment is needed. Most cases of oral cancer are diagnosed by the dentist during early signs. This means several people are undiagnosed or have late diagnosis when they do not see a dentist or delay their appointment.

Patients who have healthy mouth and lower risks should see a check up in every six months or yearly. Those who are at greater risk may be advised to go for a checkup in every few weeks. For most patients, this will be six months but the dentist advises on the safest time to detect problems related to teeth, gums or oral health. Some patients may see the dentist once in a year, while most people will need to visit more often. So, six months is advisable for your better oral health.

What is the purpose of routine oral checkups?

  • Regular examination – Routine dental examinations are necessary as your teeth, mouth and gums are checked properly. Since mouth cancer can affect a good percentage of people in the UK, it is necessary to go for examinations. Early detection is necessary to maintain strong teeth and healthy gums.
  • Dental cleaning – Cleaning teeth at home will give you fresh mouth and so, when you book a hygienist appointment, he will conduct a thorough cleaning to get rid of stains and plains with scaling and polishing.
  • Health concerns – When you suffer from health concerns, they may have a direct impact on the oral health. This may lead to some implications on the teeth, gums or mouth. The dentist gives advice on the best possible care and suggests oral treatments, when necessary.
  • Prevent problems – When you do not see the dentist for a checkup on daily basis, you might suffer from oral health concerns such as – toothache, bleeding gums, wisdom tooth infections, sensitivity to tooth and many more. Your dentist may prevent such problems by identifying the signs before they get serious.
  • Advice from experts – It is necessary to get oral care advice from experts to know how you should take care of your teeth. This will show the most effective brushing techniques, tips on flossing and other ways to keep teeth free from plaque.

When you need frequent dental hygienist visits

  • When you experience gum disease

A good percentage of adults in the UK have some kind of gum disease. This is a vital reason for regular visit to dental hygienist for a check up as they conduct thorough diagnosis and advise you the suitable treatment. Patients who have gum disease require monitoring and treating more often and will need to visit a hygienist in every three months.

  • When you have bad breath problem

Bad breath can be resolved easily and soon. The problem occurs due to underlying health condition and you will most likely have to see a hygienist for treating the problem of bad breath.

  • When you have the habit of smoking

Smokers are highly prone to getting stained teeth, oral infections, bad breath, mouth sores, shrinking gums and decreased senses of smell and taste. These problems can be a cause of concern for dentists and so, if you are a regular smoker, we will ask to visit more often unless there aren’t any causes for concern. The dentist and hygienist also give advice on the habit of quitting cigarettes to improve your dental health.

  • When you are pregnant

It is very important to pay close heed to your dental health at the time of pregnancy with certain hormonal changes taking place which may affect your oral health. This is common for pregnant women to experience problems with their oral health and many pregnant women may have bleeding, red and inflamed gums. You should see more often at the time of pregnancy and consult with the dentist when you experience any dental problems.

The dentist will tell how often you need to go for a hygienist appointment. If you are suffering from any of the dental concerns, then it is advisable to see your dentist more frequently. After you feel satisfied with the results, your dentist will advise on whether you need to go for routine checkups in 6 or 12 months.

If you want to find out more about dental hygienist visit or you have questions about problems with your oral health, then visit a dental hygienist in Bromley. Your dentist will be happy to give advice and suggest the right treatment for improving your overall condition.