How to Clean Out a House Full of Junk

Do not undertake the task of cleaning out an elderly relative’s belongings without first setting clear goals in mind. This applies whether selling their house or helping to reduce clutter by sorting through their belongings yourself.

Step back: Tackle one room at a time until it no longer seems daunting. Here are some helpful suggestions for starting:

1. Take a Look at the Junk Items

At home, rooms can become clutter magnets easily. From extra bedrooms and garage spaces to dedicated storage rooms, a lot of items tend to end up sitting around gathering dust – including seasonal decorations, extra items for your home and miscellaneous knickknacks that might never find their proper home elsewhere.

Step one in any house cleanout should be taking an inventory of what’s present and deciding what should happen with it. Donate items to thrift stores, give them away to family members interested in using them or recycle electronics and plastics that cannot be sold or given away.

Establish routines that help keep your home from turning into a dumping ground by creating systems to put things away after use. Assigning each item a spot can reduce clutter significantly. Label bins so family members know where they can find things quickly.

2. Get the Right Supplies

Assembling the necessary supplies is key when cleaning out a house full of clutter. Boxes, bins, garbage bags and labels will help you organize the junk more quickly so the process goes more quickly.

Keep a box for sentimental items, such as photographs, books and memorabilia that is important to you so they won’t end up getting misplaced in a pile or be forgotten about altogether. That way you’ll always know they won’t fall through the cracks and be lost forever!

As you go through your items, it can be helpful to group similar ones together – for instance kitchen utensils and cleaning supplies – in order to quickly identify what items you use and which are taking up too much space. Furthermore, creating designated spots for seasonal clothes or decorations will also help avoid the development of clutter in future spaces; start small by focusing on one room at a time for maximum effectiveness.

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3. Hire a Dumpster Rental Company

Dumpster rental services will provide you with a large bin to collect all of your garbage in. They will return at an agreed upon time to pick it up and transport it away for disposal. You can find these companies online or get recommendations from friends and family.

Finding an affordable dumpster rental company should not only come at fair rates and with quick turnaround and professional crew services; but should also boast experience handling various projects including residential cleanouts.

Make sure to ask the dumpster rental company which materials they accept and which are prohibited, such as oil, gasoline, batteries, pesticides and appliances. Also ask how long the rental period lasts so as to not overrun and incur extra fees. Also ensure the dumpster is easily accessible without obstructions near or above.

4. Donate or Sell the Items

Deciding what items to keep or discard can be one of the most difficult parts of a junk cleanout. Certain objects hold special meaning for us and it may be hard to part with them, which makes the decision all the more challenging. To save yourself time sorting through them later, place photos, family mementos and sentimental papers into plastic storage containers so they’ll remain accessible later.

After you’ve decluttered, it is best to donate or sell items you no longer require or use. Many local charities accept donations while there are also online sites that specialize in selling used goods.

Goal of home decluttering: to create breathing room so that you can enjoy it more often. Every home has a space which becomes overrun with clutter over time. A junk removal rehaul can transform it into an inviting, clutter-free sanctuary of respite for everyday stresses – offering more relaxation in return.

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